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    For aluMnI, current FaMIlIes and FrIends oF saInt IgnatIus college PreP In chIcago

    A look at some of the Ignatius families that are drawn into the world of the culinary arts.

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    Kenmare - germania




  • Wherever the Catholic sun doth shine,Theres always laughter and good red wine.At least Ive always found it so.Benedicamus Domino!

    Hilaire Belloc

    Dear Friends,

    Over the years, I have known many people in restaurant business. At one of my first priesthood assignments in Kansas City, Missouri, I recall one very good family. We had a 6:15am Mass every weekday morning and the mom and dad were there without fail. They joined well over 100 people every day to begin their day at the table of the Lord. What was especially impressive about this couple was that they probably had locked up the restaurant after midnight. Getting home, they took a short nap, and were preparing for the next day. Owning and operating a successful restaurant always seemed to me like having a newborn baby that needed constant care and attention.

    Since we all visit restaurants, we can often think we could operate one successfully. Our Saint Ignatius College Prep community is most blessed to have many talented alumni and families of alumni, who labor in this field. Good restaurants and perhaps any successful business, have a knack for making complex things seem simple. When you get to know all that is involved, you soon begin to realize that it takes a lot more than a good recipe book to make a good restaurant.

    I am very happy that we are exploring this dimension of the hospitality industry in this magazine. If you happen to dine at one of venues tell them: St. Ignatius sent me! If we missed a restaurant with an Ignatius connection, be sure to let us know so that we can include it on our website. This was not meant to be an exhaustive restaurant guide, but just a sample from the lives of our alumni and friends, who labor to welcome us and create an enjoyable experience. I think you will enjoy learning about some new places as well as getting reacquainted with those that might be familiar or favorites.

    Creating a welcoming and hospitable place is certainly a key value at our school. I believe that when we all look at the hostility and violence in our world and country, we can become discouraged. As I walk through our school, I see young men and women from all walks of life, smiling, laughing, and thriving. We are most blessed to have a school that welcomes people and helps them develop their gifts. Saint Ignatius College Prep is a force for good in our Archdiocese and City of Chicago.

    Ignatian Hospitality. For centuries the Jesuits and their lay collaborators have welcomed tens of thousands of the faithful to church and retreat houses for spiritual nourishment. Generations of students have studied at the Jesuits colleges, universities and high schools. Many have been cared for in Jesuit hospitals, soup kitchens and many other ministries of health and healing. In this issue we focus on several alums and Saint Ignatius families who provide hospitality in our Chicago area.

    They help to create special memories for lifes occasions. They give generously to the community and to the school. They undertake each work day with a dedication to excellence and always extend a heartfelt welcome. Ignatian hospitality is alive and well in the Chicago of the 21st Century.

    In this magazine, you will read about the accomplishments of our students, the commitment of our alumni and the generosity of our friends and benefactors. We have just concluded the season of giving and gifting, which too often in modern society is enveloped in a consumer culture. Let me share a story of a gift, humbly given, which reinforces the goodness that your generosity develops.

    On Christmas Eve, I received an email from one of our families. Their daughter is a student in the upper grades. They asked if I could call them. This family is of very modest circumstances. Both parents work and sacrifice to make sure their children are well-cared for. The mother started out by wishing Merry Christmas to our community and began to thank us for providing financial aid for their daughter. She stated that her daughter has thrived at the school, both in her academic achievements and her spiritual growth. In a quiet voice she said that they would not have been able to send her to Saint Ignatius, if a generous benefactor had not provided financial aid something which the family was humbled to receive. Our parent went on to say that her husbands employer had unexpectedly given his workers a modest bonus this year. The family, without having to discuss what to do with this money decided to send it to the school to help a family that was less well off than they were. My first reaction was to say that perhaps they should keep this unexpected bonus as I knew this family lived in modest circumstances. After listening to her comments, her selfless act of giving was a very important decision for her and her family. She embodied at that instant the meaning of to whom much is given, much is expected in return.

    I share this beautiful Christmas story with you as a means of assuring you, that your support of our students, particularly our financial aid program, has such meaningful and tangible outcomes.

    May you and your families experience a Blessed New Year, filled with hope and the knowledge that you are changing lives.

    With heartfelt gratitude,

    John J. Chandler, Vice President

    Presidents Message

    Message from the Vice President

    Fr. Michael P. Caruso, S.J., President

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    saint ignatius Magazine is published

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    MiSSion StateMent saint Ignatius college Prep, a Jesuit catholic school in the heart of chicago, is a diverse community dedicated to educating young men and women for lives of faith, love, service and leadership. through outstanding teaching and personal formation, the school challenges its talented student body to intellectual excellence, integrity, and life-long learning and growth. Inspired by the gospel of Jesus christ, this community strives to use gods gifts to promote social justice for the greater glory of god.

    3w w w . i g n a t i u s a l u M n i . o r g W i n t e r 2 0 1 5 s a I n t I g n a t I u s M a g a z I n e2

  • Gastrophile. Oenophile. Call it what you will but there must be something in the water at 1076 W. Roosevelt Road. For decades, alumni and parents of alumni, have been working in the hospitality industry. From family owned restaurants passed down through the generations, to brand new establishments, theres no doubt that many from the Saint Ignatius family are drawn into the world of the culinary arts.

    Saint Ignatius Magazine recently reached out to a handful of these individuals to learn more about their businesses. The questions and answers below will be sure to whet your appetite for some of the wonderful Ignatius offerings in the Chicagoland area.

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    meant to represe

    nt an exhaustive

    list of restauran

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    the Ignatius fam

    ily. We simply

    dont have enoug

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    all! If you own

    a bar or restaura


    please answer th

    e same questions

    we asked below, a

    nd email your

    answers to ryan

    [email protected]


    org. Well get th

    e responses poste


    on the school we

    bsite.Bon appetit and slainte!

    ortake a Seat

    1. How did you get into the hospitality business? The summer before I started as a student at Saint Ignatius, I had the oppaes, taking tickets, etc. 3 or 4 days in, one of the grill guys called off and the chef (Rene) showed me how to cook the swordfish and rib eye steaks for sandwiches. I was hooked on the adrenaline, the team sport of cooking and working with my hands. I knew it would be my profession.

    2. Whats your favorite thing about running your business? Everyday theres an opportunity to learn and to teach. Its that give and take, daily, with the teams that make up Trenchermen that really make it exciting.

    3. Whats your least favorite thing about running your business? As the chef and owner I have little time to cook vs. how much time I had envisioned having. Owning a business is very time consuming. A lot of the time there is no separation of personal and professional spaces. The restaurant is open 7 days a week, there is always a question that needs to be answered, and a problem to be solved.

    4. Who are your customers? With our different options in the restaurant, were able to draw a diverse clientele. Our bar pulls a lot of people interested in a quick bite, craft cocktails and a really nice beer program. The dining room gives guests an opportunity to have a little more formal dining experience complete with a really fun wine program. And our brunch is a great option for groups and families.

    5. Whats your favorite thing on your menu? In the bar, our burger. We grind it in house and its 100% grassfed beef sourced from Indiana, a sesame seed bun we make daily, aged cheddar and bread and butter pickles. Along with a siracha 1,000 island, simply put, its a great burger. In the dining room, we have a grains dish, toasted oats, sprouted lentils and quinoa. We finish this with fermented black beans, roasted mushrooms, fried tofu and onion caramel. Everyone weve had try it, really enjoys it because of how soul satisfying and textural the dish is. Most are shocked that its a vegan dish.

    6. What are your plans for the future? Right now, were continuing to work on weaving Trenchermen into the neighborhood as well as reworking the business systems we have in place to be able to focus on a culture of hospitality. So currently, there are no new projects on the docket.

    7. Whats the most popular item on your menu or drink in your bar? Our bespoke cocktails are really popular in the bar. Were very excited about the program because it encourages interaction between our bar team and our guests, with the end result of the guest getting a drink tailored to the flavors they enjoy.

    Patrick Sheerin 91 - Chef/Partner Trenchermen Restaurant A modern American restaurant and bar

    www.trenchermen.com 2039 West north avenue chicago, Il 60647 773.661.1540


    Be sure to visit www.ignatius.org for profiles of other restaurants such as DiLeos Pizzeria & Catering and Tufanos Vernon Park Tap.

  • F e a t u r e S t o r y

    1. How did you get into the hospitality business? I was exposed to many regional Italian preparations as a child. Memories of religious holidays, festive celebrations and the anticipated arrival of the seasons bounty of meats, seafood, fruits and vegetables created a lifelong meaning for food and wine. Having been born into an Italian family, with a father who was a professional chef and enthusiastically spearheaded the preparation of celebratory experiences, further created additional interest for me. Daily exposure to authentic Italian foods, prepared by my mother in a focused manner appeared to be endless. I became deeply fascinated with food, the varieties and preparations. Therefore, I found it a natural evolution to make gastronomy a lifelong passionate experience! John Coletta Executive Chef / Managing Partner

    2. Whats your favorite thing about running your business? Quartino has an exciting and energetic atmosphere. It is fun to engage with friends, regular customers, and our amazing staff every day.

    3. Whats your least favorite thing about running your business? It is a 24 hour per day operation. From opening and set up through the daily operation to break down, cleaning, and maintenance, we have staff in the building 24 hours per day.

    4. Who are your customers? Since the concept is multifaceted it attracts a diverse customer base from loyal lunch patrons to local bar regulars to large group functions both business and personal.

    5. Whats your favorite thing on your menu? The menu at Quartino is comprised of authentic regional Italian preparations, executed with a deep understanding and respect for its proper preparation. Our housemade salami, salads, cheeses, pasta and pizza are proprietary and represent genuine regional Italian cooking. This effort appears simple, often stated and yet rarely experienced outside of Italy. John Coletta Executive Chef / Managing Partner

    6. What are your plans for the future? Quartino is a part of Gibsons Restaurant Group which includes Gibsons, Hugos, Lux Bar, and Chi Sox Sports Bar. Gibsons Restaurant Group is expanding and open to new projects! In the past year we opened The Montgomery, an event facility for weddings, parties and banquets. In 2015, The Boathouse will open in downtown Disney complete with amphicars to ride in. And, always looking to the future, we are searching for locations across the country as well as in the Chicago area to expand our brands. Michael Lombardo 93

    7. Whats the most popular item on your menu or drink in your bar? By far, the most popular drinks served are Antica Rosso and Antica Bianco (house wines) which are central to the identity of Quartino. We serve wines by the carafe with the smallest size being a quartino or quarter liter. The house red and white options are only $5 per quartino or $15 per bottle. They are fresh, foodfriendly wines produced in Italy and have generated loyal customers since we opened 9 years ago.

    1. How did you get into the hospitality business? My first position upon graduating college was Assistant Director of Special Events for the Art

    Institute of Chicago. I then took the position of Director of Special Events for

    the School of the Art Institute and developed their Special Events department.

    While there, I met my husband, Reid Tillinghast, who was in the Catering

    and Events industry. Together we developed our own catering and venue

    management group. I joined the company full time as CoPresident in 2012.

    2. Whats your favorite thing about running your business? Unbridled creativity.

    3. Whats your least favorite thing about running your business? Finances, but luckily, my husband and CoPresident, Reid, loves that stuff.

    4. Who are your customers? Everyone who loves good food, good friends, and good times.

    5. Whats your favorite thing on your menu? Since I am the Culinary Artist and Designer, I am always creating my next favorite dish. Today it is Lobster

    Chicken stuffed with polenta, roasted corn, bacon and lobster, and smothered

    in a tomato lobster bisque sauce.

    6. What are your plans for the future? We are now developing a west side loft/gallery space called Kenmare Lofts.

    7. Whats the most popular item on your menu or drink in your bar? Braised Beef Bourguignon on mascarpone polenta, and for vegans it is

    Teriyaki Braised Purple and Orange Cauliflower Steaks with Lao vegetable

    fried rice.

    Franconello Italian Restaurant Full service Italian

    10222 s. Western ave. chicago, Il

    773.881.4100 www.franconellochicago.com

    Francos Ristorante

    300 W. 31 st. chicago, Il


    Jam N Honey Breakfast served all day!

    958 W. Webster chicago, Il

    773.327.JaMM (5266) www.jamnhoney.com


    1. How did you get into the hospitality business? I married into it. My husband had been in the business since his high school days. He started his own business his senior year of high school.

    2. Whats your favorite thing about running your business? My favorite thing about running my own business is the wonderful mix of customers I meet. I often tease that my old timers are now an extension of my family.

    3. Whats your least favorite thing about running your business? The least favorite thing is that you NEVER have a day off. Especially with todays technology, with the use of surveillance cameras and cell phones and computer we find we are never really away from the restaurants. Even when we are on vacation we are in daily contact with the business!

    4. Who are your customers? At both of our full service Italian places, Franconello & Francos, we are blessed to be in two great neighborhoods that support us. We have many regulars & are very grateful for them. Our breakfast place, Jam N Honey, is in Lincoln Park very close to DePaul University. Here we too are very blessed. We have a constant influx of new customers due to the rotation of students at DePaul and we also have so many wonderful families that are very grateful we are their neighborhood breakfast spot.

    5. Whats your favorite thing on your menu? At our two Italian restaurants we have too many choices for me to have just one Favorite: our Sausage and Peppers Franconello, our 2 inch think herb roasted pork chop, our famous Tiramisu. At Jam N Honey: our Italian Benedict served on homemade risotto cakes is wonderful , and we have a great sandwich called B.L.A.S.T ( bacon, lettuce, avocado, shrimp, tomato) served on toasted brioche.

    6. What are your plans for the future? As of now we have no plans in the works.

    7. Whats the most popular item on your menu or drink in your bar? My favorite items are pretty much our most popular dishes!

    Frank & Jeanne Ruffolo Parents of Ignatius Alumni

    Katie OReilly 89 - Owner

    Kenmare Catering and Events, Germania Place, Kenmare Rooms, and Kenmare Lofts We specialize in Catering, Venue Management, and Contract Food Services

    108 W. germania Place chicago, Il 60610 312.787.0190 www.kenmarecatering.com

    Michael Lombardo 93 Owner Matt Graham 93 - General Manager John Coletta - Current Ignatius Parent - Executive Chef / Managing Partner Quartino Pizzeria, Ristorante, and Italian Wine Bar

    626 n. state st. chicago, Il 60654 312.698.5000 www.quartinochicago.com

  • Sean Glascott 92 Manager / Owner Glascotts Groggery We are a family owned & operated Irish Saloon in the Heart of Lincoln Park

    2158 n. halsted chicago, Il 60614 773.281.1205 www.glascotts.com

    1. How did you get into the hospitality business? We have been in business since 1937. My Grandfather, Lawrence Glascott, opened the bar and it has been passed through generations. There have been many Glascotts who have managed the family business and when my brother landed another job and had to resign, I stepped in as the manager. Actually I think my father TOLD me I would be the next manager so I really didnt have a choice.

    2. Whats your favorite thing about running your business? My favorite thing about running the business is meeting new people and hearing the great stories about people meeting at Glascotts. I have heard countless times about married couples who met at Glascotts or had their first date at Glascotts, (myself included.) Also, all of the reunions, parties, etc. Helping to create good times and great memories.

    3. Whats your least favorite thing about running your business? Least favorite thing would be the crazy hours.

    4. Who are your customers? We have wide variety of customers ranging from local young professionals, lots of family & friends, and of course plenty of Iggy Alumni.

    5. Whats your favorite thing on your menu? Favorite thing on the menu would be one of our many delicious beers, (especially all of the great local brews.)

    6. What are your plans for the future? We dont have any plans for new ventures at this point. Just trying to make Glascotts the most comfortable watering hole possible.

    7. Whats the most popular item on your menu or drink in your bar? We have plenty of popular drinks at the bar ranging from the new craft beers, to Vodka RedBull, & of course a simple shot of Jameson Irish Whiskey.

    F e a t u r e S t o r y

    1. How did you get into the hospitality business? I got into the hospitality business because it was always one of my dreams. I was a commodities trader at the CBOT and that business changed drastically, so I needed to figure something else to do. I had a friend from the exchange, Matt Fisher, who left the floor 20 years ago to pursue hospitality and I asked him if he was interested in doing projects together. He was and here I am.

    2. Whats your favorite thing about running your business? My favorite thing is having a place where I can employ so many dedicated and hardworking people and watch them create food and an environment that makes our customers happy.

    3. Whats your least favorite thing about running your business? When a customer has a bad experience for any reason. Everybody is working really hard to provide a top notch, fun dining experience, and when that doesnt happen, we arent happy.

    4. Who are your customers? They range greatly, from young professionals, people celebrating, the neighborhood residents, people doing business. Its a relaxed yet sophisticated ambiance.

    5. Whats your favorite thing on your menu? I cant pick 1 favorite thing, I have 3. The braised octopus with fingerling potatoes, grilled frise, nicoise vierge, and squid ink vinaigrette appetizer; the bonein Bershire pork chop with white cheddar grits, apple mostarda, roasted brussel sprouts entree; the seared scallops with kohlrabi, concord apple, pickled mustard seed, guanciale entree.

    6. What are your plans for the future? My partners from the Boarding House, Alpana Singh and Matt Fisher, and I are opening a new restaurant in the end of January called 7 Lions Bar and Cellar. It will be located at 130 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60603. 3128800130, sevenlionschicago.com.

    7. Whats the most popular item on your menu or drink in your bar? Its a tie for most popular item between the Flat iron steak with roasted German butterball potatoes, shallot jam, garlic confit butter and the grilled New Zealand venison loin with rutabaga pure, bacon, currants. What can I say, Chicago is a meat eating town.


    Sean Geoghegan 99 - Owner Roscoe Village Pub Neighborhood Tavern in the Roscoe Village area of Chicago

    2159 W. addison chicago, Il 773.472.6160

    1. How did you get into the hospitality business? My brother and I worked at a family owned bar in college and after college at nights. We got a taste as to what it takes to run a small neighborhood business as a family.

    2. Whats your favorite thing about running your business? Its a blank canvas per say, and we get to make a name for ourselves from scratch. We have an opportunity to take a small neighborhood business in a new direction and thats very exciting.

    3. Whats your least favorite thing about running your business? Balancing my family (I have 2 children under 2 years old), my day job, and everything I want to do with Roscoe Village Pub.

    4. Who are your customers? Currently, its the older generation of local people in the Roscoe Village area. Our goal is to bring in the new families and the younger generation of people that live in the area. We are located on Addison St. and the Chicago Cubs play 82 home games about 1 mile East of us. Were looking to make Roscoe Village Pub a viable option for people that are coming to or from Wrigley Field. The bar has an opportunity to become a neighborhood staple and a melting pot for everyone to enjoy.

    5. Whats your favorite thing on your menu? My favorite drink to make or serve, is one that a customer has never had before. I love it when a customer refers to a certain beer or cocktail they like and ask me if I can mimic that taste or flavor with something new.

    6. What are your plans for the future? The bar is still very new to us and weve only had it for a couple months. Were trying to reestablish ourselves in the neighborhood and are constantly making improvements, while listening to our customers. Everything takes time and money, so we cant afford to do too much too fast. We are however, looking to build out a patio in the backyard for customers to have a drink outside in the Spring/Summer months. Nothing beats a drink outside on a beautiful summer night in Chicago. Were also looking for new staff and bartenders, and we have offered Saturday nights to John Chandler Lets Go Mr. Chandler!

    7. Whats the most popular item on your menu or drink in your bar? Believe it or not PBR (Pabst Blue Ribbon) in a can.

    John Ward 89 Owner

    The Boarding House Food and WineRestaurant

    720 n Wells st. chicago, Il 60654 312.280.0720 Boardinghousechicago.com

  • F e a t u r e S t o r y

    Semifinalist Named in 2014 National Merit Scholarship ContestThe National Merit Scholarship Corporation announced the names of 16,000 Semifinalists in the 60th annual National Merit Scholarship Program. These academically talented high school seniors have the opportunity to continue in the competition for some 7,600 National Merit Scholarships worth about $33 million that will be awarded next spring. Saint Ignatius College Prep is proud to announce our 12 student semifinalists! Brooks Becker, Brenna Carroll, Robert Colgate, Dante Domenella, Gabriel Ho, Crofton Kelly, Ian Klatzco, John Lennon, Caroline McGowan, Henry Rigsbee, Isabella Simon and Isaac Wink can be seen below with school President, Fr. Caruso, SJ, and Principal, Brianna Latko.

    National Achievement Semifinalists AnnouncedMore than 1,600 Black American high school seniors who have been designated Semifinalists in the 51st annual National Achievement Scholarship Program were announced by National Merit Scholarship Corporation officials. These scholastically talented young men and women now have an opportunity to continue in the competition for approximately 800 Achievement Scholarship awards worth about $2.5 million that will be offered next spring. Saint Ignatius College Prep is proud to announce the two seniors who have been designated semifinalists. Congratulations Robert Hoskins and Delia West. They can be seen here with Principal Brianna Latko and President Rev. Michael Caruso, S.J.

    Congratulations to National Achievement Outstanding ParticipantsSaint Ignatius is excited to announce the names of the Outstanding Participants in the 2015 National Achievement Scholarship Program. These students scored in the top 3% of more than 160,000 Black American students who requested consideration of the 2015 NASP when they took the 2013 PSAT/NMSQT. We are so proud of these young scholars. Anna Barber, Bailey Ellis and Josiah Simmons (not pictured) can be seen here with Principal Brianna Latko.

    w w w . i g n a t i u s a l u m n i . o r g w i n t e r 2 0 1 5 S a i n t i G n a t i U S M a G a z i n e 11

    S c h o o l N e w S

    Luciano & Ilona Silvestri Owners / Parent of Ignatius Alumna

    Brunas RistoranteOpened in 1933 ( The 3rd oldest Italian restaurant

    and 8th oldest overall in Chicago)

    2424 s. oakleychicago, Il 60608773.254.5550www.brunasristorante.com

    1. How did you get into the hospitality business? I attended a hospitality and hotel School in Italy. Subsequently, I worked

    in restaurants all over the world including: Italy, Switzerland, and England. I have also worked in restaurants and hospitality on many cruise ships.

    2. Whats your favorite thing about running your business? I love meeting new customers. We are fortunate to welcome new ones to our restaurant all the time. I also love seeing the repeat customers.

    We have many that have bene coming to Brunas for years.

    3. Whats your least favorite thing about running your business? The hours are a very tough part of the business. This aspect is demanding for everyone involved in Brunas.

    4. Who are your customers? We have a steady stream of families, couples and singles of all ages from the city and suburbs.

    We are honored to be able to serve so many

    for so many years at our restaurant.

    5. Whats your favorite thing on your menu? The Spaghetti Carbonara and the Rack of Lamb are very popular and very delicious.

    6. What are your plans for the future?We dont have any new projects currently in the


    7. Whats the most popular item on your menu or drink in your bar? Fried Calamari, Eggplant Parmigiana, and of course Tiramisu for dessert. Brunas also has a very wide range of many excellent Italian Wines. We hope you can visit our restaurant very soon and we look forward to welcoming you.

    Mike McDermott 85 Owner/Manager

    Smoque BBQ Smoque is a small, no-frills place that specializes in making authentic, slow-

    smoked BBQ served with a handful of scratch-made sauces and sides.

    3800 n. Pulaski rd.chicago, Il 60641www.smoquebbq.com773.545.7427

    1. How did you get into the hospitality business? Ive had a

    meandering career. I was an aspiring English professor and then

    went on to work in technology and consulting. It was in this

    arena that I met my future business partner. Wed talk about

    going out on our own. Smoque was the ultimate result. Neither

    of us had any real knowledge about how to run a restaurant, but

    we were great at writing business plans, so we were able to get

    funding and get the doors open.

    2. Whats your favorite thing about running your business?

    I like being able to chart my own course, and I like not having

    to worry about navigating the political landscapes I found so

    endemic to academia and corporate life. I also like that, unlike in

    some of my previous jobs, I am making something tangible and

    something to which my customers have an immediate reaction

    (and generally a favorable one).

    3. Whats your least favorite thing about running your business? Owning your own place means never really being

    able to get away from it. Even when you are not there, you are

    worrying about it at some level all the time. Also, there is no one

    to pass the buck to when a problem or crisis arises.

    4. Who are your customers? Our customers are people who love

    good BBQ and are willing to do what it takes to get itincluding

    standing in a long line and eating while rubbing elbows with

    strangers. One of the real strengths of Smoque is that we cast

    a wide net and draw customers from people in all walks of life.

    On any given day, we might be delivering catering to some of

    the most powerful and connected people in Chicago and at the

    same time feeding cops and firemen and utility workers in our


    5. Whats your favorite thing on your menu? Our menu is very

    small and nothing ever changes on it. Its what has enabled us to

    keep the quality and consistency of our products high. Last year

    I came up with a recipe for Pecan Bread Pudding with a Salted

    Bourbon Caramel Sauce. Since its new and Im not tired of it yet

    Ill call it my favorite.

    6. What are your plans for the future? We have looked at a lot

    of opportunities to expand over the years, but so far, we have not

    been able to find the right fit. We have been pretty conservative

    in our approach to expansion as we dont want to put the

    business and brand weve painstakingly nurtured at risk.

    7. Whats the most popular item on your menu or drink in your bar? Our smoked brisket put us on the map. In 2014, we smoked and sold over 200,000 lbs. of the stuff!

  • 12 S a i n t i G n a t i U S M a G a z i n e W i n t e r 2 0 1 5

    F e a t u r e S t o r y

    Hank 46 and Joan Dieters Receive Inaugural Pope Francis Transformation Award

    Mellody Hobson 87 / George Lucas Family Foundation Creates New Scholars Program

    This years Presidents Dinner took place on October 4, 2014. The event was one of the schools ways to say thank you to the generous benefactors who have supported the school in the previous fiscal year at the $2,500 Presidents Club giving level or higher. Over 600 were in attendance for this years event.

    At this dinner Fr. Caruso, S.J. presented the inaugural Pope Francis Transformation award to Hank 46 and Joan Dieters. The Pope Francis Transformation Award was established in honor of the 2013 election of the first Jesuit, Jorge Cardinal Bergoglio, as the successor of St. Peter. From the beginning of his papacy, Pope Francis has called forth men and women of good will and all faiths to make a positive difference in our world. When Pope Francis addressed a gathering of Jesuit

    schools he reminded the students and faculty that St. Ignatius began the ministry of schools to cultivate magnanimity: ...this virtue of the great and the small, which always makes us look at the horizon. It means having a great heart, having greatness of mind; it means having great ideals, the wish to do great things to respond to what God asks of us. Those who possess this magnanimous heart have the ability to transform the lives of those around them.

    Saint Ignatius College Prep would like to recognize and honor Hank 46 and Joan Deiters for sharing this magnanimity and vision with their loyalty and support of our school community. Their vision and commitment have contributed to transforming Saint Ignatius College Prep into a dynamic place that educates young men and women for lives of faith and service.

    Saint Ignatius College Prep is excited to announce that a recent gift from Mellody Hobson 87 will go towards creating the Mellody Hobson Scholars Program at the school. The program will support six students with four years of full tuition at Saint Ignatius as well as a stipend for technology, extracurricular activities and event fess.

    Ms. Hobsons scholarship support will create the opportunity of a Saint Ignatius education for an economically at-risk population of students. The candidates for the Scholars Program will need to demonstrate a specific financial hardship or financial need and will be selected from a minority group.

    Criteria for the applicants may include students who come from families where English is only one of the primary languages spoken at home and students who reside in a dangerous neighborhood or community with a lack of other comparable and affordable high school options. The Scholars will also take part in a mentoring program at Saint Ignatius.

    Each Hobson scholar will need to maintain a 3.0 GPA and must remain in good standing in terms of behavior and the Saint Ignatius academic code of conduct. Hobson Scholars will be encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities and leadership opportunities and required to participate in a service component to promote a well-rounded educational experience. Hobson scholars will also show leadership skills and attitudes of men and women for others.

    The entire Saint Ignatius school community expresses their sincere gratitude for Mellody Hobsons generosity throughout the years. She has funded the Mellody Hobson 87 Endowment for Economics Education and her thoughtful and substantial contributions will, through the George Lucas Family Foundation, allow us to provide much needed resources to support these students.

    Fr. caruso, s.J. celebrates Mass

    for members of the Presidents club

    Fr. caruso with hank 46 and Joan deiters.

    Saint Ignatius is excited to announce the names of the Commended Students in the 2015 National Merit Scholarship Program. Commended Students are being recognized for their exceptional academic promise demonstrated by their outstanding performance on the qualifying test used for program entry. Julia Boge, Eleanor Clark, Thomas Duff, Matthew Dziekan, Erin Egan, Liam Engel, Connor Fierweger, Mallory Fitzpatrick, Donald Flynn, John Foot, Roisin Goebelbecker, Isabel Irvine, Genevieve Lotus, Sean Lynch, David McGarr, Patrick Metcalfe, Patrick Mulkerin, Emelia Park, Lane Patterson, Michael Payne, Claire Reardon and Thomas Stefancic can be seen here with Principal Brianna Latko.

    2015 National Merit Commended Students Announced

    w w w . i g n a t i u s a l u m n i . o r g w i n t e r 2 0 1 5 S a i n t i G n a t i U S M a G a z i n e 13w w w . i g n a t i u s . o r g12

    S c h o o l N e w S S c h o o l N e w S

  • 14 S a i n t i G n a t i U S M a G a z i n e W i n t e r 2 0 1 5

    F e a t u r e S t o r y

    Hundreds Gather for Dedication of Anthony J. Fornelli 51 Field

    In late October, the Saint Ignatius College Prep family was pleased to honor our alum with the dedication of the schools athletic field as the new Anthony J. Fornelli 51 Field. Mr. Fornelli 51 has been a long time benefactor of Saint Ignatius College Prep. He and his late wife, Angela, are the parents of five daughters: Angela, Jeanine, Madelyn (Decd), Marguerite, and Toni and numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren. Mr. Fornelli had previously established financial aid endowments at Saint Ignatius and also created the schools Anthony J. Fornelli 51 Alumni Lounge that is used by alumni, faculty, and staff of the school.

    Regarding the new gift and the naming of the field, Vice President of Development, John Chandler, said, Both Fr. Caruso and I are extremely grateful for the generosity Mr. Fornelli has shown towards his alma mater for so many years. This new naming of the athletic field will create a lasting legacy that will serve as a fitting testament to Mr. Fornellis support of our school.

    Tony Fornelli 51 has been director of the Illinois Department of Financial Institutions, chair of the Chicago Plan Commission and commissioner of the Chicago Zoning Board of Appeal. Tony also worked for the City of Chicago Corporation Counsel where he won the lions share of the cases he tried. He is always giving his time, money and

    Mr. Fornelli 51 with members of the varsity football team.

    Members of the class of 1951 in attendance.

    Mr. Fornelli 51 with his extended family.

    Fr. caruso, s.J. dedicating the field with tony Fornelli 51.

    efforts to friends, the profession and those less fortunate in the community. He is a true giant to those who know him. He was also honored with the Prime Minister of Israel Medal for his dedication to civil rights.

    From 1979 to 1996, Tony was unselfishly responsible for putting together Festa Italiana on Chicagos lakefront at great personal expense in time and resources. Tony is also the publisher of Fra Noi Newspaper for Chicagos Italian-American community. He served as president of the Joint Civic Committee of Italian-Americans and was a major influence in this umbrella organization many years before and since. Tony always has and continues to consider himself first and foremost a lawyer and a father. Tony is a past president of the Justinian law society and is one of the founders of Casa Italia in Stone Park, IL which is dedicated to preserving Italian-American culture. Tony Fornelli was a founding board member of the Italian American Political Coalition and served as its President and was recently honored by the Cannata Report at their annual charity dinner in New Jersey.

    w w w . i g n a t i u s a l u m n i . o r g w i n t e r 2 0 1 5 S a i n t i G n a t i U S M a G a z i n e 15w w w . i g n a t i u s . o r g14

    S c h o o l N e w S S c h o o l N e w S

    redesigned school Website launchesThis past summer, the schools website underwent a complete design overhaul. The new www.ignatius.org boasts extra-large rotating photos on the home page and streamlined menu navigation. Other improvements include the ability to view the school calendar in a table or full calendar view including a view of a single day, week or months events. Individual calendar events can also be added to your own Google calendar. For the first time, www.ignatius.org now has a search field on the home page. Visitors can simple type what they are looking for into this field and see a list of pertinent results. One other major improvement is the sites responsive design. Whether you are viewing the website on a desk top, tablet or smart phone, the website will automatically reconfigure its design for an optimal viewing experience with easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning or scrolling.

  • 16 S a i n t i G n a t i U S M a G a z i n e W i n t e r 2 0 1 5

    F e a t u r e S t o r y

    Renee Lee is a longtime member of the Arts Department as Saint Ignatius College Prep. Among her many contributions to the creative development of our students, Lee has recently implemented a new program called The Memory Project which links together students artistic expression with the Jesuit mission of social justice. The Memory Project, as their website explains, is where art students create portraits for youth around the world who have been neglected, orphaned, or disadvantaged These portraits in the end are given to each orphan child to keep.

    Lee was introduced to The Memory Project by a former student, Sylvia Edoigiawerie 14. Sylvia, Lee explains, was a great art student [and was also a featured artist in the Alumni Magazines The Gallery]. She was very self-motivated, and loved entering art competitions, so she was always digging around online for things to do and she discovered this. Sylvia received the art award last year at her graduation. Anyway, I thought it was a great idea and Im grateful to her that she brought it to my attention.

    This is Lees second year doing the project with students. Seven students participated last year with an orphanage in Haiti, and this year the program has expanded with twenty students working with an orphanage in India. Lee shared about why she decided to implement the program at Saint Ignatius and the impact it has had on her students already. It seemed a great opportunity to also talk about portraiture and to teach the kids the old master method of oil painting. They are really doing an incredible job. They have been completely silent and focused every day. I think it struck a chord in themthat not only will these kids have these portraits for their entire

    lives but also that they will be treasured objects by people who are starting off with very little and in a very tough way. The fact that someone labored and spent many hours trying to render every detail of their faces and every wisp of their hair is

    a beautiful thing. Its a very touching thing to watch, and to think about. It means so much more than just I am making something look real.

    Lee hopes the effects of this project will stay with her students long after the project commences. My hope is that the students will never forget the face of the child they painted. I hope that just as the kids at the orphanage will treasure their painting for a lifetime, I hope that my students will not forget that childs facewonder how they are and how their life is. Actually, I hope they will see everyone differently in the end. Thats what we do here in the art department. We teach people how to see, how to hear, how to be more aware and in tune. I had a professor who described it once as being people of sensibility. I always liked that. When the portraits are delivered, my students will be enclosing a picture of themselves, as well. So the kids will be able to see who painted them.

    When asked about her vision for the future of The Memory Project, Lee sees great potential for its lasting impact in her classroom and on the school culture. I would love to see even more kids participate. It is difficult to find a project that makes connections between the arts and peace and justice. I love how the formal aspects of teaching them this method of painting, the act of seeing, the very physical aspects of the paint and the materials, the making of a thing, trying to recreate the curve of the shadow on a cheek and the reflection of light in a childs eyes connects up so well with all the intangible things that are so hard to teach. That is what art is to me, spirit made manifest, and these kids get it 100%.

    Lee Links Art and Social Justice for Her Students with The Memory ProjectHarlequins

    Selected to Perform at Annual Illinois High School Theatre FestivalThe Saint Ignatius Harlequins production of SHREK THE MUSICAL was selected to perform at the 40th Annual Illinois High School Theatre Festival. For 40 years, the Illinois High School Theatre Festival had been igniting the flame of passion for the arts. Produced by the Illinois Theatre Association, the IHSTF is the largest and oldest high school theatre festival in the world. Over 4,000 students (from 150 schools), teachers, university representatives, exhibitors and volunteers come together to put on over 25 different high school productions and over 150 workshops. As part of this celebration, Saint Ignatius College Prep has been selected to perform their fall musical -- Shrek The Musical at the Festival, January 8-10, 2015, at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Plays were selected from throughout the state to be performed at the annual three day festival. Saint Ignatius College Preps production includes 27 actors and 21 crew members.

    lora galich, Jhordan howard, zack svabek, andrew tufano, connor sterling, everett sarich, candace hayes, natalie Plys, Jane Patti, liza spector, and Kelly harris.

    w w w . i g n a t i u s a l u m n i . o r g w i n t e r 2 0 1 5 S a i n t i G n a t i U S M a G a z i n e 17w w w . i g n a t i u s . o r g16

    S c h o o l N e w S S c h o o l N e w S

    aliya Ikhumen 15

    oliver carr 15

    annie Fitzsimmons 15

    Womens society holiday event a huge successIn mid-November, hundreds gathered in Tully Hall at school for the annual Womens Society Holiday Shopping event. This extravaganza was a fun evening of shopping and socializing while showcasing small businesses, many of which are owned by members of the Ignatius community. Throughout the entire evening, there were opportunities to purchase items from businesses, win fantastic prizes donated by the various vendors, eat, drink, and contribute towards the Womens Society annual philanthropy projectthe maintenance of the 6 saint statues in the stairwell niches of the main school building. Thanks for helping to make this such a successful event. Save the Date the Womens Society Signature Event spring dinner will take place at school on May 7, 2015.

  • 18 S a i n t i G n a t i U S M a G a z i n e W i n t e r 2 0 1 5

    oliver carr 16Oliver Carrs first memory of artistic expression was from his days as a creative kindergartener. I really enjoyed drawing so my mom cleared out this little closet in our house and set up an art desk for me. I would spend hours in that closet drawing Power Rangers.

    The inspiration Carr drew from fictitious action heroes as a six year old is not too far a cry from his sources of creativity as a rising teen artist, only now those action heroes are from real life. I find my inspiration to create from World War II photography and artists. The World War II photography gives me a source of powerful images to draw. The artists have set the bar that I strive for. Beyond photography and artists from this time period, Carr is also influenced by other politically-driven artists. My favorite artist is Banksy. His simple but creative images always have a lot of weight behind them, especially when considering the social statements he makes. He uses a lot of juxtaposition in his art which I absolutely love. Oliver also enjoys Aubrey Breadsleys dark drawings and works by Leonardo da Vinci. You can see some of Olivers work displayed here.

    Carr is a junior at Saint Ignatius and is currently taking Advanced Studio Art in SIs Fine Arts Program. He is also planning on entering an art program at Columbia College Chicago for some supplemental art classes. In the future, Oliver is unsure of his specific path, but knows he wants to include art in it. He hopes to attend an art school for college.

    The Gallery

    w w w . i g n a t i u s a l u m n i . o r g w i n t e r 2 0 1 5 S a i n t i G n a t i U S M a G a z i n e 19w w w . i g n a t i u s . o r g18

    S c h o o l n e W S a t h l e t i c S

    girls softballCongratulations to Head Coach Allison Heraty and the Wolfpack softball program for receiving the Sportsmanship Award at the IHSA State Finals in June. Coach Heraty was also named Sectional Coach of the Year for girls softball and will be honored at a banquet in February.

    girls soccer coach Wins state honorThe National Soccer Coaches Association of America selected Coach Rob Stassen as the 2014 Illinois Private/Parochial Girls State Coach of the Year. Official recognition took place at the NSCAA High School Awards Brunch back in August at the Lake Buena Vista Palace Hotel in Orlando, Florida.

    girls tennisCoach Susan Markvart has been nominated for Coach of the Year with the Illinois High School Tennis Coaches Association. Also, Carla OByrne 15 qualified for state.

    girls VolleyballThe Wolfpack Girls Volleyball team posted a 21-10 record in 2014 putting Head Coach Erik Eastman two wins shy of 250. Eastman received the American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA) Victory Award in 2014. Also, senior volleyball player, Kristin Somerville, was named 3rd team All-State and named to the 2014 SportsTown Chicago All-Star game. She will continue her playing career at Holy Cross nest year.

    girls Water Polo:Congratulations to Tammy Stelnicki 14 and Beca Martinez 14 for being named to the 2014 Speedo All-America Team by the National Interscholastic Swimming Coaches Association for their efforts during the 2014 high school season. The Ignatius student-athletes are 2 out of 100 players nationally to receive All-American status and 2 out of 6 players from the state of Illinois. This is the second year in a row two members of the Wolfpack have received national recognition. Tammy and Rebecca Insalaco 13 were named to the team in 2013. Respectively, the girls are the 8th and 9th player in the programs history to receive All-American recognition. Congratulations to Coach Mike Cashman and his staff on another great season.

    Kristen somerville 15 blocks a shot.

    tammy stelnicki 14

    Beca Martinez 15

  • 20 S a i n t i G n a t i U S M a G a z i n e W i n t e r 2 0 1 5

    F e a t u r e S t o r y

    w w w . i g n a t i u s a l u m n i . o r g w i n t e r 2 0 1 5 S a i n t i G n a t i U S M a G a z i n e 21w w w . i g n a t i u s . o r g20

    S c h o o l N e w SA t h l e t i c S A t h l e t i c S

    Boys and girls swimmingCongratulations to Marysol Arce 15 and Billy Barth 15 for making the 2013-2014 Scholastic All-American Team. This is a national award given by USA Swimming to honor swimmers who excel in both the classroom and the pool. Student-athletes need to have a 3.5 grade point average or higher and have achieved the required junior national time standard for each event. This was the second selection for Arce and Barth and each posted a 4.0 GPA. And capturing their 10th consecutive IHSA Sectional Championship, congratulations to our girls swimming and diving team.

    On the national scene, the following Ignatius swimmers have received All-American recognition: Nina Mantich, Jamie Doherty, Natalie Tapia, Emma Dolan, Clare MacNamara, Marysol Arce, Lauren Cox.

    Girls Coach, Dave Stephens, was named Girls Swimming and Diving Sectional Coach of the Year.

    Boys cross country1st place at Regionals, 5th place at Sectionals and 14th at the State Meet-- our best team finish since 1981. At the State Meet the Wolfpack had four personal best times. Senior Andy Weber led the team with a personal best time of 15 minutes and 2 seconds for 41st place, with junior Dan Santino 49th in 15:13. Senior John Lennon finished 72nd (15:22 personal best), senior Kallin Khan 82nd (15:27), and senior Brian Santino was the fifth scoring runner for the Wolfpack in 115th (15:42 PB). In other news freshman Brett Haffner (son of Ignatius teacher and Head Girls Cross Country Coach, Matt Haffner) was selected as the Chicago Catholic League Freshman Champion for cross-country this fall.

    girls cross countryCongratulations to Head Coach Matt Haffner and Assistant Coaches Erin Luby and Elizabeth Krymski for winning all levels- Varsity, JV, and Open at the GCAC Championships this fall. For our varsity team, this was their third consecutive GCAC title. Congratulations as well to Ignatius junior Kyleigh Spearing. She was the individual GCAC varsity champion and the GCAC Cross Country Athlete of the Year.

    andy Weber 15

    Boys Water PoloThe IHSA Board of Directors, the Sportsmanship Advisory Committee, and the IHSA Staff announced that Saint Ignatius College Prep earned a Do Whats Right! State Final Sportsmanship Banner at the Spring 2014 Boys Water Polo State Finals. Congratulations to Head Coach Luis Martinez and his team for this accomplishment.

    Field hockeySenior Julia Braham was named the Field Hockey Goalie of the Year for the state of Illinois.

    girls golf2nd place at the GCAC Tournament / 3rd place at IHSA Regionals. Junior Brianna Ward, our first state qualifier of the school year, competed at the IHSA State Finals. Also, congratulations to Saint Ignatius Head Girls Golf Coach, Pat McGovern, for being named an Illinois State Nominee for the National Federation of High Schools (NFHS) Girls Golf Coach of the Year.

    letters of Intent Two Ignatius students have already signed a National Letter of Intent with more to come. Attending UIC next year, congratulations to senior volleyball player Carla Salvato. Attending Providence for tennis next year, congratulations to senior Kate Ryan.

    Ihsa all-academic awardOnce again, all of our IHSA fall sport offerings (football, girls swimming and diving, girls tennis, boys and girls cross country, boys and girls golf, girls volleyball, and boys soccer) have been awarded the IHSA All-Academic Award for achieving, as a team, a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher. Congratulations on this outstanding accomplishment!

    A quick note Last school year, every IHSA team competing at Saint Ignatius captured the All-Academic Award, and we are on our way to a repeat performance this year.

    girls tennisBoth varsity and JV finished in 2nd place at the GCAC Championships and 3rd place at the IHSA Sectionals. Senior Carla OByrne was an IHSA State Qualifier.

    Brianna Ward 16

    carla oByrne 15

    Kate ryan 15

    carla salvato 15

    Marysol arce 15

    Billy Barth 15

  • 22 S a i n t i G n a t i U S M a G a z i n e W i n t e r 2 0 1 5

    F e a t u r e S t o r y

    w w w . i g n a t i u s a l u m n i . o r g w i n t e r 2 0 1 5 S a i n t i G n a t i U S M a G a z i n e 23w w w . i g n a t i u s . o r g22

    F a i t h a N D S E R V i C E F a i t h a N D S E R V i C E

    Saint Ignatius College Prep, traveling together with members from all 4 Chicago Jesuit schools and Cristo Rey St. Martin, sent 14 student and adult delegates to join the over 1,600 attendees for an inspirational weekend at the 17th annual Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice (IFTJ). The Teach-In took place in the Washington DC area from November 15-17. The IFTJ is an annual nationwide Catholic social justice conference sponsored by the Ignatian Solidarity Network. Teach-In attendees represented over ninety-five Catholic institutions in twenty-five states, Canada, El Salvador, and Mexico. This years Teach-In coincided with the 25th anniversary of the murders of six Jesuit priests, killed in El Salvador on November 16, 1989, by Salvadoran military for their defense of

    the economically poor. The IFTJ started in 1997 in conjunction with the School of the Americas Watch movement to close the former U.S. Army School of the Americas. In 2010, the IFTJ moved from Georgia to Washington, D.C., to more directly impact public policy with legislative advocacy.

    Beyond inspiring speakers, a Spirit-filled communal celebration of the Eucharist, policy briefings, and a prayer vigil honoring all those Jesuits who have been martyred while working for justice since Pedro Arrupes Men and Women for Others speech, our Saint Ignatius College Prep delegates also joined 1,000 of the Teach-In participants who collectively met with 100+ U.S. Congressional offices during

    a legislative advocacy day on Monday, November 17. Saint Ignatius students met individually with staffers and lawmakers, including Senator Mark Kirk (R, IL) to urge Congress to pass humane comprehensive immigration reform, support human rights oriented policies in Central America, and respond to climate change negatively impacting the economically poor across the world. Teach In student delegates will play a large role in planning an Immigration Summit for the entire Ignatius community on Ash Wednesday, February 18th. This interdisciplinary dive into the complex realities of immigration, as our final Ignatian Values Day of the year, will focus on the human face of immigration.

    Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice

    school celebrates First Ignatian Value dayFor our first Ignatian Values Day, we picked up the theme of Gods calling for our lives: Vocation Today, Vocation Tomorrow which was at the center of our prayer and reflection. We began the day, invoking the Spirits blessing, with the celebration of the Eucharist in Holy Family Church where Fr. Caruso, SJ was the main celebrant. We were also honored to welcome Dr. John Neafsey, (Psy.D, & MA in ministry) to Ignatius. After serving as a faculty member for Loyola University in both Psychology and Theology, John currently serves as a staff psychologist at the Heartland Alliance Marjorie Kovler Center, a treatment center for immigrant survivors of torture in Chicago. Johns talk, Personal Calling and Social Conscience, was based on his book, A Sacred Voice is Calling: Personal Vocation and Social Conscience (Orbis Books, 2006), a text that is used by our Senior Immersion Religious Studies classes.

    Students Are Men and Women for Others at Christopher ChristmasThis past December, the Saint Ignatius school community celebrated the 14th year of Christopher Christmas as our student volunteers spread holiday cheer at the Christopher School in Chicago. This annual service project took place on December 8 and the generosity of our students came out on this amazing day as they became true men and women for others. We had 167 students plus the Pep Band and Pack a Pella students giving up their day off from school to sing songs, play games and make crafts with the students of the Christopher School. All of this was coordinated by Susan Weiss from College Counseling and Emily Paulus from Student Activities and the other members of the Saint Ignatius Student Council.

    In addition, all participants helped fulfill the wishes of the students at the Christopher school with over $11,000 worth in gifts donated by students, faculty and staff. A special thanks goes out to faculty and staff members who chaperoned the day: Erik Eastman, Maureen Lonergan, Jason Steffen, Matt OKeefe, Sandie Bulmann, Erin Luby, and Courtney Crawford. It was amazing to see our students spend their day off with this special group of kids and we want to thank everyone involved for their generosity.

    carla salvato 15 works with a student.

    Michael levesque 16.

    Megan gordon 07

    erron Johnson 17 plays santa.

    dr. John neafsey speaks to students and staff.

  • 24 S a i n t i G n a t i U S M a G a z i n e W i n t e r 2 0 1 5

    F e a t u r e S t o r y

    w w w . i g n a t i u s a l u m n i . o r g w i n t e r 2 0 1 5 S a i n t i G n a t i U S M a G a z i n e 25w w w . i g n a t i u s . o r g24

    F a i t h a N D S E R V i C E F a i t h a N D S E R V i C E

    Students Take Part in Kino Border InitiativeFrom July 26 through August 2, 2014, six students and three adults from Saint Ignatius traveled for the first time to Nogales, Arizona/Mexico to partner with the Kino Border Initiative (KBI) as part of Formation and Ministrys summer service immersion program. Founded in 2009, KBI is a Jesuit ministry at the border that seeks to provide humanitarian assistance and raise awareness about the unsustainable reality of current US immigration policy. KBIs threefold outreach--education, advocacy and direct social serviceseeks to accompany recently deported immigrants and work for a more humane immigration policy between the United States and Mexico.

    Each day, Saint Ignatius students crossed over the border to serve at the comedor (soup kitchen). Following a prayer and presentation about human rights and legal options, Ignatians shared a meal and conversation with many migrants who offered profound and difficult stories about their reasons for migrating. Later in the week, students traveled to the Kino womens shelter and learned about the many families separated by current immigration policy. They began to appreciate the truly complex challenges of immigration following a meeting with local Arizona ranchers, who related accounts of drug trafficking and garbage frequently left behind by migrants. The Saint Ignatius group also traveled to Tucson, where they attended immigration court to witness migrants charged with the felony of illegal entry. They also shared Mass and dinner with Bishop Gerald Kicanas, a leader in the Catholic Churchs efforts to promote a more humane immigration system. As the nation continues to debate next steps for immigration policy, Saint Ignatius students hope to share their firsthand experiences from Nogales with others.

    Important upcoming dates

    Retreats Sophomore Retreats

    January 8-9, 2015

    January 29-30, 2015

    February 5-6, 2015 (No classes missed due to Faculty In-Service on Friday.)

    April 23-24, 2015

    Junior Retreats

    January 22-23, 2015 (Techny)

    February 19-20, 2015 (Techny)

    March 5-6, 2015 (Techny)

    March 26-27, 2015 (Techny)

    April 16-17, 2015 (LaSalle)

    Senior Retreats

    Oramus VII - January 14-16, 2015

    Kairos 139 - February 12-15, 2015

    Kairos 140 - March 24-27, 2015

    S c h o o l Wi d e - M as s e sAsh Wednesday Liturgy/Ignatian Values Day

    February, 18, 2015

    Holy Thursday

    April 2, 2015

    Mission and Thanksgiving

    May 22, 2015


    May 21, 2015

    left to right: Joe noonan 15, courtney crawford 15, Jenny Manzo 15, Katie davis 15, dalila

    Flores 15, Isaac Wink 15, alicia gonzalez 15, Ian Klatzco 15, Peter corrigan 15.

    Back in October, school President, Fr. Michael Caruso, SJ, made his final religious profession in a Mass at Holy Family Church. Hundreds from the school community came out to witness Fr. Caruso making his Final Vows and to celebrate afterward with a reception at school in Tully Hall. Heres more about what Final Vows are:

    Father General Adolfo Nicolas issues the call to Final Vows. After two years of novitiate, a man asks to pronounce his first vows, which make him a member of the Society of Jesus. Many years later, the Society of Jesus invites a man to final vows that convey the message that what was initially promised in first vows has come to fruition. By demonstrating his commitment to the Societys mission, a Jesuit shows that he should be called to full incorporation into the Society. There are important milestones along the way such as doing ministry, finishing advanced degreesbut final vows makes a public statement about a Jesuit belonging in the company of his brothers.

    Just before communion, the provincial holds the chalice and consecrated host, as the Jesuit pronouncing his vows kneels and reads a handwritten copy of the vow formula, which he will sign after Mass. That paper then goes to the Jesuit headquarters in Rome as a permanent record. (Adapted from Jesuit Life, Spring-Summer 2014.)

    Below is the Vow Formula and what Fr. Caruso said during his Final Vows Mass: I, Fr. Michael

    Caruso, make my profession, and I promise to Almighty God, in the presence of the Virgin Mother, the whole heavenly court, and all those here present, and to you, Reverend Father Brian Paulson, representing the Superior General of the Society of Jesus and his successors and holding the place of God, perpetual poverty, chastity and obedience; and, in conformity with it, special care for the instruction of children, according to the manner of living contained in the apostolic letters of the Society of Jesus and its Constitutions. I further promise a special obedience to the Sovereign Pontiff in regard to the missions according to the same apostolic letters and the Constitutions.

    Fr. Michael Caruso, SJ Makes Final Religious Profession

    Fr. caruso, s.J. says his final vows in front of

    Fr. damien llewellyn, s.J. and Fr. Brian Paulson, s.J.

    attendees gather in tully hall for the reception.

    New Prayer Website and AppSaint Ignatius College Prep is partnering with the Midwest Province of the Society of Jesus for the development of a new prayer website and mobile app. The website will offer a daily scripture reading, Ignatian reflections and Ignatian prayer. Visitors will also be able to submit a prayer request via the new website. The site will be available as an app that can be downloaded for free for use on mobile devises. Be sure to check www.ignatius.org in the coming weeks for a link to the new prayer website.


  • 26 S a i n t i G n a t i U S M a G a z i n e W i n t e r 2 0 1 5

    F e a t u r e S t o r y

    w w w . i g n a t i u s a l u m n i . o r g w i n t e r 2 0 1 5 S a i n t i G n a t i U S M a G a z i n e 27w w w . i g n a t i u s . o r g26

    D e v e l o p m e n t n e w sF a i t h a n D s e R v i C e

    Being alumni of Saint Ignatius means many things particularly as our former students endeavor to live out the mission that was at the forefront of their years spent at 1076. Among the new projects in the Development Department this year is outreach to our young adults on college campuses and continuing into the years beyond specific to the value of living as Men and Women For and With Others.

    In addition to the ongoing efforts of the Young Alumni Society, day-long opportunities have been planned throughout the school year for undergrads and other interested folks to serve in the Ignatian tradition. First semester events took place on

    September 27 in Champaign-Urbana, October 25 in Milwaukee, November 22 in Boston, and December 6 in South Bend. Upcoming dates include January 17 in Cincinnati, February 14 in Los Angeles, March 28 in St. Louis, as well as an April day of service in Chicago. Alumni will also partner with Saint

    Ignatius, Cristo Rey, Christ the King, and Loyola Academy in the Chicago Jesuit Day of Service on February 16, 2015.

    The schedule of service events noted here include the opportunity for our young graduates to join hands in work and share in the fellowship of a non-dormitory meal (perhaps a popular selling point). True to their Ignatian roots, one campus team has committed to ongoing service at the youth shelter they recently served.

    Those interested in participating in the second semester events should email Adrienne McArdle at least two weeks prior to the date relevant to your location ([email protected]). Also on the agenda for further development is the possibility for an Ignatian Alumni Pilgrimage. Saint Ignatius College Prep is continues to work in close partnership with Charis Ministries in order to provide our alum with quality retreat experiences. Charis presents several alternatives for nurturing the spirituality of those in their 20s and 30s. In addition to being invited to participation as a retreatant, the Charis staff seeks to employ the gifts of alum as facilitators. Visit www.charisministries.org for more information.

    Alumni Faith & Formation: Meeting our graduates Where they are... at college and Beyond

    Front row: Katie Moran, christine oksas, Francie sallinger, giovanna dacanay. Back row: Megan Mayer, Meg Keane, zach

    gortowski, delaney sterling, Joe Maloney.

    Katie Moran, giovanna dacanay,

    Meg Keane.

    tristan Mitchell, caleigh tully, Kathleen rocks, Maggie cox, Katie Johnson, Molly Mcclure, sarah devitt, and Jimmy Fox.

    Bandon dunes golf WeekendSimply put this is the opportunity of a lifetime to experience a golfers paradise at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort. Where the Pacific Ocean meets the rugged shoreline of the southern Oregon coast, five distinct courses await you. Amongst the massive dunes and hearty pines, you will discover the game of golf in its purest state. Where nature is embraced, not conquered. Where the traditions of a time-honored game yield an experience unlike any other. You and three guests will be treated to 4 days of unlimited golf (greens fees) at four available courses: Bandon Dunes, Pacific Dunes, Bandon Trails and Old MacDonald. You and three guests will also enjoy three nights of lodging in the Bandon Dunes Lily Pond Rooms, located on the grounds of one of the most picturesque golf courses in the world. Value: PricelessDonated By: Mr. and Mrs. Michael Keiser

    A special thank you to our current event sponsors!

    Special Recognition for Event Sponsors

    Pnc BanK

    Illinois Mechanical

    sales - hugh Mallaney

    alphagraphics the capitanini Family

    Mr. and Mrs. stephen rigsbee

    Westside Mechanical - rich Parlier

    Mr. and Mrs. John Waller

    Burke Beverage

    scott and rhonda swanson have generously offered to host a private cocktail party at their lincoln Park home for all gloriam event sponsors ($7,500 and above). Find out more about sponsorships at www.sicpgloriam.com.

    liVe auction ite


  • 28 S a i n t i G n a t i U S M a G a z i n e W i n t e r 2 0 1 5

    F e a t u r e S t o r y

    w w w . i g n a t i u s a l u m n i . o r g w i n t e r 2 0 1 5 S a i n t i G n a t i U S M a G a z i n e 29w w w . i g n a t i u s . o r g28

    D e v e l o p m e n t n e w s D e v e l o p m e n t n e w s

    11.14.14- Business Society LuncheonOn Friday, November 14th, over 250 alumni, parents of alumni and friends of the school gathered at the Union League Club of Chicago for the 4th Annual Business Society Luncheon. The luncheon was another great success, bringing together those from the Saint Ignatius community who are involved in the field of business. The school honored 2 individuals and 1 business for their accomplishments in the field and dedication to Saint Ignatius College Prep. Mr. Willard S. Evans, Jr. 73 was presented with The Alumni Award for Excellence in Business; Mr. Thomas R. Donovan was presented with The Award for Excellence in BusinessChicagoland and Marios Italian Lemonade was presented with The Presidential Award for Distinguished Neighborhood Business Partner. Thank you to the Corporate Table Sponsors: Chicago Grammar School (Mr. Phillip D. Jackson II), J.F. McKinney & Associates (Mr. John F. McKinney 64), Merrill Lynch (Mr. Sean M. Jucas 99), Heneghan Wrecking (Mr. Patrick Heneghan), Kaizen Inc. (Mr. John A. Doerrer), Quantam Crossings, LLC (Mr. Thomas R. Donovan) and Starshak Winzenburg (Mr. Joseph B. Starshak 63). We send our most sincere thanks to our guests and sponsors.

    Law Society Luncheon Set for February 27, 2015

    Please save the date for this years luncheon at the Union League Club in Chicago. Hundreds turn out for this annual eventnow in its 34th yearto network with other law professionals and the Saint Ignatius school community. The Societys Awards of Excellence in the Field of Law will be presented at the luncheon. Watch the school website and your postal mail for more details and invitations coming soon. To make a nomination for the Award of Excellence, email [email protected]

    students welcome guests to the law luncheon.

    thomas r. donovan. Mario diPaolo.

    Willard s. evans, Jr. 73.

    We are grateful for our donors of $5,000 or MoreDonors who contributed $5,000 or more between July 1 and January 8, 2015. Please note that total contribution listed during this period does not include pledge balances. If you made a donation of stock, worth $5,000 or more, please email [email protected] so we can match you to your gift.

    AnonymousMr. and Mrs. David M. AlfanoMr. and Mrs. John J. Antos 67Mr. and Mrs. Venanzio P. ArquillaMr. and Mrs. Douglas S. BaslerMr. Jeary E. Beals, II 01Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Bendy 50Dr. and Mrs. Frank Berklacich 67Mr. and Mrs. R. Neal Black 72Mrs. Mary Clare Greabe

    Bonaccorsi 82 and Mr. Joseph Bonaccorsi

    Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Botica 68Mr. and Mrs. William B. BowerMr. and Mrs. Paul L. BrennanMr. and Mrs. Robert T. BrownMr. and Mrs. Eugene

    J. Bruckert 52Mr. and Mrs. Eloy BurciagaMr. and Mrs. David BurikMr. Martin T. Burns 84Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Byrne 50Mr. and Mrs. Al CapitaniniMrs. Leslie C. CapitaniniMr. Dean Caras and

    Ms. Mary DroletMr. and Mrs. Richard

    P. Carmody 60Ms. Jon CarrollMr. and Mrs. Raymond CarsoMr. and Mrs. George B. CollinsMr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Collins 60Mr. and Mrs. Matthew

    J. Connelly 83Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Conway 69Mr. and Mrs. David CooneyMr. and Mrs. Benjamin CoxDr. Joseph Coyle 61 and Mrs.

    Genevieve SansoucyMr. and Mrs. Christopher C. CravenMr. Kevin P. Cronin 75Mr. and Mrs. Eric CunninghamMr. and Mrs. Peter H. DArrigoMr. and Mrs. Stephen B. DiamondMs. Sandie DohertyMr. and Mrs. James R. DonathMr. and Mrs. Geoffrey N. Doyle 65Mr. and Mrs. Stefano DurdicMr. and Mrs. Thomas Y. ElwardMr. and Mrs. Christopher G. EngerMr. and Mrs. Michael

    C. EvangelidesMr. and Mrs. Willard S.

    Evans, Jr. 73Mrs. Patricia EwersMr. and Mrs. William P. Farrell, Jr.Mr. and Mrs. David M. FlemingMrs. Susan FlynnMr. and Mrs. James F. Foley Mr. Anthony J. Fornelli 51Mr. and Mrs. David S. Fox 69Mr. and Mrs. Douglas R. FoxMr. Alan D. Fragen

    Mr. and Mrs. Brock FurlongMr. and Mrs. John F. GembaraMr. and Mrs. John J. GeorgeMr. and Mrs. Robert J. GillespieDr. Joseph Golab 77 and

    Dr. Gail GolabMr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Goldrick 00Mr. and Mrs. James J.

    Haberkorn 52Mr. and Mrs. Dennis M. HallerMr. and Mrs. Martin HandMrs. Jeannette HansMr. Ted HansMr. Jack Hartman &

    The Rise GroupAnonymousMr. and Mrs. Robert K.

    Herdman 66Mr. and Mrs. Elzie HigginbottomMs. Mellody Hobson 87 and

    Mr. George LucasMr. and Mrs. Charles H. HodgesMr. Joseph N. Hosteny, III 63Mr. and Mrs. Tim IrvineMr. and Mrs. John J. Jiganti 58Hon. Mel R. Jiganti 50Peter Kain 63Mr. and Mrs. David J.

    Kavanaugh 57Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. KeiserMr. and Mrs. Michael J. Kelly 51Mr. and Mrs. Dennis P. KirbyMr. and Mrs. David Kostelansky Dr. and Mrs. Christopher KrubertMr. and Mrs. Corbett KullMr. and Mrs. Walter S. Kurek 72Mr. and Mrs. Douglas

    J. KurtenbachMr. and Mrs. John C. LaheyMr. and Mrs. Jim LanghenryMr. and Mrs. David M. LaurensonMr. and Mrs. Douglas C. LauxMr. and Mrs. John Lawrence, Jr.Mr. and Mrs. Matthew K. LindlandMrs. Anne Baal Linnen 89

    and Mr. Joseph LinnenMr. and Mrs. James S. LucciMr. and Mrs. Patrick C. LynchHon. and Mrs. Michael

    J. Madigan 60Mr. Patrick Mahoney and

    Ms. Aurora RodriguezMr. George P. Mair 71Mr. and Mrs. Martin E. MartinsonMr. and Mrs. Stan McCarthyMr. John F. McCartney Mr. Michael E. McDonagh 61Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McInerney 85Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. McKay, IIMs. Susan L. McKeever 81

    and Mr. Jeffery LarryMr. and Mrs. John F. McKinney 64Mr. and Mrs. Braden A. Mechley

    Mr. and Mrs. Alejandro Menchaca 81

    Mr. and Mrs. Michael MooneyMr. and Mrs. Noel G. MooreMr. and Mrs. Keith MorganMr. Robert Moriarty and Ms.

    Diane Lawrence-MoriartyMr. and Mrs. Francis P.

    Morrissey, J.D. 86Mr. and Mrs. Joseph MossMr. James E. MurrayMr. and Mrs. Dennis MyersMr. and Mrs. Michael NaimoMr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Nash, Jr. 89Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery NiewMr. and Mrs. Michael G. OGradyMr. and Mrs. Daniel F. ONeillMr. and Mrs. Sean OScannlainMr. and Mrs. Donald

    OShaughnessy, Jr.Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. OShea 77Mr. Frank Parilla and Dr.

    Barbara ParillaMr. Robert Pasin and

    Mrs. Muriel QuinnDr. Garnet Patterson and

    Dr. Jill PattersonDr. Christopher Pelzek and

    Mrs. Isabel PelzekMr. and Mrs. James N. Perry, Jr.Mr. and Mrs. Martin J. PerryAnonymousMr. and Mrs. Charles A. PorrettaMr. and Mrs. Edward A. Radek, Jr.Mr. and Mrs. Jon S. Rand 76Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. Reilly 50Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. RigsbeeMrs. Katherine RoystonMr. and Mrs. Edward

    G. RuscheinskiMr. Roibin J. Ryan 79Mrs. Sarah Gonzales Ryan

    95 and Mr. Patrick RyanMr. and Mrs. James M. Scanlon 67Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. SchaferMr. Thomas R. SchererMr. Charles R. Schwab, Jr.Thomas M. and Julie E. ScottMs. Lisa E. ScullyMr. and Mrs. Luis SierraMr. John Simon 78 and

    Ms. Tanya SolovMr. and Mrs. Raymond

    F. Simon 50Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. SimonR. Matthew 75 and

    Jacqueline SimonKevin 85 and Micaela SimonDaniel Simon 89Maris 85 and John TaylorDavid Simon 83Greg 80 and Barbara SimonMark 77 and Catherine SimonMr. and Mrs. Peter C. Smith

    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. SoudanDr. Stephen Steiner and Ms.

    Teresa PoggenpohlMr. and Mrs. Algis StrikasMr. and Mrs. John J. Terry 55Ms. Cherryl T. ThomasMr. and Mrs. Peter Q.

    Thompson 86Mr. and Mrs. Daniel TiemannMr. John N. Tierney 61Mr. and Mrs. David TucciMr. and Mrs. F. Paul Valenti, Jr. 59Mr. and Ms. Fotios VeikosMr. and Mrs. Robert VorisekMr. and Mrs. John J. WallerMr. and Mrs. John G. WalleriusMr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Walsh 65Dr. Kevin F. Walsh 75Mr. and Mrs. Matthew

    M. Walsh, Jr. 64Mr. and Mrs. Braden N. WaverleyMr. and Mrs. Erwin M. WeilMr. and Mrs. Scott R. Williams

    CORPORATE AND FOUNDATION DONORSAileen S. Andrew FoundationCharles H. & Bertha L.

    Boothroyd FoundationHelen Brach FoundationFred J. Brunner FoundationChicago Community TrustElectronic Systems Protection, Inc.Fidelity InvestmentsG.E. Capital SolutionsGeorge Lucas Family FoundationGoldman, Sachs & Co.J.P. Morgan Chase FoundationKonica Minolta Business

    Solutions U.S.A., Inc.KyoceraFrank J. Lewis FoundationLexmark International, Inc.The Logos Charitable FundMorgan Stanley FoundationMuratec America, Inc.MWA Intelligence, Inc.PNC BankRenaissance Charitable

    Foundation, Inc.Sage FoundationSchwab Fund for Charitable GivingThe Siragusa FoundationToshiba America Business

    Solutions, Inc.Vanguard Charitable

    Endowment ProgramWalsh FoundationWestside MechanicalFarny R. Wurlitzer

    Foundation Fund

  • 30 S a i n t i G n a t i U S M a G a z i n e W i n t e r 2 0 1 5

    F e a t u r e S t o r y

    w w w . i g n a t i u s a l u m n i . o r g w i n t e r 2 0 1 5 S a i n t i G n a t i U S M a G a z i n e 31w w w . i g n a t i u s . o r g30

    a l u M n i n e W SD e V e l o P M e n t n e W S

    Do you know you could be eligible for substantial tax benefits when you make a gift before the end of the year? The gift planning team can answer your questions, and help you with everything from simple bequests to gifts of retirement assets, real estate, appreciated securities, and the complete range of life-income gifts, including charitable remainder trusts and gift annuities. These creative tools can help you leave a legacy that will give the gift of a Saint Ignatius College Prep education for generations to come.

    Saint Ignatius is strengthened by your generosity every gift makes a difference! We look forward to working together with you to support Saint Ignatius College Preps important mission of educating students in the Catholic tradition for lives of faith, love, service and leadership. Please secure Saint Ignatius College Preps future by starting your gift planning today.

    Thank you for supporting our students!

    Most gratefully,Rev. Michael Caruso, SJ

    First Class Postage Required

    Post Office w

    ill not deliver

    without proper


    1. TEAR HERE 2. Fold here and SEAL BEFORE MAILING

    Saint Ignatius College P

    rep1076 W

    . Roosevelt R


    hicago, IL 60608

    We honor and thank all farsighted individuals who are part of the Fr. Arnold Damen, S.J. Society. We are grateful for your commitment to the ideals of Fr. Damen, S.J., as well as the Jesuit mission of serving as men and women for others. Join us by letting us know of your plans. Youll be assured your gift will be used as you intend, youll serve as an inspiration for others to do the same, and above all, youll directly impact the lives of our students.

    John ChandlerVice President

    312.421.5900 [email protected]

    Geoff HammondConstituent Relations and Major Gifts Officer

    [email protected]

    For more information about making a planned gift to Saint Ignatius College Prep, contact:

    Non-Profit OrganizationU.S. Postage

    PAIDLanghorne, PAPermit No. 118

    Founded in 1870 as Chicagos first Jesuit school.

    Your Gift Planning Today Helps Secure Our Future

    Saint Ignatius College Prep1076 W. Roosevelt Rd.Chicago, IL 60608

    Please contact me:

    I would like to learn more about ways to support Saint Ignatius.

    I would like to become a recognized member of the Fr. Arnold Damen, S.J. Society.

    I would like to become an anonymous member of the Fr. Arnold Damen, S.J. Society.

    Name The best time of the day to contact me

    Phone number

    E-mail(See reverse side for return mailing instructions.)

    The information presented in this literature is not intended as legal or tax advice. Copyright 2014.

    To learn more about year end giving, and how students benefit from gifts made to Saint Ignatius College Prep, visit give2SICP.org.

    Do you know you could be eligible for substantial tax benefits when you make a gift before the end of the year? The gift planning team can answer your questions, and help you with everything from simple bequests to gifts of retirement assets, real estate, appreciated securities, and the complete range of life-income gifts, including charitable remainder trusts and gift annuities. These creative tools can help you leave a legacy that will give the gift of a Saint Ignatius College Prep education for generations to come.

    Saint Ignatius is strengthened by your generosity every gift makes a difference! We look forward to working together with you to support Saint Ignatius College Preps important mission of educating students in the Catholic tradition for lives of faith, love, service and leadership. Please secure Saint Ignatius College Preps future by starting your gift planning today.

    Thank you for supporting our students!

    Most gratefully, Rev. Michael Caruso, SJ

    With questions, please contact Geoffrey Hammond at 312-432-8406 or [email protected]

    Alumni Give Back at 2nd Annual Service JUGOn Saturday October 25th, nearly 45 young alums, organized by the Saint Ignatius Young Alumni Service Committee, met for a quick breakfast at the Anthony Fornelli 51 Lounge on May Street before heading down to Epiphany Catholic School for the 2nd Annual Service JUG. At Epiphany everyone spent the morning helping with some much appreciated maintenance work, repainting the cafeteria as well as the second floor hallway and the stairwell. Epiphanys principal, Scott Ernst, and several school families came out to observe and express their gratitude. After wrapping up for the day at Epiphany, the group boarded a bus back to the Lounge and called it a day. A big thank you to the Young Alumni Service Committee and the good folks at Big Shoulders Fund for help in organizing the event, and obviously a big thank you to all the young alums that made the day such a success.

    Visit the online spirit Wear storeThe new online spirit wear store is open for business and proceeds support the Tuition Assistance program. The store includes a wide array of items: shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, jackets, pullovers and much more for all age groups. New items will be added on a regular basis so check back often. Be sure to show your school pride by purchasing your spirit wear today. Visit www.ignatius.org and click the sprit wear store icon on the home page.

    alumni getting gready to work at epiphany catholic school.


  • 32 S a i n t i G n a t i U S M a G a z i n e W i n t e r 2 0 1 5

    F e a t u r e S t o r y

    w w w . i g n a t i u s a l u m n i . o r g w i n t e r 2 0 1 5 S a i n t i G n a t i U S M a G a z i n e 33w w w . i g n a t i u s . o r g32

    A l u m n i n e w s A l u m n i n e w s

    Moore 88 Named Interim President for LINKTorrence Moore 88 has been appointed interim President of LINK Unlimited Scholars. The group provides educational college preparatory opportunities for economically disadvantaged African American high school youth. In so doing, it integrates mentoring relationships, college readiness and leadership development to foster academic success, personal development and interracial understanding and harmony.

    Miles 60 Edits New Anthology of World Religions

    Jack Miles 60 is Distinguished Professor of English and Religious Studies with the University of California at Irvine and Senior Fellow for Religious Affairs with the Pacific Council on International Policy. The Pulitzer Prize winning author recently completed editing the Norton Anthology of World Religions, a new two-volume set about six major faiths over 3,500 years. The Anthology received great reviews in the New York Times.

    73 Lunch Gathering Nine members of the Class of 73 got together for lunch at Greek Islands on Halsted Street. In this photo are Tom Brabec, John DeLaurentis, Sanjoy Bhattacharya, Will Evans, Neil Winston, Mike Gonzalez, Victor Rocus, Lou Nieto, and Phil Britt.

    Connect With Us!Saint Ignatius has an active Facebook fan page, YouTube channel, LinkedIn group and Twitter feed. Visit the school website at www.ignatius.org for links to each of these pages today.

    torrence Moore 88.

    Jack Miles 60

    Chimienti 08 Receives Wings at Vance Air Force BaseMichael J. Chimienti , class of 2008 and a graduate of Marquette University became a pilot in the United States Air Force and received his wings at Vance Air Force Base on July 3, 2014. His proud family and friends watched as Mike received the Flying Training Award, the Commanders Trophy Award and the Distinguished Graduate Award. Congratulations Mike and happy landings.