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Lessons Learned when I started my business, the mistakes we made and how you can avoid them. Women entrepreneurs share their stories of mistakes and successes.


  • VOLUME 1; ISSUE 7 NOVEMBER 6, 2011Its All About YES

  • VOLUME 1; ISSUE 7 NOVEMBER 6, 2011Its All About YES











    From the Editor

    6 Essential Things Every Solopreneur Should KnowJennifer Shelton

    Do your homework and your business will become your favourite teacherMary Joyce

    Which are you: Creator or Maintainer?Daye Salander

    What Not To DoLiz N Nonnemacher

    Clarity and PurposeTamsyn Hawkins

    Lessons Learned (?)Liz LaClair

    Just Do It. Three simple words that are simply powerful.Jihan Cover

    Will You Learn Your Lesson?Lori Latimer

    You Cant Do It ALONETricia Dycka


    Publisher: Tricia DyckaEditor-In-Chief: Lori PaquetteEditor: Liz LaClair Copyright 2011 Its All About Yes

  • VOLUME 1; ISSUE 7 NOVEMBER 6, 2011Its All About YES


    As we approach the winter, you may be wondering is

    NOW a good time to start a business? What do I do? How

    do I start? Where do I go?

    These plus a hundred more questions, statements along

    with some fear(s) are tugging at you all at the same

    time. In this issue you will read 9 stories from 9 different

    business owners. There are examples of what lessons

    were learned, what mistakes we made and how you can

    avoid them or if you already made the same mistakes,

    how you can come back from it quicker and stronger.

    This ezine is written by women for women and I am

    hoping that you realize that we all have a lot of the same

    struggles and obstacles. The moral of the story is We got

    back up and followed our dreams, our hope is that you

    will too. Never give up on YOU!

  • VOLUME 1; ISSUE 7 NOVEMBER 6, 2011Its All About YES

    6 Essential Things Every Solopreneur Should Knowby: Jennifer Shelton

    A few random things Ive learned after two years as an online, solopreneur.

    1. People dont find you just because you have a website and some PayPal buttons.

    This seems obvious, but when you go to all that work to put up your site, define your offerings and structure payments, well, it just SEEMS like youd instantly magnetize clients from far and near. Most everyone, when they are just starting out, uncovers a subconscious belief in if you build it, they will come. But, you actually have to actively work to let people know about your business. And you have to do it constantly. Ever notice how much companies like McDonalds continue to advertise, even though theyve served billions?

    2. People dont pay you just because theyve discovered you exist.

    You have to court your clients. Establish trust. Think of the paid client like getting engaged. Its rare that you get engaged to someone the minute you meet them, right? For someone to pay you, they need to get to know you and/or what you offer. The courting process will vary slightly from person to person. It will take longer with some than others. But, you have to show up for your dates! This means that you keep yourself, your thoughts, your products, in front of your potential clients. You may blog, or vlog, or hang out on forums, just chatting. Dont push yourself on someone either! No one likes being constantly sold to (or a pushy date). Just talk about what you know. Theyll know if its a fit or not.

    3. I hate marketing.

    I blog daily. Engage in conversations on Twitter and facebook. Respond to emails that people have sent me. Hang out in forums, just talking. Im sure this is a form of marketing. I prefer to think of it as relationship building. (I notice a theme starting to develop here!)

    4. Multiple revenue streams are important.

    This one also seems obvious to me. But, all things are clear in hindsight! And, by multiple revenue streams, I dont mean coaching packages that are comprised of 1, 5, or 10 sessions. I mean tele-seminars and eBooks and products and emails subscriptions and well, much of this will depend on what youre selling. Make some offerings passive (an eBook or prerecorded class, for instance); you dont want to work yourself to the point of exhaustion.

    5. I have limitations to what I can do.

    I wrote a post for my website a while back I wish I were a robot. See, I come up will all kinds of things to do and dont take into consideration that various parts of me will get tired, need a break, want to sleep. Others have trouble motivating themselves to do what they need. The key is to understand yourself well.

  • VOLUME 1; ISSUE 7 NOVEMBER 6, 2011Its All About YES

    6. Competition is good.

    I have a real problem with this one. Something deep in my brain thinks that I have to be the only one doing what Im doing, if Im going to make any money. But, to use the fast food example again, have you ever noticed a McDonalds across from a Burger King, next to a Wendys?

    I am a writer, and am currently working on a nonfiction book. I recently purchased Publish Your Nonfiction Book: Strategies for Learning the Industry, Selling Your Book and Building a Successful Career (Writers Digest Books) at my local Borders going out of business sale (yeah, theres all kinds of irony in that). One of the most essential elements of a book proposal is the comp list, where you compare your proposed book to books that have already been published. You want three to six books that are extremely similar to yours, and that have already sold very well. Agents will want proof (best-seller lists and number of copies sold). Once youve established that you have an idea that is a proven money maker, you must then take the next step of showing how your book is different. The common theme for all commercial nonfiction is that your book is similar to others in ways that have proven successful, but it is also uniquely yours by virtue of your valuable perspective.

    Every business owner should take the time to do this as well. How do other businesses like yours do in the market? How are you unique? Use your competition to help you!

    Finally, be prepared to keep learning, and keep evolving, each and every day. You cant learn it all before you start. You learn while doing. So, get started! No one will know how great you are if you keep it all to yourself!

    Jennifer L SheLtonJennifer is the founder and administrator of FemCentral, the Virtual Institute for Women, where she also works as an astrologer, intuitive coach and instructor. She teaches undergraduate, online classes in global cultures for Franklin University and works as an education, outreach and training consultant. Shes a writer. Shes a mom. Shes gloriously busy doing the things she loves. You can find Jennifer at

  • VOLUME 1; ISSUE 7 NOVEMBER 6, 2011Its All About YES

    Do your homework and your business will become your favourite teacherby: Mary Joyce

    When I first started my business, I kind of used the same method I use when I do my housework, start in one room, go to another to fetch something or put something away only to forget why I came into the second room in the first place and on it goes, it works for me for my housework but it is an absolutely useless strategy for running a successful business. Trying to focus on too many things at once leads to overwhelm and not achieving anything, just like a dog chasing its tail.

    Here I was taking the first steps into turning my purpose to profit, running around after two small children, involved in various voluntary roles in my community, studying, while also running a busy mobile massage business. So how do you do it all without losing your mind completely? Its one word and begins with a P.

    Prioritizing became an underlying theme those first few months in business, its getting clear on what you want to achieve. Response-ability coaching came about as a result of my own life experience, growing up in an environment where no-one took responsibility for their lives and became victims of their circumstances, pulled along with the current of poor choices.

    Once I began to step into my power and say Yes to the opportunities I was creating, and knowing that I knew where I wanted the business to be even if I didnt know exactly how I was going to get there. Accepting that just knowing it was ok, the next step led to life being less hectic.

    Once you start to consciously create your business, your vision for what you want to achieve will became clearer and you will truly began standing in your power. My mission is helping women whove had a life of challenge overcome their obstacles, by responding to life and letting their abilities shine through.

    Have a plan of action

    List everything you need to do and eliminate the stuff that taking you away from your goals

    Schedule important tasks to avoid getting sidetracked

    My 3 top tips for success

    Do your homework: I love learning, researching, growing myself while growing my business. If you are about to embark on your journey of creating a business, read up and learn as much about your industry as possible. Seek out the people who are successfully doing what you want to do, read their ezine (youre reading this so youve made a start). There are plenty, who have gone before you, learn from them. Get a mentor, a coach and sign up to online programs to learn what you need to move forward, the more you learn the more you can share with your clients.

  • VOLUME 1; ISSUE 7 NOVEMBER 6, 2011Its All About YES

    Focus on your strengths and what makes you money. If you are spending too much time focusing on getting your website, social media up and running, outsource to a professional like a VA who will save so much time and money in the long run.

    Get clear on who your business serves:

    Why do they need you or your services?

    What do you offer?

    What problems do you solve?

    Listen to your clients needs and create products or services to solve their problems.

    Avoiding overwhelm

    When you first start your business its not unusual to have so many ideas of what you want to do that your attention gets pulled all over the place. One of my clients is currently experiencing this; where her head is so full of ideas causing her lose focus. To overcome this we have created a simple system where she gets everything down on paper, creates a timeline.

    So we take her big vision (creating an event to attract new clients) and break it down into small daily tasks. She has a venue she wants to use, so her first step is phoning them up to find out pricing to work out if its a viable option. Breaking everything down turns what would appear as a big task in to easily achievable steps. When everythings floating around your head, your minds going a hundred miles an hour saying I need to this, this and this and ooh my God how am I ever going to get it all done. One step at a time, we move forward, growing our business, gaining momentum.

    Mary JoyceMary Joyce is a life and relationship coach, naturally gifted intuitive, works with the angelic Realm, and Mum to two beautiful young children. She runs a couple of weekly life coaching workshops for women, works with local government agencies in the UK providing trainings in both life and career coaching. She works with women from every background from Entrepreneurs, small business owners to single mothers to help them live a life of Purpose and prosperity.

  • VOLUME 1; ISSUE 7 NOVEMBER 6, 2011Its All About YES

    Which are you: Creator or Maintainer?by Daye Salander

    Although simplistic, there are basically two types of people. Creators and Maintainers. Both have their strengths and weaknesses. By understanding yourself and the type of person you are permits you to see down the road a bit and where you will excel and where you will struggle.

    Creators do just that, they create. They plan, they brainstorm; they are the creative force behind the company.

    Maintainers take what was created and they maintain. They tweak the system so it works better, they make sure what needs to get done, gets done.

    Personally, I admire the Maintainers. I have no capacity to maintain. I create and then, I get bored and have this insane desire to go create something else and leave what I created to someone else to take care of.

    Long term projects? Yuk! I want it down and dirty and quick so I can go on to something else. I can multi-task on levels that many cannot imagine but that is all part of the Creative personality. What I cannot do and often fail at are the day-to-day tasks that need to be done for the health of the company.

    By knowing what type of personality I am, I consciously look for people who are not like me or we wouldnt get anything done. We would be too busy flitting from one idea to the next instead of nurturing what was already created.

    So, if you are a creator, these are some of the areas that you will struggle with, areas that will frustrate you to no end.



    Answering the phones (because you do not like interruption)

    Actually doing the project yourself (you want to project manage instead of doing the actual work)

    Opening Mail


  • VOLUME 1; ISSUE 7 NOVEMBER 6, 2011Its All About YES

    If you are a maintainer, and let me say that since I am not one, I can only guess, but these are the areas you will most likely struggle with.



    Creating the vision of your company

    Delivering the message of your company (whether that be written materials, creative materials such as logos, taglines or signage)

    Creative problem solving

    So, by understanding what type of personality you are, you can arm yourself with what you need in order to succeed. At first, sometimes it is just strength of will to do the things that you dislike or struggle with but down the road, as your company grows it will permit you to hire the right people, make the right contacts, and get to the point to where you are doing those things that you not only love, but excel at and delegating where you struggle to someone else.

    Daye SaLanDerDaye is a bit like a multi-colored coat for over the years she has followed dreams that have taken her in many directions; from graphic design, journalism, Webpage Coding & Creation to clothing design. In her most recent adventure, Daye has given into her love of antiques and the associated history and has become a antiques dealer.



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    1108 1st St., Snohomish, WA

    I am only one,

    But still I am


    I cannot do


    But still

    I can do


    And because

    I cannot do


    I will not

    refuse to

    do the


    that I can do.

    ~~~~~~~Edward Everett Hale

  • VOLUME 1; ISSUE 7 NOVEMBER 6, 2011Its All About YES

    What Not To Doby: Liz N Nonnemacher

    When I started my business nearly 6 years ago, I didnt know a thing about running a business. In fact, I didnt even think of it as a business. Starting Wickedly Chic was more like a venture. A clueless venture.

    What I did know was that I wanted to find a way to support small businesses ~ at that time, I was strictly focused on small retailers. Now I have moved into supporting all kinds of businesses. Anyway

    The first mistake that I made was spending way too much time doing things that I didnt really need to do. I would spend so much time doing these fruitless tasks (and for every business owner the fruitless tasks are different) but I kept forgetting about the main point which was that if I was going to spend so many hours, time and dedication, I needed to find a way to earn a living and help other businesses from what I was doing. Right? We all want to make money AND serve at the same time.

    So take a look at your tasks and think about whether they are working for you and if not, feel free to ditch what doesnt work.

    The second (sort of) mistake that I made was giving things away for free. Theres nothing wrong with free but I have some pretty strong opinions here.

    In my case, I have a website ( which focuses on the marketing and promotion of small business in a very fun, unique and chic way. I started to realize that spending the hours getting the website to a point where people would enjoy visiting AND get

    valuable information was a HUGE freebie that I was providing to my audience.

    I went to a business model which I created myself which is to have a sponsored website where businesses pay to be featured, pay to advertise and pay for my services. Which Ive been honing daily along the way.

    From my own experience, charging for great services that a client cannot get elsewhere is the way to get ahead and give yourself the steam that you need to keep the engine running.

    What I had started to find was that there are many small vendors that feel as though they may not have much of a marketing budget (or any marketing budget at all) and that I should provide them with my services for free. Well, I will be the first to tell you that taking pity on other people is not a great way to grow a fruitful and successful business. Often I would think to myself, okay, I will help this person out and lend a hand and then find that the more that you do for businesses that want your services for free, the more that they expect. It was like a vicious cycle.

    By charging for all of my services, Ive been able to fill the Wickedly Chic website with quality vendors, providing my readers with the best of the best, doing marketing for vendors that value what I do, value being a part of the Wickedly Chic website and really want new customers. On occasion, I get a nut job but my husband likes to remind me that its very seldom

  • VOLUME 1; ISSUE 7 NOVEMBER 6, 2011Its All About YES

    The third mistake that I made was listening to too many people instead of listening to myself. I really did know what was going to work for me and I was the recipient of a lot of unsolicited advice. Most of it was found on Facebook or Twitter ~ you know those people who tell you that they know everything about running a business? And you can see them in social media (again Facebook & Twitter) telling their followers, this is what you should do this is what you should say and blah blah blah. What works for them probably isnt going to work for you. And you know, there are a lot of these people. In my opinion as long as you find a way to proceed and you treat people with respect, decency and kindness, there are many things that you can figure out on your own.

    Im a blabbermouth in social media. Im always promoting a business or even myself or coming up with crazy jokes or photos or whatever. Im just myself and thats what counts. I dont need to listen to the latest guru who tells you that they are making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Theyre not. Trust me on this.

    Be open but be skeptical. Think for yourself. You have everything that you need to design your own destiny.

    Break Out of The Box& Learn to Build the

    Life You Want!ITSALL


    Written by Women, for Women

    Does every day seem like a struggle as you battle the negatives thrown your way by friends and family? Does it seem like you will never achieve your dream?

    Well, there is some great news! You CAN build the life you want and balance a successful business with a successful personal life.

    The Women of Its All About YES! are not only committed to their own businesses and their own lifes plan, they are committed to sharing what they have learned along the way.

    Join them on Facebook. Get encouragement, ask questions, or just come to rant a bit. Its all about Women Helping Other Women to Succeed!

    Liz nonneMbacherLiz is the Editor of Wickedly Chic,, the hottest destination for shoppers seeking advice and product recommendations from the world of independent businesses. Lizs experience as trend-spotter for her two daughters led her to Wickedly Chic in June of 2006.

    She is passionate about independent business and works hard to keep her readers both entertained and informed and to promote the businesses that are marketed within Wickedly Chic.

  • VOLUME 1; ISSUE 7 NOVEMBER 6, 2011Its All About YES

    Clarity and Purposeby: Tamsyn Hawkins

    This months article is all about lessons learnt when starting our business up. Well thats a huge subject that I am sure we could all write volumes on! When I considered the number one factor in gaining leverage in my business, particularly at the very conception of my first venture, it ultimately came down to this for me. Getting really clear about what I really sell. The second key

    is to ensure that its easy to actually buy from me be that online or in person. When I set up my first business, back in 2005, I spent many months, possibly years spinning my wheels worrying about websites, logos, biz plans, networking this list could go on and on, without having really got clear on specifically what was I selling, how was it packaged and moist crucial of all, why would that matter and add value to my target customers. If I was not clear, how could I expect my customers to be clear, let alone part with their hard earned cash

    to buy my services? Whilst I absolutely, fully endorse the creation of a beautiful and functional website, logo and branding package, its fairly useless if it doesnt give you a strong and clear message about value to your customers, and thats me speaking as a branding consultant!

    Many of the clients I work with share a common theme of being in the helping or service professions. More often that not these lovely people have such positive intentions for their customers that the sales and marketing aspects of business can sometimes get over looked. For many the stumbling block of branding their services and marketing their businesses does not come from not having a clear idea of the value that they add, but instead comes from a reluctance to nail down the investment benefit they must present to their potential customers. In clear speak that translates as:

    What is it that you are really selling?

    In a retail or sales environment its so important to identify the real sales benefit of your product or service. In a consulting or coaching business this is equally, if not more true. If you can identify the core identity of your branding, your brand archetype so to speak, you can demonstrate value to your customer. For example, at a top line level, the value of having a product of service that has a Magician Archetype may be transformation. A brand archetype that is Sage may be highly educational or specialist. A brand that has Lover as its core archetype may be something of high luxury or beauty. Once you understand that concept get specific around what real value that adds to life of your customer. The more specific, the easier it becomes to illustrate the benefit in that value.

  • VOLUME 1; ISSUE 7 NOVEMBER 6, 2011Its All About YES

    Identify = Value = Wealth

    The second point thats crucial to consider is what are you specifically selling. If you had a product on a shelf in retail environment you would need to clearly demonstrate the features and benefits of that product, the value in the pricing structure and the results the end user could expect to gain from buying and using that product. Your services should be no different although coaching consulting services can sometimes be trickier to get clear and specific on. Three key questions I recommend you to ask yourself when thinking about this area are these:

    Specialism Experience Service

    Whats my specialism?What is it that you are an absolute expert and authority on? The one problem that you were born to solve and the one area of specialism that your business is here to serve others with. Get really clear on this and use it to illustrate identity and value to your customers

    Whats my experience?Experience is not necessarily the same as specialism. This is the area where you can talk about the experience you may have had in this area before in terms of results but can also include talking about your customers experience of working with you and your business. A great question to ask yourself when you want to establish credibility and results

    Whats the greatest level of customer service I can add for my customers?This question is for me the most important. All customer contact with you and your business comes down to the area of service. Many companies talk about delivery of a great customer experience but the reality is often different. If you can focus on providing the most positive and personal service experience for your customers, this will set your business apart from so many others.

    So my challenge to you is to take these questions and play around with the answers for your own business. It may result in you seeing a clear picture of what you really sell and how that add real value to your customers. Have fun!

    taMSyn hawkinSTamsyn is an expert in coaching business owners to boost their revenue through branding and marketing. Specializing in creating brand and customer profiles for independent businesses, Tamsyn helps her client organizations identify exactly who they are and teaches them how to authentically represent themselves so they can attract their ideal customers.

    Tamsyn has worked in sales and senior leadership roles for top UK companies including Pizza Hut UK, Mothercare, Top Shop, River Island, Gondola Group and New Look, and launched her own consulting business in 2008. Tamsyn teaches independent entrepreneurs how to craft their company image so they can engage with their customers on a personal level, foster brand loyalty, and create stronger, more profitable relationships with their clientele. You can find her at

  • VOLUME 1; ISSUE 7 NOVEMBER 6, 2011Its All About YES

    Lessons Learned (?)by: Liz LaClair

    Hmm, did I learn any lessons in starting up my business? The what NOT to do kind.

    Boy howdy!

    I figured that since my business is that of a virtual assistant and I have been doing this type of work (it seems) forever, how hard could it be? I already had a computer, printer and the Office software, aside from clients what more did I need?

    Well, our accountant (had one because we REFUSE to mess around with filing taxes nightmare!) told me I needed to figure out what kind of business did I want. HUH? Did I want to set up as a LLC or INC? Then he proceeded to tell me all the legal stuff I needed to hang my shingle to legally be Virtually Helps, LLC. Just coming up with a name for a business isnt all that easy either!

    Then I figured I was ready. I had two clients who kept fairly busy not quite busy enough, but it was a start.

    Now all sorts of advice came at me from everywhere and everyone! So, yes I created a webpage I knew that one from a previous business attempt (that one was a BIG lesson in what not to do) and knew what website hosting company I wanted to use. Then I was told I just HAD to use social networking if I wanted anyone to know about me. Social networkings

  • VOLUME 1; ISSUE 7 NOVEMBER 6, 2011Its All About YES

    Liz LacLairI have TWO best parts of my life. Im thrilled to have found my business calling! I truly enjoy working with my clients the work I do is fun! Check out how I got past my challenges learn how Im taking what was a not so good and making it great. Im a small business entrepreneur who likes working/supporting other small businesses. The other best part of my life? Im married to the love of my life. Hes very supportive of what Im doing. Who could ask for more? You can find me at

    version of word of mouth advertising is the best way to go, after all how else is someone in Michigan going to be noticed by someone in Oregon? I had to back that person up and have them explain that one! Social networking???? Then of course I just had to be on Facebook because everybody is there. Oh, by the way you need to be on Twitter too, and dont forget LinkedIn.

    Then some of these people told me I needed a coach. Huh? Arent they just cheerleaders-for-pay? Thats what family and friends are for. WRONG! Dont ever go down that road.

    My business coach (a wonderful person by the way) told me that my ideas were in the right place, but I dont know about you not a big fan of that but She preceded to help me understand all the things I didnt understand. WOW there were/are a lot. This started another long list of things that I needed to know so I can run my business.

    I can tell you one thing I need to build my business enough to get at least one team member to be in charge of doing the stuff thats waaaay over my head. Thats something I did learn from my business coach: learn what it is that I do that bogs me down in performing my business and work with someone who LOVES doing that kind of thing. It helps you get stuff done, helps them acquire another client, and in doing that each of you can do the word-of-mouth thing about how wonderful that person is. Advertising from your working together. How cool is that?

  • VOLUME 1; ISSUE 7 NOVEMBER 6, 2011Its All About YES

    Just Do It. Three simple words that are simply Jihan Cover

    Nike made this phrase famous, but its not just a marketing gimmick. Its become one of the biggest lessons Ive learned while starting my business as a Life Coach. All you need is to just do it and you will reach a crucial tipping point in which you will go from saying you WILL to proving you DO.

    I have a lot of colleagues who seem to fall into the same trap....someday Ill go live, when Im ready to launch, when I officially start my own business...the trap of saying what WILL happen someday. I found myself in this same place about 3 months into starting my coaching practice.

    I kept waiting for the conditions to be right; for my website to be ready to go live, for the right business plan, the right mission statement, the right logo. I was driving myself insane!

    I remember feeling like I was doing so much work and yet getting nothing accomplished. It was disheartening. There I was, amped to get my service out to the world and change lives! And yet, I wasnt reaching anyone!! What was I waiting for? Wasnt CONNECTION with others what I wanted to do in the first place? Why was I holding myself back?

    Its funny how sometimes getting overwhelmed is exactly what you need to help you focus. I decided that I needed a break from all of the PLANNING and just wanted to start CONNECTING. I started just getting out and meeting people. Connecting online and off, just talking about my business and how I wanted to work with people. What happened next was the most organic experience Ive had in business. I went from PLANNING to DOING, without a plan!

    In my getting out and making connections, I had put myself and my services out without worrying about the web design, the logo, the business plan. I let my WHO speak to the people I was connecting to. My WHO was DOING! The plan that I had been working so hard to put into place was just HAPPENING. It was amazing to watch!

  • VOLUME 1; ISSUE 7 NOVEMBER 6, 2011Its All About YES


    7 Little Things That Make Life Effortless Posted: 10 Oct 2011 01:02 PM PDT

    Post written by Leo Babauta.

    Life can be a huge struggle, most of the time, and for years it was a struggle for me.

    Ive gradually been learning what causes that struggle, and what works in making life easier, better, smoother.

    Life can feel effortless, like youre gliding along, if you learn to swim smoothly, to glide, to stop fighting the waters of life and start using them to buoy you up.

    I stopped thrashing and fighting, and started gliding and enjoying the swim.

    Ive written a new book on this topic, called The Effortless Life, which I should be publishing digitally next week. Some interesting things about this book:

    It was written publicly, on a public Google Doc, while the world watch. That was tremendously fun normally writing is a solitary act, but with technology I was able to make

    Read The Full Post

    It was after my WHO high jacked my business plan that I really embraced the Just Do It concept. Yes, planning is an integral part of beginning a business, but we must be careful to not allow it to become THE business. It wasnt until I allowed myself to just DO and BE ME that things started to open up.

    I am happy to say that I met my first client during that time of no planning. I connected with a web designer that created not only a fantastic logo but also agreed to revamp my website. Ive started to live the Just Do It daily. If there is something Ive decided I need to integrate into my business, I DO it. If there is a connection Id like to make, I MAKE it. This is my life. And I intend to LIVE it fully, ever day, in every way.

    Jihan coverJihan is an Energy Leadership and Life Mastery Professional Certified Life Coach. She works with women (and men!) looking to discover their true who and start living the lives of their dreams. Jihan is also a wellness coach and passionate about helping people achieve health and wellness in all areas of their lives. Shes a mommy and a wife, a writer, radio show host, and lover of life!

    She loves living a life where she can truly help people.

    You can find Jihan at and

  • VOLUME 1; ISSUE 7 NOVEMBER 6, 2011Its All About YES

    Will You Learn Your Lesson?by: Lori Latimer

    So youve taken the big step and youve started your own business. Congratulations! You might be yelling it from the rooftops, or you might be terrified to let anyone know because youre afraid theyll think youre crazy.

    If youve always worked for someone else and never owned your own business, youre most likely to scour the Internet for tips, tricks, advice, and support. And that brings me to the biggest lesson I learned when I started my business.

    1. Trusting the so-called gurus. Its true that there are lot of very good people out there that can help you get your business off the ground. But there are just as many, if not more, people who will sell you a bill of goods they cant deliver on, have the pretty, flashy, fancy websites and sales pages, charge you exorbitant amounts of money and fail to deliver anything substantial or concrete.

    They make a lot of empty promises that they cant fulfill because they arent doing what theyre selling!

    Dont misunderstand what Im saying there are some very good people out there who will give you great products and services and truly give you great help. What I am saying is that you need to do some research.

    My biggest lesson from this: Follow your intuition, not all the so-called gurus. Be very selective. Time is a resource a new entrepreneur needs to use wisely, so be careful who and what you spend your time and money on.

    2. Im a Perfectionista, baby. Many of us (myself included!) think that we have to appear perfect to the outside world. But really, who amongst us is perfect? And would we want to be with anyone that really is perfect? Youll wait the rest of your natural life and then some before you attain perfection. Do you really want to put your business, your life, your dreams on hold waiting to attain the unattainable?

    Ive heard from several people over the past few years that done is better than perfect. I would also add that good is good enough. Working in the legal field for 10+ years, I learned that theres very little that cant be corrected if you make a mistake. And often, no one else

  • VOLUME 1; ISSUE 7 NOVEMBER 6, 2011Its All About YES

    even notices what you may think is a huge mistake! Its much better to just get going and refine along the way.

    3. I dont know enough. Another variation of this is I need another degree/certificate. Its true that in some professions you do have to have degrees and certifications dont try to start a law practice if you dont have a law degree and have passed the bar exam! But quite often you already have the experience and training you need. This is often just a form of procrastination and self-doubt. If you truly do need some type of training for something, by all means do it. But if youre just thinking that you need a certificate to call yourself something, chances are high that no one is ever going to ask to see it.

    4. Not backing up your computer. Yes, I learned this one the hard way. Fortunately it was before I even started my business so I never lost any of my business materials. Get an external hard drive or use an online back up service. And be sure to back up your work as youre working. Get into the habit of saving what youre working on every 10-15 minutes. Ive known people whove created entire sales pages and articles and had their computer crash and they hadnt saved the file. Enough said.

    5. Letting the negative opinions of others cause you to doubt yourself and what youre doing. Other people want you to stay where you are because it keeps them in their comfort zones! Sometimes theyre secretly jealous that youre doing something they want to do but dont have the courage to do. Theres an old story about a bunch of crabs in a bucket. One of the crabs starts trying to climb out, and as it gets near the top of the bucket, the other crabs pull it back down into the bucket with the rest of them. Be sure you have a strong support system of people you can depend on to help pull you out of the bucket when the other crabs are trying to pull you back down.

    Starting your own business is definitely not for the feint of heart. It takes courage. There will always be new lessons to learn along the way and new challenges to face. But what would our world look like today if some of the greatest leaders in history hadnt learned from the lessons and challenges they faced and kept going? What will the world be missing if YOU dont persevere through your challenges and lessons?

    Lori LatiMerLori helps women work through the issues they face as newly-single women. After working as a paralegal in family law for over 20 years and going through her own divorce, she discovered a way to heal the pain of past relationships and build a new life full of joy and passion. She now helps newly-single women and those going through divorce fall in love with themselves and their lives. You can find me at

  • VOLUME 1; ISSUE 7 NOVEMBER 6, 2011Its All About YES

    You Cant Do It ALONEby: Tricia Dycka

    When I started my own business, I did not have a clue. NADA!!! The excitement that I had thrumming through my veins was being tested by being told to Get a Real Job or Stop Playing at Business Who do YOU think You Are? or even worse zero acknowledgement. I kept wondering at this point what a real job is anyway. There is no loyalty or security now a day at a real job.

    To make matters worse I was putting on a face to the rest of the world that everything is great.

    Burning the candle at both ends as I was trying to figure out what in Gods name was I doing and trying to defend my business to others. During all of this I was too embarrassed to ask for help. I mistakenly believed I could do it All myself. HA.

    Have you had an acquaintance ask How is Business going and you say everything is great meanwhile clients are lacking and you are stressing over where you are going? What you are doing and why? Do you feel like crap because your family members do not even acknowledge you have a business? They think it is just a hobby. With supporters like these you dont need to worry about having enemies.

    This is what I was encountering, plus more. Websites, list building, social media, marketing my message, along with limited funds soon all started to grate on my nerves. I have learned a lot since all this took place.

    What happens when the mind chatter starts and has you doubting yourself? This has happened too many times to count, where all day I would chase my tail and question if I was going in the right direction. Was I taking the right steps in getting my business to move forward? A great way to stop this useless mind chatter is to focus on the project you started. Even if you realize that you are not going in the right direction, you may just need a minor course adjustment. When I started my own business I was a financial representative. I hated it but I tried it and learned it wasnt for me. Next...

    The following is something I wish I had known when I started my business. You cant do it all alone. Reach out ask for help.

  • VOLUME 1; ISSUE 7 NOVEMBER 6, 2011Its All About YES

    First and foremost make sure you have supporters who will empower, inspire and motivate you as well as challenge you. The best thing I had done back then was get involved in a group program; the people I met were invaluable to me. Helping me back up when I stumbled and a place to ask questions when I needed information on How To.

    Find a coach to help you navigate the waters of your new business. Make sure you start to build a community for yourself as you start to grow and feel the resistance of those around you. Have people behind you cheering you on.

    Listen to others when they are speaking to you. Nothing brings us back to the moment and engages us in life like listening.

    Push past your boundaries. Get uncomfortable and be OK with it. What makes you uncomfortable? Meeting new people? Then challenge yourself to meet someone new every week. A great place to do that is on Twitter or Face book. Do not judge yourself because you are afraid or feel you should have everything under control.

    Take baby steps to change the situation. Be powerful and enjoy yourself, while ignoring the mind chatter and the comments from others. Be determined, passionate and driven towards your dreams keeping open communication with those closest to you.

    tricia DyckaTricia is an Entrepreneur, life enthusiast, author, intuitive, funny, very candid, great listener. Take the path less traveled. Living in the moment. Enjoys massive amounts of chocolate and coffee. Supportive friend who is there for you when everyone else has abandoned you and thinks you have lost your mind. Encourages entrepreneurs to embrace themselves so they can create an environment that supports their dreams. You can find me at