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Mapping Pedestrian Facilities in the Greater Philadelphia Region AMPO 2019 Tools & Training Symposium Kim Korejko, Manager of Data Coordination May 8, 2019

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  • Mapping Pedestrian Facilities in the Greater Philadelphia Region

    AMPO 2019 Tools & Training SymposiumKim Korejko, Manager of Data Coordination

    May 8, 2019

  • ● Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for the bi-state Philadelphia region

    ● Geography: 2 States, 9 Counties (including Philadelphia)

    ● Home rule region: 351 municipalities;land use power resides with local governments

    Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission(DVRPC)

  • Five Core Principles

    ● Sustain the Environment● Develop Livable Communities● Expand the Economy● Advance Equity and Foster Diversity● Create an Integrated, Multimodal Transportation Network

    Connections 2045 Long-Range Plan for Greater Philadelphia

  • Equity Through Access (ETA)

  • ● Recent work in ETA to quantify accessibility to transit● Identified as a data gap at an internal Data Round Table meeting● Build on recent “get moving” and walkability efforts from our member

    counties● DVRPC’s desire to improve pedestrian planning activities while involving

    the public ● PennDOT Connects - “find creative solutions to sustain and expand

    mobility throughout the Commonwealth”

    Sidewalk Inventory Project is Born

  • What would you use a sidewalk inventory for?

    ● Mapping purposes● Network routing● Calculation purposes

    Survey Says...

  • What kind of attributes would you like to have?

    ● Condition● Width● Curb ramp presence

    Survey Says...

  • What additional pedestrian facility data would you like to have?

    ● Crosswalk presence● Pedestrian signalization type● Crosswalk characteristics

    Survey Says...

  • Two Components

    ● Regional GIS Dataset● Web Interface

    Sidewalk Inventory Project

  • Project Timeline

    PA NJ

    procurement & development implementation


  • Existing Sidewalk Inventories...

  • Chester County, PA

    Spring City Borough, Chester County, PA

  • Chester County, PA

    Royersford Borough, Montgomery County, PA

  • DVRPC’s Pedestrian Facilities Inventory● Select a consultant to create seamless, standardized GIS dataset of

    sidewalks in the DVRPC region● Build from existing networks● Create new features where datasets don’t exist● Includes the following pedestrian facilities

    ○ Crosswalks○ Curb ramps

  • Example of the Pedestrian Facilities Inventory

  • What’s Next?● Continue to improve the inventory

    ● Share the product with our planning partners through an online platform

  • Greater Philadelphia Pedestrian Portal● Allows collaboration between local, regional, and state planning partners

    working on pedestrian improvements

    ● Provides access to and accommodate maintenance and enhancement of the pedestrian facilities inventory by local entities

    ● Allows local and regional planning partners to share their pedestrian facility priorities


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  • Our Partners

    Sidewalk InventoryCentury Engineeringwith Sabra Wang and KMJ

    Pedestrian PortalTierra Planwith MIG

  • Questions?

    Kim Korejko

    email | [email protected]

    phone | 215-238-2936