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Business Plan of Wedding Planner


  • Millann The Cultural Wedding PlannersBusiness Plan

    OwnersMiss Salmana SadafMiss Nida Khalid WaraichMiss Sidra Tul AinMiss Labeeda FaridMiss Adeela YousafMiss Zirwa Taskeen Zahra

  • Millann The Cultural Wedding PlannersAddress - Shop No # 25 Basement ChenOne Tower, SargodhaCity - SargodhaZIP Code - 40100Telephone 043-1234567Mobile 0333-1234567E-mail [email protected] us www.millann.weebly.comFacebook -

  • No. Title Page No.1 Executive Summary

    2 Companys Description3 Our Services4 Marketing Plan5 Operational Plan6 Management and Organization7 Personal financial statement8 Startup expenses and

    Capitalization9 Financial Plan

  • Executive summary

    We are six partners Miss Salmana Sadaf, Miss Nida Khalid Waraich, Miss Sidra Tul Ain , MissLabeeda Farid, Miss Adeela Yousaf, Miss Zirwa Taskeen Zahra. We provide the services ofcultural wedding planners. Our company name is Millann The cultural wedding planners. Wethought of this idea as previously there are no wedding planners in the city and there is a needof wedding planners in the market. Our customers will be young adults and old adults havingfamily income 60,000+ belong to upper middle or elite class of Punjabi, sindhi, balochi orpakhtun culture living in Sargodha and have broad minded behavior. We made these segmentsbecause it is a new concept for the area so only broad minded people having enough income tospend on a new thing which they do not know and on their side it is a risk of investing.In the company, in future will get growth because the concept of wedding planners is initiatedby us but when others will see attraction in the industry they will surely start this business.Millann The cultural wedding planners is a full service company that provides completeconsulting services for weddings. Millann The cultural wedding is unique in that we give ourclients our undivided attention. We listen to their needs and work with them to create theevent of their dreams. Our clients' wishes become our commands. Our goal is to give each &every event a different Meaning, Identity and a Vision with true professionalism to chart theroads of informative & entertaining events.Our services include weddings, receptions, budget planning, answers to etiquette questions, aswell as full-service referrals to florists, hair stylists, entertainers, musicians, etc.

    In future we would like to expand our business city by city.

  • Companys DescriptionWe provide services of CULTURAL WEDDING PLANNERSWeddings are meant to be breathtakingly beautiful, classy and elegant, suffused withsolemnity; a reflection of ones rich cultural traditions. A Wedding ought to be truly special, theone and only one of its kind.You only get married once and it should be a day when you and your special one canconcentrate on the love your share for each other.

    On perhaps one of the biggest days of your life, why leave anything to chance? Our team ofCultural Weddings Planners and weddings coordinators will take care of all the details, such asthe wedding music, photographer / videographer, food and drinks, locations for weddingsceremonies, wedding dresses, wedding gifts, decoration etc.

    Wedding Planning is something that should be left to professionals who have the experience ofcoordinating all the event-related activities.Our Scope of services

    Ideas on venue, theme decoration, deal with suppliers and caterers according to theirbudgets.

    We deal with Vendors Caterers Transporter Florist Decorator

    Note: Our clients can use suppliers suggested by us or they can refer their own. Design and print the invitation card Plan the guest list. Plan the guest activities

    Number of guest Guest tragectary through wedding ceremony Entertainment activities

    Setting the venue on the day.

  • Take responsibility of decoration and coordinate with suppliers and make the perfectwedding happen.

    Organizing hair making and wedding costume. Get Bride getting groom and their relatives for the big event. Taking care of uncertain factors. Keep a sharp eye for any problem that might occur.

    MissionWe will help to make your wedding ceremony perfect and memorable for all who come andprovide quality and standard services

    VisionBe the most helpful wedding planning resource in Sargodha. Create services for the marketplace that add value for both couples and wedding professionals.

    ObjectivesWhether this is our client's first wedding, a renewal of their vows or their anniversary, we wantevery detail of their event to be both a pleasurable and a memorable experience. Therefore weoffer a host of packages and services specifically tailored to the needs of each couple. We areconfident that this business venture will be a success and we estimate that our net income willincrease modestly by the second year.

    Business PhilosphyPlanning a wedding or event can be fun, but stressful at the same time. We help alleviate thestress involved with event planning and bring our clients perfect event into a reality. Our maingoal is to make our clients day as special as they have envisioned. We strive to make the eventplanning experience enjoyable. We handle the little details so our clients can enjoy the eventas much as their honored guests. We work to make sure no detail is overlooked. We leave theplanning decisions up to our clients. This is their event, not ours. We are here to reduce theanxieties of planning an event, not add to them. We will remain open to our clients dreams andideas, ultimately creating an event that fits their vision of the perfect event.

    Our clients introductionYoung adults and old adults having family income 60,000+ belong to upper middle or elite classof Punjabi, Sindhi, Balochi or Pakhtun culture living in Sargodha and have broad mindedbehavior.

  • We expect that our company will grow faster as previously there is no wedding planner in thecity and marriage industry is an industry which will run even in economic instability becausewhatever the situation people will marry.Short term and long term GoalsShort term goal is to increase our advertising budget each month for the next 3 months andlong term business goal is that the short term goal help to achieve double business revenue bythe end of the fiscal year & also to receive 95% positive feedback regarding the service.

    Due to advertising more customers are attracted towards business and they will choose usinstead of doing marriages by themselves. Thus we will get more clients and also our revenueincrease.

    StrengthsWe are the first wedding planners in the city and our all indirect competitors are providing onlyone or two services but we will give all services. We have chosen that location which willattract more potential customer. We have targeted all types of customer through ouradvertisements. We have a team fully dedicated to work. We have chosen the best suppliers inthe city so you get quality arrangements in your budget without any headaches.

    Legal form of business.We are doing partnership and we are six partners in the business. The type ofbusiness we are doing prefers partnership/

    ServicesWe have taken photos of the location for our office. We have printed some banners, brochuresfor advertisement. We have also printed our visiting cards, a writing pad. We have also made acatalog of wedding invitation cards and a catalog of photos of marriages.Our copies of contractsand market research is attached in the file. Our office equipment will include 10 chairs, 5 tables,1 sofa set, ballpoints, diaries, files, wall clock, wedding calendar, 3 landline phones, 5 laptops, 1printer, 1 scanner, kitchen accessories 12 cups, 12 plates, 12 glasses and 12 spoons

    Competitive AdvantageWe are introducing our idea of launching wedding planner service in the market on the suretythat is potential customers who want to make their weddings marvelous. Millann is thewedding planner service that is the need of status & role oriented people because it does notmake only your wedding super but also gives you memorable moments. On the basis on

  • research and intelligence there are no wedding planner service available like Millann in themarket at present in the city. This can give you a path. In all events of marriage we would bewith you at every step and to make your wedding special like your dreams. The majordifference that supports our company is that:

    Our wedding planner service would be the only option for consumers who want to maketheir wedding as special as they want.

    Millann offers helpful and informative resources for all brides and grooms. We hope youfind everything you need here to plan your dream wedding

    PricingWe will charge price per event. Our per event fee will be Rs 25000/-

    Marketing PlanMarket ResearchTotal: 70Male: 29Female: 4189% Punjabi

    1) 94% people said that their culture attract them and 6% said their culture dont attractthem.

    2) 19% people said that they never attend any culture based wedding ceremony while 81%said they attend.

    3) 91% people want to organize their wedding based on their culture and 9% dont like.4) 90% people say that 20-30 years age is ideal to get married while 10% disagreed.5) 40% people said that they can manage huge gathering by themselves and 60% cant.6) 60% said they want to lessen headaches and 40% dont want.7) 77% people want to get married in winter season and 23% want in summer season.8) 77% peoples prefer halls and 23% like open air environment.9) 76% prefer designer wear and 24% dont.10) 71% people likes formal wedding and 29 % dont like.11) 74% people say that culture should represent with new ideas and 28% says it shouldnt.12) 49% likes mix gathering and 51% like separate.13) 11% dont like