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Business Plan of Wedding Planner


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Millann – The Cultural Wedding Planners

Business Plan


Miss Salmana Sadaf

Miss Nida Khalid Waraich

Miss Sidra Tul Ain

Miss Labeeda Farid

Miss Adeela Yousaf

Miss Zirwa Taskeen Zahra

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Millann – The Cultural Wedding PlannersAddress - Shop No # 25 Basement ChenOne Tower, SargodhaCity - SargodhaZIP Code - 40100Telephone – 043-1234567Mobile – 0333-1234567E-mail – [email protected]

Visit us –

Facebook -

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No. Title Page No.1 Executive Summary

2 Company’s Description

3 Our Services

4 Marketing Plan

5 Operational Plan

6 Management and Organization

7 Personal financial statement

8 Startup expenses andCapitalization

9 Financial Plan

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Executive summary

We are six partners Miss Salmana Sadaf, Miss Nida Khalid Waraich, Miss Sidra Tul Ain , MissLabeeda Farid, Miss Adeela Yousaf, Miss Zirwa Taskeen Zahra. We provide the services ofcultural wedding planners. Our company name is Millann – The cultural wedding planners. Wethought of this idea as previously there are no wedding planners in the city and there is a needof wedding planners in the market. Our customers will be young adults and old adults havingfamily income 60,000+ belong to upper middle or elite class of Punjabi, sindhi, balochi orpakhtun culture living in Sargodha and have broad minded behavior. We made these segmentsbecause it is a new concept for the area so only broad minded people having enough income tospend on a new thing which they do not know and on their side it is a risk of investing.

In the company, in future will get growth because the concept of wedding planners is initiatedby us but when others will see attraction in the industry they will surely start this business.

Millann – The cultural wedding planners is a full service company that provides completeconsulting services for weddings. Millann – The cultural wedding is unique in that we give ourclients our undivided attention. We listen to their needs and work with them to create theevent of their dreams. Our clients' wishes become our commands. Our goal is to give each &every event a different Meaning, Identity and a Vision with true professionalism to chart theroads of informative & entertaining events.Our services include weddings, receptions, budget planning, answers to etiquette questions, as

well as full-service referrals to florists, hair stylists, entertainers, musicians, etc.

In future we would like to expand our business city by city.

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Company’s Description

We provide services of CULTURAL WEDDING PLANNERS

Weddings are meant to be breathtakingly beautiful, classy and elegant, suffused withsolemnity; a reflection of one’s rich cultural traditions. A Wedding ought to be truly special, theone and only one of its kind.

You only get married once and it should be a day when you and your special one canconcentrate on the love your share for each other.

On perhaps one of the biggest days of your life, why leave anything to chance? Our team ofCultural Weddings Planners and weddings coordinators will take care of all the details, such asthe wedding music, photographer / videographer, food and drinks, locations for weddingsceremonies, wedding dresses, wedding gifts, decoration etc.

Wedding Planning is something that should be left to professionals who have the experience ofcoordinating all the event-related activities.

Our Scope of services

Ideas on venue, theme decoration, deal with suppliers and caterers according to theirbudgets.

We deal with Vendors Caterers Transporter Florist Decorator

Note: Our clients can use suppliers suggested by us or they can refer their own.

Design and print the invitation card Plan the guest list. Plan the guest activities

Number of guest Guest tragectary through wedding ceremony Entertainment activities

Setting the venue on the day.

Page 7: Millann - The Cultural Wedding Planners

Take responsibility of decoration and coordinate with suppliers and make the perfectwedding happen.

Organizing hair making and wedding costume. Get Bride getting groom and their relatives for the big event. Taking care of uncertain factors. Keep a sharp eye for any problem that might occur.

MissionWe will help to make your wedding ceremony perfect and memorable for all who come andprovide quality and standard services

VisionBe the most helpful wedding planning resource in Sargodha. Create services for the marketplace that add value for both couples and wedding professionals.

ObjectivesWhether this is our client's first wedding, a renewal of their vows or their anniversary, we wantevery detail of their event to be both a pleasurable and a memorable experience. Therefore weoffer a host of packages and services specifically tailored to the needs of each couple. We areconfident that this business venture will be a success and we estimate that our net income willincrease modestly by the second year.

Business Philosphy

Planning a wedding or event can be fun, but stressful at the same time. We help alleviate thestress involved with event planning and bring our clients perfect event into a reality. Our maingoal is to make our clients day as special as they have envisioned. We strive to make the eventplanning experience enjoyable. We handle the little details so our clients can enjoy the eventas much as their honored guests. We work to make sure no detail is overlooked. We leave theplanning decisions up to our clients. This is their event, not ours. We are here to reduce theanxieties of planning an event, not add to them. We will remain open to our clients dreams andideas, ultimately creating an event that fits their vision of the perfect event.

Our client’s introductionYoung adults and old adults having family income 60,000+ belong to upper middle or elite classof Punjabi, Sindhi, Balochi or Pakhtun culture living in Sargodha and have broad mindedbehavior.

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We expect that our company will grow faster as previously there is no wedding planner in thecity and marriage industry is an industry which will run even in economic instability becausewhatever the situation people will marry.

Short term and long term GoalsShort term goal is to increase our advertising budget each month for the next 3 months andlong term business goal is that the short term goal help to achieve double business revenue bythe end of the fiscal year & also to receive 95% positive feedback regarding the service.

Due to advertising more customers are attracted towards business and they will choose usinstead of doing marriages by themselves. Thus we will get more clients and also our revenueincrease.


We are the first wedding planners in the city and our all indirect competitors are providing onlyone or two services but we will give all services. We have chosen that location which willattract more potential customer. We have targeted all types of customer through ouradvertisements. We have a team fully dedicated to work. We have chosen the best suppliers inthe city so you get quality arrangements in your budget without any headaches.

Legal form of business.

We are doing partnership and we are six partners in the business. The type ofbusiness we are doing prefers partnership/


We have taken photos of the location for our office. We have printed some banners, brochuresfor advertisement. We have also printed our visiting cards, a writing pad. We have also made acatalog of wedding invitation cards and a catalog of photos of marriages.Our copies of contractsand market research is attached in the file. Our office equipment will include 10 chairs, 5 tables,1 sofa set, ballpoints, diaries, files, wall clock, wedding calendar, 3 landline phones, 5 laptops, 1printer, 1 scanner, kitchen accessories 12 cups, 12 plates, 12 glasses and 12 spoons

Competitive Advantage

We are introducing our idea of launching wedding planner service in the market on the suretythat is potential customers who want to make their weddings marvelous. Millann is thewedding planner service that is the need of status & role oriented people because it does notmake only your wedding super but also gives you memorable moments. On the basis on

Page 9: Millann - The Cultural Wedding Planners

research and intelligence there are no wedding planner service available like Millann in themarket at present in the city. This can give you a path. In all events of marriage we would bewith you at every step and to make your wedding special like your dreams. The majordifference that supports our company is that:

Our wedding planner service would be the only option for consumers who want to maketheir wedding as special as they want.

Millann offers helpful and informative resources for all brides and grooms. We hope youfind everything you need here to plan your dream wedding


We will charge price per event. Our per event fee will be Rs 25000/-

Marketing Plan

Market Research

Total: 70

Male: 29

Female: 41

89% Punjabi

1) 94% people said that their culture attract them and 6% said their culture don’t attractthem.

2) 19% people said that they never attend any culture based wedding ceremony while 81%said they attend.

3) 91% people want to organize their wedding based on their culture and 9% don’t like.4) 90% people say that 20-30 years age is ideal to get married while 10% disagreed.5) 40% people said that they can manage huge gathering by themselves and 60% can’t.6) 60% said they want to lessen headaches and 40% don’t want.7) 77% people want to get married in winter season and 23% want in summer season.8) 77% peoples prefer halls and 23% like open air environment.9) 76% prefer designer wear and 24% don’t.10) 71% people likes formal wedding and 29 % don’t like.11) 74% people say that culture should represent with new ideas and 28% says it shouldn’t.12) 49% likes mix gathering and 51% like separate.13) 11% don’t like photography/movie and 89% like.

Page 10: Millann - The Cultural Wedding Planners

14) 93% want secure environment and 7% don’t.15) 19% people don’t want to include religious and family traditions in weddings while 81%

want to include.16) 51% people don’t like multiple location photography while 49% like.17) 14% haven’t good attitude toward wedding planners while 86% have good attitude.


Our market survey shows are market size is 105000.

Percentage share of market of market 11%

Current Demand in target market:

Mostly people in Sargodha are willing to consult wedding planner as families are huge and theyfeel it difficult to manage huge gathering by themselves. Also when people arrange marriagesby themselves they can’t enjoy each and every moment of the wedding.

Trends in market:

Wedding industry is growing industry as population is increasing and all people get married,also now people are very status conscious they want all things to be perfect including marriageso they like to hire a team of professionals to arrange their marriage.


Little competition, spread offices in different parts of city, wedding season coming up, we canalso go in event planning.


High marketing cost People are not aware about this it will take for consumer acceptance and

brand recognition Lack of well trained staff. Training costs are high High transportation cost.

Change in technology: Now adays mostly people search on internet for planning theirmarriages for inspiration, also they are looking for vendors and wedding planners on facebookpages and websites. Even one can design their own wedding cards and costumes online. Theycan invite friends by just sending an email.. We will provide all these services

Page 11: Millann - The Cultural Wedding Planners

Change in government regulations: As government legislations change rapidly in Paksitan likeone dish in wedding, no late night events and no display of dowry etc, we will change ourbusiness according to rulesChange in the economy: It effects our business as when labor costs is high we have to paymore to suppliers, when taxes rise it will affect our business.Change in your industry: When more competitors come then there will be more competition asnew trends in wedding also effects our industry

Target Customers

Young adults and old adults having family income 60,000+ belong to upper middle or elite classof punjabi, sindhi, balochi or pakhtun culture living in Sargodha and have broad mindedbehavior.


Our indirect competitors are

Lightening servicesVIP lighting and decoration, Khan lighting and decoration

CaterersBawajee Caterers, Modern Caterers

CooksAbdul Ghafoor, Abdul Razaq

FloristsNasir Habib Nursery, Shabbir Nursery, Mujahid nursery

Marriage HallsAl-rehman banquet, Golden Palm, Royal Garden, Pearl

Beauty ParloursAlmays, Zahra, Femina

Wedding boutiques (female)Rangoli, Reet, Laaj collection

Wedding boutiques (male)Al-Haadi Collection, Junaid Jamshed

Jewellery ShopsAl Falah, Gul jewellery, Kapoor Thalla.

PhotographersTariq’s Studio, Hanif Studio, Rabnawaz studio.

Foot wearStylo Shoes, Metro Shoes

Rent a car

Page 12: Millann - The Cultural Wedding Planners

Subhan Rent a car, Raja rent a car, Car Club

Competitive Analysis table

FACTOR Me Strength





Importance to


Price Low price tocapture more


yes no High Prices MediumPrice


Quality Best suppliersto ensure high


yes no GoodQuality



Service Skilled staff yes no Goodservices

No servicesprovided


Reliability Legallyregistered soyou can trust

yes no Good reputein market

Not veryfamous


Expertise Lack ofexperience

no yes 3 years ofexperience

4 years ofexperience



Newly formedcompany

no yes A goodimage inminds ifclients

Have agood image


Location Commercialarea

yes no Outside city Location isnear to




On social,print andelectronicmedia to

attract moreaudience

yes no Noadvertisement on regular


Only printmedia


Image 1st image willattract

customers tous

yes no Good image Not sofamous


Page 13: Millann - The Cultural Wedding Planners

Competitve advantage

Our price is low it will help us to attract more customers. Best suppliers to ensure quality.Skilled staff. Legal existence so clients can trust on it. Location for the office is a commercialarea where targeted customers visit oftenly. Advertisement is done on social, print andelectronic media. Advertisement will help us to attract more customer as it creates firstimpression in minds of customers.

Competitive Disadvantage

Lack of experience and expert knowledge also a newly formed company people don’t haveknowledge about it.

Niche Marketing

Young adults and old adults having family income 60,000+ belong to upper middle or elite classof Punjabi,sindhi,balochi or pakhtun culture living in Sargodha and have broad mindedbehavior.

Promotional Strategies

Developing a strategy for our wedding planning business is critical to the growth of our clientbase. If we’re just starting out as an independent planner, we need to start our marketing planimmediately. Begin expanding our client base with a strategy that utilizes both online andoffline wedding marketing ideas.

1. Create a Website

A professional website for our wedding planning business can play a crucial role in our effortsto attract new clients. To impress our future clients, we will hire an experienced web designerto create a stunning and memorable website. Our website would highlight importantinformation about our business, including our location and phone number.

2. Add a Blog

A weblog provides a functional and easy way to keep our visitors and clients updated about ourbusiness. In addition to using a blog to spread important news, we can also use it to shareinteresting information about the wedding industry. Through a built-in commenting system, wecan even encourage our visitors to interact directly with us on our website. Our helpfulresponses might encourage a few brides to hire us.

Page 14: Millann - The Cultural Wedding Planners

3. Participate in Social Media

Social media networks give us a free way to advertise our business and interact withprospective customers. We will start cultivating our presence on these networks by creating abrand with a memorable name and logo. We will then link our social media profiles on ourwebsite so that potential customers can easily find us. We will keep monitoring our socialmedia profiles so that we can respond to an inquiry from a new contact immediately.

4. Attend Wedding Expos

We use wedding expos to network with a diverse crowd of brides. If our city is hosting anupcoming bridal expo, we will make sure to reserve a booth. During the expo, we’ll likely meetplenty of overwhelmed brides in need of our services. We keep a stack of business cards at ourbooth to hand out to each passing guest.

5. Partner with Vendors

Throwing a successful wedding relies on the work of many different vendors, fromphotographers to caterers. We devote time to forming relationships with some of the weddingvendors in our local area. If we and our partners agree to recommend each other to newcustomers, we can expect to find even more clients for our services.

6. Encourage Online Reviews

A collection of glowing reviews for our business may encourage a bride to hire us. We will askour previous clients to leave reviews for our business on the Internet. Potential clients will likelyuse these reviews to guide their decision on a wedding planner. We will then monitor theseonline reviews so that we can gauge the success of our business. We might even find a fewsuggestions to help us improve our business.

7. Learn about Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization can help brides pick out our website from the stack of competitors.To optimize our site, we are confident to include relevant and important keywords on eachpage of our website. These keywords should include the location of our business and thespecific services we provide.

8. Offer an Online Portfolio

Even if we don’t want to create a full website, we will invest in an online portfolio that displaysour work. Our pictures would include recent wedding events that we coordinated, complete

Page 15: Millann - The Cultural Wedding Planners

with pictures of the wedding party and the decorations. We will invest in a good digital cameraso that we can take these pictures our self.

9. Use Print and Online Advertising

Brochures, mailings, magazine ads and business cards are a great way to let more people knowabout our business. We will also try online advertising to target brides in our area. We willfurther look for popular wedding blogs that focus on our region. We will rent a small space onthese sites for our advertisements.

10. Ask for Referrals

Our past and current customers can be a source of future work for our business. As we workwith a bride, we will not hesitate to ask her if she knows a friend or relative who is in need ofour services. We will develop good relationships with other wedding vendors; we can also askthem for referrals.

Promotional Budget

Whatever our promotional budget would be we will manage it as

15.6% Mobile Marketing 14.0% Local Search/Linking 13.4% Social Media 12.3% Retargeting/Remarketing Advertising 12.0% Online Video

Price Strategies

We will go for penetration strategy

We are providing three packages:

PLATINUM: Arrange whole marriage ceremony.

GOLD: Arrange any two events of client’s want.

SILVER: Arrange one event of client’s choice.

FEE PER EVENT: Rs. 25000/-

Page 16: Millann - The Cultural Wedding Planners

Our competitors are giving only one or two services but we are giving all services with discountprices. So prices will be low then others. We are giving online booking facilities and also 24/7availability.

Proposed Location

While choosing the location certain things we kept in mind that it should be easily available, abusy location like commercial areas and our targeted customers oftenly visit there. It should benear to our suppliers. A neat, clean and healthy environment having basic facilities which wewant for our office. It is convenient for our customer it has facilities like parking and cafeterias.

Sale Forecasting

MILLANN – The cultural wedding planner

Items 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017No of clients 12 17 25 33 40Price perevent

25000 25000 25000 30000 40000

Revenue 300000 425000 625000 990000 1600000

Operational Plan

Daily operations of business

Our daily operations include meeting with clients, taking orders, dealing with suppliers, visitingthe venues, managing our budget.


We have chosen ChenOne Tower for our office it provides all facilities which we need in anoffice and all qualities which help us to attract potential customers.


Our office equipment will include 10 chairs, 5 tables, 1 sofa set, ballpoints, diaries, files, wallclock, wedding calendar, 5 laptops, 1 printer, 1 scanner, kitchen accessories 12 cups, 12 plates,12 glasses and 12 spoons

Page 17: Millann - The Cultural Wedding Planners


In office, we will be 9 staff members, 6 partners, 1 assistant and 1 tea boy

Surrounding environment

It is a commercial location, includes in very busy and main roads of the city. Near to oursuppliers. Our office will be in a shopping center where our targeted customers visit.


One of the things that need to be ensured in establishing a business is choosing the rightlocation for it. Of course when we talked about the location, the thing that is brought to ourmind is strategic. A business needs to have a strategic location to do business. It is a placewhere communication and transportation are so much accessible; a place where people mostlikely go and a place where your services can easily be accessed by the consumers. Having astrategic location for your business is truly an advantage and an edge against your competitors.Like what mentioned, a good location for the business should have accessibility. It means thatthere should be a convenient, fast or easy and available means of transportation for theconsumers to reach your business. Another thing is that the location should have an allowancefor expansion. Since business grows, there are possibilities of acquiring additional space foryour establishment to be able to cater with the needs of your business. This is one of thereason why you should consider also the possible expansion that could take place in the futuretime before choosing the location of the business. The product demand should be alsoconsidered. You should also consider that the services that you offer are fit for the location ornot. Even though the location is good but if the services are not fit for the said location, still it isnot considered as strategic for your business. You must ensure that your services should havethe population that needs these. The availability of power, fuel as well as water supply shouldalso be considered. The location for your business establishment needs not only the strategicposition but should also ensure that the availability of some resources such as the power, thefuel and the water are accessible. These resources are important factors in running yourbusiness and it should be considered as the factors that should be first ensured upon choosingthe right location for the business.

Physical requirements

Amount of space: 18 feet wide and 24 feet long

Type of building: Shopping mall

Power and other utilities: Fuel, Gas, Electricity, Tele Phone, Water.

Page 18: Millann - The Cultural Wedding Planners

It is convenient for our suppliers

We need a easy walk in access.

Parking facility is available

Cost of occupational expenses:

11 A.M to 10 P.M are our business hours.

Legal environment:

Health and safety environment:

We are committed to conduct our business in a manner that protects the health and safety ofour employees and the communities in which we operate. HSE performance and programs atMillann will be annually reviewed.

We also recognize the importance of protecting the environment while conducting our businessand believe that caring for the environment is not only an ethical and legal obligation but also amechanism for success. Millann abides by all local environmental laws and regulations includingNational Environmental Quality Standards (NEQS). We continually strive to align our HSEmanagement systems and processes to international best practices including OccupationalSafety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Dupont Workplace Safety Standards.

Our HSE systems will be processed, regularly assessed and audited internally as well asindependently by third parties.

Special regulations covering your industry:

Advance/ Token Money are non-refundable in case of cancelation the assignment. 50% advance of total amount will be paid at the time of booking which is 75% non adjustable in

the case of cancellation. The Balance 50% payment must be paid before 10 Days of the event. Any change in order must be intimated 10-Days before the event after consulting with manager

operations. Government Rules and Regulation relating to wedding Functions must be followed i.e. One Dish

Menu, No Fire work, No Firing and Function Timing to be strictly observed. If the client violetthe rule Company will not responsible.

Breakage and shortage of company's equipment / items will charge to the client. The event shall be executed in the Risk and Cost of the Client without any liability of the

company for any loss or damage to the property of any guest. The event shall be executed on the responsibility of the client for fool proof security

arrangements and damage to our property, labour and staff. In case of Natural Disaster Millan- The cultural wedding planners will not responsible for any

lose / damage.

Page 19: Millann - The Cultural Wedding Planners

In case of increase in confirmed number of guests please inform 3 days before event. If not socompany will not be responsible of food shortage or any other mess-up.

Increased number of guests will charge accordingly. Traveling and loading charges will be affect final amount in case of out station programs. Imported flowers or special modules will cost extra. Rates are accepted and total bill amount is agreed.

Copyright statement

© [Millann-The cultural wedding planners] [2013]All Rights ReservedNo part of this business or any of its contents may be reproduced, copied, modified or adapted,without the prior written consent of the owners, unless otherwise indicated for stand-alonematerials.

Any business or commercial use and distribution of the contents of the business is not allowedwithout express and prior written consent of the author.

Page 20: Millann - The Cultural Wedding Planners

Memorandum of Association


Millann-The Cultural Wedding Planners

Registered Office:

Shop No # 25 Basement ChenOne Tower,Sargodha

Aims and Objectives:

Aims and objectives for which the company is incorporated is as under:

a) We offer a host of packages and services specifically tailored to the needs of eachcouple.

b) We will provide complete services with standard and quality.c) We will provide the highest level of customer service and maintain customer

satisfaction, always trying to exceed their expectations

d) Our commitment to our clients is based on long-term relationships formed throughdedicated service, value creation and loyalty.

e) We will provide a cost-effective service and develop a well-trained, organized, focused,goal-oriented, committed and rewarded group of clients and associates

Governing bodies:

Names, addresses and designation of present member of governing body towhom management is entrusted under section 42 of companies ordinance 1984as required is as follows:

S no. Name Addresses Designation1 SALMANA SADAF H No 89 Block C Satellite

Town SargodhaV.P Marketing and IT


H No 41 MuradabadSargodha

V.P Finance

3 SIDRA HAKIM H No 82 St No 6, IqbalColony Sargodha

V.P Human Resource

4 LABEEDA FARID H No 45/9 Canal ParkSargodha


Page 21: Millann - The Cultural Wedding Planners

5 ADEELA YOUSAF H No 25/ 2 GillwalaMehboob ColonySargodha



H no 64/4 FarooqColony Sargodha

V.P Operations

Desirous person:

We the undersigned are desirous of forming a company named “MILLANN-TheCultural Wedding Planners” under the companies ordinance 1984.


Page 22: Millann - The Cultural Wedding Planners


Shop No # 25 Basement ChenOne Tower,


Certificate Of Incorporation

(Under section 32 of Companies Ordinance, XLVII of 1984)

Company number: 0086388

I hereby certify that

Millann-The Cultural Wedding Planner Company of Sargodha

is this day incorporated under the companies ordinance 1984 (XLVII of 1984), andthat company is private company.

Given under my hand at Faisalabad this 1st day of December two thousandthirteen.


Joint Registrar of companies

Faisalabad Region

Fee 25000/-



Page 23: Millann - The Cultural Wedding Planners


Job specification

Wedding planner

Bachelor degree or higher degree

Any Event management course

Basic computer skills

Time management and stress management courses.


Intermediate or higher degree

Basic Computer skill

Job description

Wedding planner.

1. Should have Knowledge of the local area

2. Should be a good communicator

3. Should be a Negotiator

4. Planning

5. Should be able to solve problems

6. A good time manager

7. Should be able to work under stress


1.Attend calls

2. Fix meeting with clients3.Computer operating

Page 24: Millann - The Cultural Wedding Planners

How we measure performance

Performance is measured by Performance evaluation forms. They will be made after every wedding bythe employee and also CEO. Then both are compared. To improve performance training sessions will bedone.

Rewards and Compensation

After each wedding a meeting will be held to appreciate the work of employees andmotivate them for more hard word.

Annual leave will be given to employees for 15 days. 25% discount on employee’s wedding. If death in service happened then three times your salary paid to a nominated beneficiary Annual increment of 25% in salary.

Number of employees :


Some other workers are also employed

Tea Boy Assistant

Type of labor:


Where and how will you find right employees?

On the basis of their specialization employees are recruited

i.e employee specialized in:-

I. Finance will be financial manager.II. HRM will be a human resource manager.

Training methods & requirements:

Page 25: Millann - The Cultural Wedding Planners

Trainings are held for different purposes, some are organized to help new employees to get toknow the service completely, some are for improving employees‟ professional skills, therefore,the trainings can be divided by their contents:

Apprentice training

To introduce this service general information and basic skills needed at work to new workers.This training helps building up good relationships between employees themselves and as wellas between employees and management team. Moreover, it helps employees to set up theright attitude towards work.

Simulation training

Practical training is held with the help of Human Resource managers, aiming to improvemethods of working and increase work effectiveness by simulating the real workplace. Thistraining is in existence in everyday work, therefore it is long-term. In order to have good resultsfrom this training, managers play very important roles by using proper training skills.

On-the-job trainingEmployees‟ professional quality is the key of services, the rules and principles of work aretaught in this kind of training, besides, courtesy, manners and techniques of handlinginterpersonal relations are taught as well. This kind of training aims to train employees to learnthe best way to do the work in the most quickly and effective way.

Language Training

Employees are required to be able to speak one or two foreign languages, for different cultures,different work categories or different positions, language requirements also differ. Urdu as annational used language, every staff needs to be familiar with. Another language is required orto be trained depending on the location of the wedding.

Services and administration training

This training is more focused on a specific subject according to the request of improvingadministration and services, including telephone techniques, guest relations, sales skills, publicrelations general information and application, safety and first-aid etc.

Cross training

To ensure the communication among different cultures and increase the ability of adjusting todistinguished environments, cross training is used to assist employees to receive knowledgeand skills from other cultures.culture is a key factor in International HRM(IHRM), therefore, culture topic is treated moreseriously and carefully, employees should be trained well to deal with possible cultural

Page 26: Millann - The Cultural Wedding Planners

misunderstandings or even conflicts. Practical information should be provided during thetraining, role play, simulations, and meetings with foreign employees will help the trainees tounderstand better.

Salary of employeesMILLANN – The cultural wedding planner

Designation Payroll per month Payroll per yearFor 2013

Assistant 2000 24000Tea boy 1000 12000

Total 3000 36000For 2014

Assistant 2700 32400Tea boy 1300 15600

Total 4000 48000For 2015

Assistant 3600 43200Tea boy 1900 22800

Total 5500 66000For 2016

Assistant 4500 54000Tea boy 2500 30000

Total 7000 84000For 2017

Assistant 6000 72000Tea boy 3000 36000

Total 9000 108000


We chose the best suppliers in the city to ensure quality

Following is the list of our suppliers

Supplier Name Address ExperienceLightening services Madina Light University Road Near 4 years

Page 27: Millann - The Cultural Wedding Planners

Decoration Honda Center,Sargodha

Caterer Datta Tent Services Bangla no 99-A JamiaGirls High SchoolBahadur Shah ZafarRoad, Sargodha

6 years

Cook Iqbal Marriage Hall &Pakwan Center

Block C, Near PassportOffice, Satellite Town,Sargodha

20 years

Beauty Parlour (female& male)

Depilex Beauty Clinic H.No 52/7 Old Civil LineNear Zam Zam Hotel,Katchery Road,Sargodha

2 years

Florist Al-Makkah flowerdecoration

Commissioner House,University Road,Sargodha

5 years

Marriage Hall Style Inn Party Halls Near Chaman IceCream Katchery RoadSargodha

5 years

Wedding BoutiqueMale

Rox Men Zafarullah chowk NearAjwa Kulfi, SatelliteTown Sargodha

3 years

Wedding BoutiqueFemale

Rahat Fashion Center Shop no 73, Inside goalchowk, Sargodha

25 years

Jewellery Shop Patiala FancyJewellers

Sarafa Bazar, Sargodha 10 years

Photographer Shafiq’s NationalStudio

Shop no 135-UG Al-Rehman Trade Center

3 years

Rent a Car Car Land Railway Road Sargodha 5 yearsFoot wears Anarkali Shoes LG-47 Al-Rehman Trade

Centre University RoadSargodha

3 years

No, we don’t face any delivery problems and our supply cost will be fixed in the contract

Rules and Regulations

Rules and regulations of our company for employees

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1. All members must hold a certified wedding planner certificate or have attended arecognized wedding planner course.

2. All members must understand that we have the right to cancel any membership, if youare found in breach of the code of practice.

3. All members must be truthful and transparent in all business dealings with suppliers andprospective couples.

4. All members are encouraged to give their clients an evaluation form for feedback.5. All members must provide truthful and accurate information with respect to advertising.6. All members must uphold each other’s businesses and must not defame any other

wedding planner business. If this is the case, their membership will be terminated.

Code of Ethics

All members shall continually strive to raise the level of professionalism and excellencein the events industry through ethical, reliable and competent conduct.

Members shall provide compassionate, professional service of the highest level at alltimes.

Members shall utilize continuing education programs and networking opportunities toenhance their knowledge base and raise their level of professionalism.

Members shall adhere to all safety standards set for the industry. Members shall utilize proper legal contracts to protect themselves and their clients. Members shall maintain appropriate insurance coverage for all business activities. Members shall treat other event professionals with the utmost respect. Members shall encourage newcomers to the industry through local mentoring and

intern programs. Members shall provide their time and talent to benefit their community through the

local Chapter’s philanthropic efforts or other opportunities. Members shall act in accordance with the Code of Ethics, Bylaws and Policies

Management and Organization

Board Of Directors

Miss Salmana Sadaf

Miss Nida Khalid Waraich

Miss Sidra Tul Ain

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Miss Labeeda Farid

Miss Adeela Yousaf

Miss Zirwa Taskeen Zahra


Miss Adeela Yousaf


Miss Labeeda Farid

Vice president operations

Miss Zirwah Taskeen Zahra

Vice President Marketing and IT

Miss Salmana Sadaf

Vice President finance

Miss Nida Khalid Waraich

Vice President Human Resource

Miss Sidra Tul Ain

Day To Day Activities


Miss Miss Nida Khalid Waraich

Supplier Relationship Managers

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Miss Zirwa Taskeen Zahra and Miss AdeelaYousaf

Customer Relation Officer

Miss Salmana Sadaf

HR managers

Miss Labeeda Farid and Miss Sidra Tul Ain


Aabira Khan

Tea boy

Muhammad Tayyab

Team Leaders on wedding day

Lightening Decoration

Miss Adeela Yousaf

Wedding Boutique, Foot Wear Jewellry, Makeup

Miss Sidra Tul Ain

Caterers, cook, marriage hall

Miss Nida Khalid Waraich

Rent a car, photographer

Miss Labeeda Farid

Flower decoration

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Miss Zirwa Taskeen Zahra

Managing Guests, IT

Miss Salmana Sadaf.

Personal Financial Statement

Personal plan

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MissSidraTul Ain




ASSETS:Current assetsCash in hand 10000 5000 13000 10000 20000 8000Cash in bank 100000 90000 500000 250000 300000 700000Account receivable 5000 15000 30000 6000 20000 25000Total current assets 115000 110000 543000 266000 340000 733000Fixed assetsproperty 200000 100000 300000 0 75000 800000Total fixed assets 200000 100000 300000 0 75000 800000

Total assets 315000 210000 843000 266000 415000 1533000

LessLiabilities:Current liabilitiesAccounts payable 30000 10000 50000 12000 20000 75000

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Credit card balance 13000 0 25000 4000 6000 20000Total currentliabilities

43000 10000 75000 16000 26000 95000

Long term liabilitiesmortgage 100000 0 200000 50000 75000 500000Total long termliabilities

100000 0 200000 50000 75000 500000

Total liabilities 143000 10000 275000 66000 101000 595000Net worth 172000 200000 568000 200000 314000 938000

Startup Expenses and Capitalization

Each partner contributed 130000, and will share profit and loss with ratio16.67each. Our startup expenses are Rs84000/- including office equipment, rent,maintenance and other charges

Financial Plan

Break even analysis

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Breakeven point = fixed cost / price -variable cost per client

2013 2014 2015 2016 2017Fixed costSalary 36000 48000 66000 84000 108000Rent 240000 240000 240000 360000 360000advertisement 100000 90000 85000 80000 75000Depreciation onequipment

1000 1000 1000 1000 1000

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Depreciation onfurniture

3000 3000 3000 3000 3000

Total fixed cost 380000 382000 395000 528000 547000Variable costOffice expenses 11000 13000 15000 18000 22000Printing andstationary

12000 14000 16000 19000 24000

utilities 52000 59500 66500 85000 110000Transportationexpenses

20000 25000 30000 45000 60000

Other expenses 1000 1500 2500 3000 5000Total variable cost 96000 113000 130000 170000 221000Variable cost perclient

8000 6647 5200 5151 5525

Price per event 25000 25000 25000 30000 40000Breakeven point 22 21 20 21 16


MILLANN – The cultural wedding planner

2013 2014 2015 2016 2017Revenue 300000 425000 625000 990000 1600000expenses

Office expenses 11000 13000 15000 18000 22000Salary 36000 48000 66000 84000 108000Rent 240000 240000 240000 360000 360000Printing n stationary 12000 14000 16000 19000 24000utilities 52000 59500 66500 85000 110000advertisement 100000 90000 85000 80000 75000Transportation 20000 25000 30000 45000 60000

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expensesDepreciation onoffice equipment

1000 1000 1000 1000 1000

Depreciation onoffice furniture

3000 3000 3000 3000 3000

Other expenses 1000 1500 2500 3000 5000Total expenses 476000 495000 525000 698000 768000Income before Tax (176000) (70000) 100000 292000 832000Tax 0 0 10000 29200 83200Net operatingincome

(176000) (70000) 90000 262800 748800

Other income 50000 70000 100000 160000 200000Net income (126000) 0 190000 422800 948800Dividend paid (300000) (600000)Retained earning 122800 348800

Cash flow statement

MILLANN – The cultural wedding planner

2013 2014 2015 2016 2017Change due to operating activityRevenue 260000 300000 500000 630000 800000Accounts receivables 20000 30000 10000 25000 50000Cash paid forOperation n administrationexpenses

260000 245000 360000 485000 445000

Accounts payable 15000 40000 50000 40000 25000Change in cash due to operatingactivity

5000 45000 100000 130000 380000

Change due to investing activityCash receipts from

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Sale of property/equipment 0 0 0 0 0Collection of loan 0 0 0 0 0Sale of investment activity 0 0 0 0 0Cash paid forPurchase of property/equipment 0 0 0 0 0Making loan to other entities 0 0 0 0 0Purchase investment activity 0 0 0 0 0Change in cash due to investingactivity

0 0 0 0 0

Change due to financing activityCash receipts fromIssuance of stock 0 0 0 0 0borrowing 0 0 0 0 0Cash paid forRepayment of loan 0 0 0 0 0Dividend paid 0 0 0 100000 300000drawing 0 0 0 0 60000Change in cash due to financingactivity

0 0 0 (100000) (360000)

Net change during the year 5000 45000 100000 30000 20000Opening balance of cash a/c 0 5000 50000 150000 180000Current year balance of cash 5000 50000 150000 180000 200000

Balance sheet

MILLANN – The cultural wedding planner

2013 2014 2015 2016 2017

ASSETS:Current assets

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Cash in hand 5000 50000 150000 180000 200000Cash in bank 354000 317000 351000 282000 401800Advance for office 100000 100000 100000 100000 100000Account receivable 50000 70000 80000 95000 100000Total current assets 509000 537000 681000 657000 801800Fixed assetsEquipment 95000 94000 93000 92000 91000Less depreciation (1000) (1000) (1000) (1000) (1000)Furniture 100000 97000 94000 91000 88000Less depreciation (3000) (3000) (3000) (3000) (3000)Total fixed assets 191000 187000 183000 179000 175000Intangible assetsGoodwill 0 0 50000 200000 400000Total intangible assets 0 0 50000 200000 400000

Total assets 700000 724000 914000 1036000 1376800Liabilities and owner equity:

Current liabilities

Account payable 126000 70000 60000 40000 38000

Income tax payable 0 0 10000 29200 83200Total liabilities 126000 70000 70000 69200 121200

Owner equityCapital stock 700000 654000 654000 844000 966800Retained earning (126000) 0 190000 122800 348800Less drawings 0 0 0 0 (60000)Total equity 574000 654000 844000 966800 1255600

Total liabilities andequity

700000 724000 914000 1036000 1376800