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  1. 1. Theme Wedding Planners
  2. 2. The color theme is such that the entire wedding would be based on a particular color and basement along with the combinations reflecting your choice of selection. Here I am stating a few color combinations which can be matched with your selection and choice. Coordinate pink with blue, white with any other color of your choice. Color Theme Wedding
  3. 3. Venue Theme Wedding Venue based theme is the selection of the desired venues as per selected. Theme based wedding can be like a beach wedding, royal venue wedding or even a winter themed or Diya themed weddings. For example beach theme weddings are perfect for the summer months.
  4. 4. Garden Theme Wedding If you wish to marry in a venue consisting of beautiful royal locations, the garden theme can be chosen. Many girls dream of getting married in a garden based theme as in the palaces with luxuriant private grounds. Garden based weddings are exotic and can be filled with vibrant colors, graceful clothes and beautiful flowers.
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