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Lession A…… Modal Verbs Lesson B…….Adjectives ending in –ed or –ing Lesson C……. That must be…. / you see vs I see Unit 11

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  • 1.Unit 11 Lession A Modal Verbs Lesson B.Adjectives ending in ed or ing Lesson C. That must be. / you see vs I see

2. MIGHULDLLS CWOULDSOHHAILLMUSTT 3. Lesson A. Speculating What are Modal Verbs? Behave very differently from normal verbs: 1. do not take "-s" in the third person. Examples: He cans speak Chinese. (incorrect) 2. You use "not" to make modal verbs negative, even in Simple Present and Simple Past. Examples: He should not be late . 4. 3. Many modal verbs cannot be used in the past tenses or the future tenses. Examples: - He will can go with us. Not Correct - She musted study very hard. Not Correct Common Modal Verbs CanOught toCouldShallMayShouldMightWillMustWould 5. HOW TO USECAN Use Ability / PossibilityExample They can control their own work.ImpossibilityWe cant fix it.Asking for permissionCan I bring here?RequestCan you help me? 6. COULD UseExamplePermission Could I borrow your dictionary?RequestCould you say it again more slowly?Possibility I think we could have another tea.FutureI wish Carol could meet me next week.AbilityHe gave up his old job so he could work for us.MAY UseExamplepermissionMay I have another cup of coffee?possibilityI may finish my homework 7. MIGHT Use .possibilityExample We'd better phone tomorrow, they might be eating their dinner now.OUGHT TO Use Saying whats right or correctExample She ought to finish by next week. 8. SHALL UseExampleOfferShall I help you with your luggage?SuggestionShall we say 2.30 then?PermissionShall I do that or will you?III. USAGESHOULD UseExampleSaying whats right or correct We should solve this problem.PossibilityFees should decrease next year. 9. WILL UseExampleDecisions Offer I cant see any taxis so Ill walk I'll do that for you if you like.PromiseIll come back on Monday.III. USAGEWOULDUse PermissionExample Would you mind if I brought a friend with me?Request Would you mind waiting a moment?Invitation Would you like to play basketball this Friday? 10. Pair work 11. Practice: Work with your partner and speculate about the picture. Sustain your explanations with very valida and supportive ideas. 12. THE END Lesson A