lesson b & c touchstone 1a unit 4

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This is a class about the simple present tense for level I with Touchstone 1A lesson A and B.


  • 1. UUnniitt 44LLeessssoonn BB//CCEEvveerryyddaayy lliiffeeCreated by: Gerardo Molina

2. Activity 1Work in couples and sharewith your peer at least 4things you do before comingto class.Example: Before comingto class I watch the news. 3. WWhhaatt ddoo yyoouu ddoo wwiitthh tthheessee oobbjjeeccttss?? DDoo nnoott rreeppeeaatt Activity 2tthhee vveerrbbss..I write poems.I use a pencil in my Englishclass.I need a pencil in my exam. 4. Tell your partner about the things you DONT doin the following places or with the followingsituationsIn an exam While drivingHospitalIn classAt nightActivity 3 5. Activity 4 6. Copy the phrases Listening exercise1. _________ ________________________________2. _________ ________________________________3. _________ ________________________________4. _________ ________________________________5. _________ ________________________________6. _________ ________________________________7. _________ ________________________________8. _________ ________________________________9. _________ ________________________________10. _________ ________________________________ 7. Gerardo is a teacher. He lives in el Manantialneighborhood. He works at CEUTEC. He eatswith his friends Sinia and Bianca and after thathe goes back to the teachers lounge. Gerardoprepares his classes for next days. He usesPower Point Presentations. After work hedrives home and spends time with his dogs.Activity 5Sinia, Bianca and Gerardo are co-workers.They live in the same neighborhood. Theywork at CEUTEC. They eat lunch at 12:00and after that they go back to work. Siniaand Bianca prepare reports for the Director.They use excel and Microsoft. After workthey drive home and spend time with theirfamily. 8. Activity 6WHAT IS THE ANSWER: LISTEN TO THE PLAY AND CHECKTHE CORRECT RESPONSE. 9. Mr. Beans Daily Routine 10. Discuss with your partner. Use the sentences to help you.T F1. Mr. Bean wakes up after the alarm sounds. ______ ______2. After he wakes up, he takes a shower. ______ ______3. Mr. Bean drinks coffee in a mug. ______ ______4. He leaves home at 6:30 in the morning. ______ ______5. He eats chicken for lunch. ______ ______6. Mr. Bean gets home at 7:00. ______ ______7. He checks his e-mail during lunch. ______ ______8. He reads the newspaper before going to sleep ______ ______9. He goes to bed early. ______ ______Try to write a summary about Mr. Beans daily routine.________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________