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  • Mount Murchison State School


    2018 Queensland State School Reporting

    Every student succeeding State Schools Strategy

    Department of Education

  • Contact information

    Postal address PO Box 610 Biloela 4715

    Phone (07) 4992 2253

    Fax (07) 4992 2341

    Email [email protected]

    Webpages Additional information about Queensland state schools is located on:

     the My School website

     the Queensland Government data website

     the Queensland Government schools directory website.

    Contact person Linda Holman, Principal

  • From the Principal

    School overview

    Mount Murchison is situated 10 km east of Biloela on the Dawson Highway. Our school has grown significantly over the last six years and we currently employ three full time teachers and have a visiting Music Specialist. Students work in P-Year 2, Year 3-4 and Year 5-6 cohorts for English and Maths. Students work in P-2 and 3-6 groupings for the delivery of all other learning areas.

    At Murchie we believe emphatically that Education is a partnership between teachers, students and families. We demonstrate that we are family friendly by building and strengthening partnerships through open communication and an open door policy, by showcasing of learning, demonstrating to families what their children know and can do across Key Learning Areas. We achieve this by welcoming our families to be involved directly in what is happening in our classroms and by developing the potential of all children - academically, intellectually, interpersonally and emotionally. We pride ourselves on the strength of our relationships with students and their families to support students to reach their learning potential whilst supporting their wellbeing.

    Our multi-age classroom allows a highly differentiated teaching approach ensuring that all student learning needs can be catered for on a daily basis. This is supported by highly skilled Teacher Aides and targeted intervention and learning support programs. We have embarked on a journey to develop and implement school, cluster and regional moderation practises to ensure the quality of teaching and improve student learning outcomes.

    The staff of Mount Murchison State School work in a highly functional and collaborative team environment. With an understanding of each others personal and professional strengths and experitise, we are able to work together to focus on the students of our school.

    School progress towards its goals in 2018

    Across the 2018 teaching year, staff, students and community worked towards our 2018 goals. In so doing, we have:

     Remained focused on embedding Version 8 of the Australian Curriculum over a two year cycle. We continue with this work in 2019.

     Explored the components of high quality planning and continue this focus at school and cluster level in 2019 through engagement in Professional Development in Pre-Moderation

     Principal leadership has been demonstrated at school, cluster and regional level focused on all phases of moderation. All teaching staff have been involved in Professional Development in the phases of moderation. This work continues in 2019.

     The teaching team has collaboratively engaged in the analyses of student data to inform teaching and learning. We are further developing our skills in this area in 2019.

     Staff commitment and dedication to engage collaboratively in Professional Development to better understand the Australian Curriculum and moderation processes has been outstanding.

    Future outlook

    In 2019 we look forward to a Whole School Review to provide valuable improvement feedback for our school. We are focused on Systemic Curriculum Delivery and Teaching Quality to improve student learning outcomes.

    We aim to achieve:

     Improved student A-C data with a focus on A-B data

     100% teacher engagement in the collaborative development of learning support programs

     100% teacher engagement in Professional Development on all four stages of moderation

     Continued development of expert teaching teams

    We see 2019 as an exciting year to build on our 2018 learning and achievements.

  • Our school at a glance

    School profile

    Coeducational or single sex Coeducational

    Independent public school No

    Year levels offered in 2018 Prep Year - Year 6

    Student enrolments

    Table 1: Student enrolments at this school

    Enrolment category 2016 2017 2018


    1. Student counts are based on the Census (August) enrolment collection.

    2. Indigenous refers to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people of Australia.

    3. pre-Prep is a kindergarten program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, living in 35 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, in the year before school.

    Total 30 32 33

    Girls 13 14 17

    Boys 17 18 16

    Indigenous 2 4 4

    Enrolment continuity (Feb. – Nov.) 90% 100% 100%

    In 2018, there were no students enrolled in a Pre-Prep program.

    Characteristics of the student body


    At Mount Murchison State School we cater for the learning needs of 32 students in a P-2 and 3-6 classroom structure. We provided a diverse, dynamic and disciplined learning environment where student learning data is analysed to support structured and targeted learning support and differentiation. Our multi-age classrooms allow a highly differentiated teaching approach ensuring that all students learning needs are catered for on a daily basis.

    Average class sizes

    Table 2: Average class size information for each phase of schooling

    Phase of schooling 2016 2017 2018


    The class size targets for composite classes are informed by the relevant year level target. Where composite classes exist across cohorts (e.g. year 3/4) the class size targets would be the lower cohort target.

    Prep – Year 3 15 13 15

    Year 4 – Year 6 18 16

  • Curriculum delivery

    Our approach to curriculum delivery

    Co-curricular activities

    Mount Murchison State School strives to provide our students opportunities to extend their education and social skills through a range of co-curriculum activities. As a small school, we have found it extremely important to provide opportunities for our students to work and interact with peers of a similar age across a range of settings. This is being achieved by participating in events such as:

     PCYC Small Schools Health and Wellness Program (One full day each term)

     Cluster Under 8s Day

     Eisteddfod (Choir and Poetry alternate years)

     Sports clinics and training

     Camp

     ANZAC Day Ceremonies

     Guitar lessons

     Chappy Leadership Programs

    Prep Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6

    S1 S2 S1 S2 S1 S2 S1 S2 S1 S2 S1 S2 S1 S2

    Australian Curriculum: Version 8

    English              

    Mathematics              

    Science 1              

    Humanities and Social Science

                 

    HPE 6              

    Music 7              

    Dance 8       

    Drama       

    Media 9       

    Visual Arts       

    Design & Technologies       

    Digital Technologies 10

          

    Essential Learnings

    Languages 11

       

  • How information and communication technologies are used to assist learning

    We are fortunate at Mount Murchison State School to be well resourced with regards to Information and Communication Technologies. We have operational PCs, laptops and iPads in both core teaching areas which provides us with the capacity to seamlessly integrate ICTs into all learning areas.

    Social climate


    A positive and cooperative social climate is highly valued at Mount Murchison State School. All students are highly supported to develop positive behaviour choices by teaching them a wide range of strategies to cope with social situations. Bullying is not tolerated at Mount Murchison State School and considerable time is invested to support children to make positive behaviour choices by working with the child, the family, peers and staff. Our Chaplaincy program is a vital element of our school community with our Chaplain being onsite two days each week to work with students, families and staff. This enables support for students and families and provides a key vector to access outside community resources to support our students.

    Parent, student and s