my life story, almost

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My Life story, almost. Spencer Minnick FHS 1500 Spring 2014. My past. My perception of now. My goals of tomorrow. The overview of my life. My past. I was born last of seven children. I have lived within the salt lake valley for my entire life. I was a high school dropout. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


My Life story, almost.

My Life story, almost.Spencer MinnickFHS 1500Spring 2014The overview of my lifeMy past.

My perception of now.

My goals of tomorrow.

My pastI was born last of seven children.

I have lived within the salt lake valley for my entire life.

I was a high school dropout.

I married my sweetheart on January 15, 2005.

Born the seventh child.As you could imagine six siblings was hectic.With thirteen years separating me and my oldest sibling life was interesting.I was able to experience every age of development all at once.

Within the Salt Lake ValleyMy mother the military brat lived everywhere from Paris, France to Paris, Texas.

My parents wanted to give us a stable lifestyle because of their childhood.

I have always had a bit of wanderlust.High School Dropout.I had always struggled to finish anything to the end

Received my high school diploma in 2005 three years past my graduating class.

I worked on this while hospitalized for a large spinal tumor. January 15, 2005.After a major life event knew I knew she was the one.My ready made family of four.My daughter was 5 months old and her son was 5.

My perception of now.I have been working for the same company for nearly ten years

My father my role model

Work, school, sleep! Sleep?

same companyFor the last ten years I have worked as an Emergency Vehicle Technician.

Working this close to the medical field has been very exciting.

Working here is part of my desire for nursing

My father my role modelI hope I learned all that he had wanted to impress upon me.

My father passed away two years ago from an unknown illness.

I hope to influence my children in the same way he influenced me.

Work, school, sleep! Sleep?For the last three years I have been going to school.My kids seem to grow a foot every time I see them.If Im not working or at school I pray for no homework so that I may sleep.Instead I play with my ever growing children.My goals of tomorrow.I cant wait to finish nursing school.

My plans for life.

School never ends.

I cant wait to finish nursing school.Title is a bit misleading, I dont start nursing until this fall.

I have been going to school for three years now.

I changed my focus from Radiology to Nursing.My plans for life.I am excited to start a new career and hope I can find my fit within the nursing field.I want to be able to help my children through college.I am thrilled to look back in twenty years and laugh at how smart I thought I was.

School never ends.Hard to imagine that only a decade ago I left school hating it.I have enjoyed every moment of college.I may end up being a career student.A.S, B.S.N, DNP hard to know when to stop.I want my children to love to learn early on in life.The endMy life has only begun. I just cant wait to see where it takes me.