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SXSW HIGHLIGHTS March 13 to 17, 2015 Austin, Texas By Elynn Lorimer, Niiu Digital

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  1. 1. SXSW HIGHLIGHTS March 13 to 17, 2015 Austin, Texas By Elynn Lorimer, Niiu Digital
  2. 2. Overall Themes Convergence film, sports, music & tech Global start-up village Automotive & delivery tech Robots Millennials Social IoT Fintech Medtech
  3. 3. What Stood Out For Me Behavioural Design How neuroscience, psychology, & sociology are influencing product design IDEO: Creative Listening Nuggets from the workshop The Big Thinkers People out there pushing the boundaries of technology
  4. 4. Designing For The Mind Anyone can build for functional requirements the challenge is to figure out the psychological requirements. Nir Eyal
  5. 5. BEHAVIOURAL THEMES Changing behaviours The importance of the unconscious mind Ethics: the morality of manipulation
  6. 6. DAVID CAYGILL Looking at efficacy/experience of wearables Despite a strong desire to improve, why is it that wearables have had no lasting impact on behaviour? 1/3 of Americans quit after 6 months. NUDGES FOR GOOD
  7. 7. FIT BIT
  8. 8. PAVLOK
  9. 9. STRAVA
  10. 10. CARROT
  11. 11. Are we are trying to outsource our willpower? David Caygill, Nudges for Good: Apps That Make People Better
  12. 12. DANIEL PINK Fear, Shame, Empathy & More Ways to Change Behaviour
  13. 13. ASK QUESTIONS Questions, by their very nature elicit an active response. The point is to surface people's intention. Concept of Motivational interviewing This technique applies when the persons knows what they should do but don't do it.
  14. 14. MAKE TIME TO RHYME Rhymes increase processing fluency. People get it, they absorb it, it goes down easily. Like comfort food.
  15. 15. PERSONIFY IT Put a face on it. Dont make things abstract. Empathy wins.
  16. 16. ROGER DOOLEY NIR EVAL NATHALIE NAHAI Designing for the Mind
  19. 19. NIR EYAL HOOKED Hook is an experience designed to connect a users problem to your solution with enough frequency to form a habit a behaviour done with little or no conscious thought.
  20. 20. NATHALIE NAHAI WEBPSYCHOLOGY.COM Webs of Influence: The Psychology of Online Persuasion Designing habit forming of products is a form of manipulation. Is it ethical? 3 secrets to online success: 1. Know who you are targeting 2. Communicate persuasively 3. Sell with integrity
  21. 21. Are addictive technologies the cigarette of this century? Ian Bogost
  22. 22. IDEO Creative Listening Workshop
  23. 23. IDEO A toolkit for improved listening. The approach is a work-in- progress.
  24. 24. MY TAKE ON CREATIVE LISTENING Creative listening is active listening Be present and engaged Focus on whats being said AND whats not Be curious and ask questions Creative listening is a skill that can be practiced.
  25. 25. BETTER DESIGN User research Design briefs Stakeholder interviews Getting feedback on our design work
  26. 26. Be present put your phone out of site NUGGETS Reflect on what surprised you what resonated Ask questions curiosity as a tool Challenge your biases Use your intuition
  27. 27. BIG THINKERS Martine Rothblatt Joi Ito Robert Langar
  28. 28. MARTINE ROTHBLATT KEY NOTE Lawyer, author, philosopher, entrepreneur One of Fortunes most powerful women.
  29. 29. Technology will free us from the limits of our biology. Martine Rothblatt
  32. 32. Biology is going to be part of everything we do. Joi Ito
  33. 33. ROBERT LANGAR Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering The award credits Langer with improving more than 2 billion lives worldwide through the disease treatments created in his lab.
  34. 34. Doing work at interface of engineering and medicine. ROBERT LANGAR Through chemical engineering he looked at new materials to create new ways to heal people. New materials to stop the growth of cancer cells. Better delivery methods for chemotherapy. Making artificialorgans. Allowing paraplegics to walk again
  35. 35. New directions that look at IT for inspiration ROBERT LANGAR Pharmacy on a chip Implants (multi-year) no tissue rejection Ability to turn on/off release of medication. Biosensors can tell the chip how much drug to deliver.
  36. 36. JOI ITO Learn something about biology. My theory is biology has become one more tool to create fuels, sensors, things. Its not a matter of if you need to learn more about biology but when.
  37. 37. What surprised you? What resonated?
  38. 38. FINAL THOUGHTS How much of the brain are you designing for? Develop a habit of creative listening How does biology intersect with our design work? Haptics, neuroscience, voice recognition, sensors and neurometrics How can we work better across disciplines? This could mean breaking down silos within our own work environments
  39. 39. Sharing is caring. - Elynn
  40. 40. The overall objective for the study was to determine T, U, V, W, X, Y and Z. Provide a holistic qualitative assessment of the advertiser experience across audience segments Identify areas of focus for product development with actionable insights that contribute to the Facebook Ads experience. Uncover unique needs and commonalities across segments. Establish KPIs for subsequent benchmarking reviews and identify trends and performance year to year Evaluate the impact of recent interface changes where possible WE ARE NIIU A UX Design Company We apply the power of design thinking to solve problems and create products and services people love.
  41. 41. Experience Strategy Current State Assessment Content Strategy Customer Journey Mapping User Research User Testing/UsabilityTesting Audience Segmentation & Profiling Behavioural Insights Design UX / User Interface Design App Design Web, Mobile, Wearables Art Direction / Visual Design
  42. 42. THANK YOU Please contact Elynn Lorimer for more information: [email protected]