our missionaries, the crossmans- left to right helen, karl, johanna, abby, warren & deb abby,

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Our Missionari es— the Crossmans Serving with JAARS [Jungle Aviation and Radio Service] in

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Slide 2 Our Missionaries, the Crossmans- Left to Right Helen, Karl, Johanna, Abby, Warren & Deb Abby, Slide 3 Karl works to facilitate Bible translation via his role with the Global Technology Information Services Team at JAARS. He is currently working with Wycliffe. Slide 4 [Jungle Aviation and Radio Service] JAARS [Jungle Aviation and Radio Service] Karl, 1 of 600 employees at the NC base, is a pilot and has worked overseas in Kenya and Papua New Guinea. He continues to help in the aviation department stateside to maintain his skills. Slide 5 Karl was a pilot missionary in Kenya and Papua New Guinea, but had to return to the US because of health problems. However, right now he is doing okay! JAARS assists over 100 Bible translating organizations around the world in 5 areas: Aviation, Land transportation, Water Transportation, Information Technology (IT) and Media. They are constantly working with translators to improve support these services are essential to Bible translators around the world. Slide 6 Karl and his son, Warren, a mountain goat, have been hiking the Appalachian Mountain trail together. Slide 7 Johanna, with admiring brother, Warren, is still in high school and very interested in horses. She works at 3 different stables, some for pay and some for lessons. Please pray for increased pay and Gods will for direction in her life, especially after graduation. Horses? Or something else? Slide 8 Helen, with sister, Abby, cooking up something.!?! Slide 9 Little Helen stealing a hug from Dad! Slide 10 Be sure to check out Abbys wedding from summer 2013 in another slide show on this page! (Hit ESC to exit this show)