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Paper Wasp Adam Winter

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Paper Wasp. Adam Winter. Introduction. What stings like a bee, is skinner and makes a big nest? If you guessed Paper wasp you’re right. What does the Paper wasp look like?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Paper Wasp

Paper WaspAdam Winter

IntroductionWhat stings like a bee, is skinner and makes a big nest? If you guessed Paper wasp youre right.What does the Paper wasp look like?Paper wasps have four wings not like a normal insect. They have brown black thin bodies. Paper wasp have a head, thorax and abdomen. The head also has two eyes and two antennae. The thorax has six legs. Paper wasp can be brown or black or dark red. They may have yellow spots or stripes.

Paper Wasps Habitat Paper wasps live in warm places. They make nests in trees attics or on sides of building. Paper wasps build nests where they are safe from wind, rain and people. A paper wasp s nest looks like an umbrella and a handle on top. The opening of each cell faces the ground. A small paper thread holds the nest up.

What does the Paper Wasp eat and how does it hunt ?Wasp larvae can not leave the nest to eat. The queen and workers feed them. They chew insects and spit them up for the larvae. Pupae do not eat. Adult Paper wasp eat caterpillars, flies and butterfly larvae. They drink juice from flowers and fruit.

All About Paper Wasp BabiesPaper wasp hatch from eggs. Only queen wasps can lay eggs. In the spring queen wasps build a small nest. She lays one egg in each cell.

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Paper wasp by Monica Harris