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What about GOOGLE? Where can I find high quality images for Geography ? Well what about Google!

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Where do you find hight quality images for use in geography?


  • 1. Where can I find high quality images for Geography?
    What about GOOGLE?
    Well what about Google!

2. Think about the size of the image you display on your IWB
Google image search for London see previous page.
Think aboutcopyrightwhen using Google Images most images are not copyright free!
Think at least 640 pixels wide and 80+ Kb in size.
Most images sourced through Google do not meet this criteria but the ones on GEOGRAPH do
3. Geograph is a photography project that aims to provide coverage for every square kilometre in the UK.Some Km squareshave lots of images.Contributors share their images under the Creative Commons Licence .This means that you will not break copyright if you use them in the classroom.
640 X 413 72dpi 86.7kb
5. Both amateur and professional photographers share their images on photo-sharing websites such as Picasa and Flickr.
Search under Creative Commons to ensure that the photographer has given permission for you to use their images for educational purposes.
Many of the images that you find linked to Google Earth & Google Maps are hosted on the Panoramio website
by Pier
This photo is selected for Google Earth [?] - ID: 305643
9. A number of websites that use photographs taken by professional photographers make it relatively easy for you to download images.
Please remember that copyright applies to these images.
Sahara - Chefchaouen, Morocco
11. Sailboats, Turag River, Bangladesh
Photograph by Dick Durrance II
13. 14. Fires in Greece
Posted August 25, 2009
16. The Geographical Associationhas freely available images that can be used with teachingactivities written to supportthe launch of theManifesto for Geography.
17. Where does my garden go?
18. Chris Durbins tips for using photographs and artefacts
Treat photographs of people sensitively
Give an all-round picture of the place, country or people you are presenting to pupils
Ensure like is compared to like if asking children to make comparisons
One final thought!