photography techniques

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Photography Techniques

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Photography Techniques.

Photography Techniques










Task 2 find 5 images that have an impact on you Free Fall This picture is architectural.

This picture is a long shot.I think this is some kind of competition as the photographer is hoping he gets there in time, this suggest that he doesn't miss the event. Also the amount of people gathering around suggests its not a suicide.Chester Boyes took this photo in august. It was in Bosnia.I like this picture because it is some sort of event that occurs often and looks very popular in Bosnia. The main reason why I like this photo is because he is jumping off a very high bridge.Flame trees

This picture landscape.This is a close up This is an accident because there is a lot of smoke so its not a bonfire.This picture stands up because it is a massive fire that is about to burn the forest down.

This was taken by Christine GarnersGirl with a cow

This picture is interesting because you dont often see a little girl hugging a cow, this is in Afghanistan.

This was taken by Matthieu Paley

The Kyrgyz of the Pamir Mountains in northern Afghanistan live at a high altitude where no crops grow. Survival depends on the animals that they milk, butcher, and barter. Island

This picture landscape.This is a long range shotThis is stunning because your really high upon in the clouds and its high resolution. There is an island no where near any way else. The reason why I chose this is because it captures the whole island in one picture.Chester Boyes

Chester is a photographer who lives in new Zealand he takes interesting photos like the ones above. He takes pictures freely he does not work for a magazine he works on his own capturing interesting pictures. He has his own website to publish his work.