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THE BIRDS Ching Shek | Craig McGarrell | Mark Austwick | Ryan Gibson | Tom Nappey

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THE BIRDSChing Shek | Craig McGarrell | Mark Austwick | Ryan Gibson | Tom Nappey

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SPACEA metaphysical resource that we all use, and are slowly running out of. Many areas require our own personal space, which we are denied on an increasing basis.

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PRIVACYThe state or condition of being free from being observed or disturbed by other people.

As space becomes less and less, privacy suffers...

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ATM’SA cash machine is a perfect example of a public space where the need for privacy is crucial.

The sense of encroachment from the line behind is an uncomfortable one. The feeling that your personal details are being stared at creates unease and worry...

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OPINION‘People want some kind of barrier between them and those behind, I don’t feel comfortable otherwise...’

‘I’m always scared someone is looking over my shoulder, it’s scary that they could be looking at my details.’

‘I try to shield my pin, but theres always some people who seem to encroach...’

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OPINION‘We want our ATM machines to give out a positive image, we want them to be a service people feel completely at ease at.’

‘We have put up barriers and bollards to encourage people to give more privacy to those at the machines in the past... but they look imposing and ugly.’

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OUR AIMWe wanted to use an object to create a barrier between people when using the machine and restore that sense of personal space.

Unlike barriers and bollards, the pigeons do not overtake the space, yet they still manage to define it.

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PIGEONS?Pigeons invade people’s space every day.

They have become an every day part of our environment, with many people wanting to avoid them.

These pigeons invade your space in a harmless way, so that other people cannot.

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