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TrainingRacingPigeons.net: How to make pigeon food? Pigeon food can be easily made from a blend of different ingredients. Several types of grains used in pigeon food.


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How to make pigeon food Pigeon food can be easily made from a blend of different ingredients.

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Several types of grains are used in

pigeon food. Most common ingredients are oats, yellow corn, wheat, millet, flaxseed,

popcorn, vetch, barley, Australian peas, Canadian peas, Maple peas and

garden peas.

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Protein, carbohydrates and fiber are

important parts of pigeon food. If you are breeding pigeons for racing you must put higher amounts of

these nutrients in their diets.

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Things to Know about Pigeon

Food and a Pigeon’s Eating


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Pigeons will eat almost anything. Keep them well-fed with their own food.

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Some pigeons feed on worms and snails, but most do not.

Don’t feed your pigeons these animals.


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Pigeons use their beaks to suck up water. Very different from most birds that take sips of water, and then toss their

heads back to swallow.

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Feeding pigeons human left-overs can

harm their health.

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Pigeons need a constant supply of food. Poor diet is the quickest way to shorten a pigeon’s lifespan.

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Dried peas should be first on the list in

making pigeon food.

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Do not hesitate to ask for suggestions

and tips, especially if you are new to

raising pigeons.