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Credits: Anjani ShivamRoll No: CS-12-47

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• Introduction

• Why Pigeon Update

• Working of Pigeon Update

• Example-How Pigeon Update


• Advantages of Pigeon Update

• Conclusion

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INTRODUCTION• In July 2014, the quality of Google local search

results took a turn. A pesky little creature called the

Pigeon Update crawled into the maps, local packs

and authoritative one boxes.

• As quoted by Larry Page “Google Search Engine

goes traditional” the Pigeon is the latest updated

provided to the search engine that uses local

directories, locations and traditional reviews to provide the search results.

• “Pigeon Update” is a new algorithm to provide more useful, relevant and accurate local search results that are tied more closely to traditional web search ranking signals.

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PIGEON UPDATE –Why the update• Recently, Yelp blamed Google of favouring its own

results over that of Yelp, even in branded searches. It might be possible that the update is a result of Google lending an ear to Yelp’s problem.

• Google has frequently talked about how mobile is the future. Another reason of the update can be to provide a better search experience to mobile users. The update is tailored in such a way that mobile users who are looking to do local shopping can get location-specific listings for the products they are looking for

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Working of Pigeon Update• The pigeon Update generally works on the following

combined factors for a single search output:-

Strong Domains Matter• For a given variant or search, the pigeon algorithm searches for

domain hostility in terms that a given domain having stronger preference in the web search ranking signals.

• There are chances that a search engine result with a .com domain will be enlisted higher in the page result as compared other domains for a specific search.

• Similarly a domain having more inbound links is aimed to appear more likely in the result listing as compared to less or existing outbound links.

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Location and Distance• The pigeon algorithm has also introduced the

use of local maps and distance to produce a

search listing for a given search.

• The pigeon uses the address of given

search as well as the distance it has from a

given proximity centre to enlist a search.

• The address having more proximity to the

centre is supposed to have a higher listing as

compared to the address that lies on the

outline of the city.

• A business having a local address and less

influential is supposed to have a better listing

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Mobile Integrity and Hits• The most influential aspect of Pigeon Update

is that it takes into account the mobile

reviews of a given website or organization.

• The Pigeon takes into account the mobile

reviews, presence on mobile user platform

as well as the user hits and reviews a web

page or search term receives before enlisting

it on the result.

• The Pigeon also uses the consistent

business name, address, and phone number

listings and mobile data usage of a search

term before enlisting it..

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Online Directory and Yelp

Presence• Google Pigeon provides special preference to online

directories that enlist local business and organizations.

• The algorithm uses the local directories that have the

organization registered as a parameter to categorize

between a given listings.

• Online reviews on website like Yelp are also

considered in enabling the search result for the


• A website or organization having a better review is

likely to be enlisted higher in the page search.

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Example of Pigeon Update

Case 1 Case 2

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• In situation(case-1) when search is enabled with the terms “online shopping

in dhenkanal”, the result found is totally dependent on local address and the

local business or organization is shown.

• However in Case-2 when search is enabled with the terms “online shopping

in Orissa”, it takes the whole geographical location in account and lists the

results according to the availability of the search nearest to the centre of the

location and as well as distance, with no enlisting of the centre as found in

case one.

• Similarly in other situation when “online shopping in india” is searched

shopperstop.com has a better ranking as compared to snapdeal.com despite

having a lesser influence, the reason for the same is the fact that

shopperstop has a better presence in online directories.

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Advantage of Pigeon Update• The Algorithm Affects Search Results Within

Both Google Maps Search & Google Web


• Local Results Are More Closely Tied

To Traditional Web Ranking Signals

• The Update Provides More Accurate Results

For Yelp-Specific Queries

• The Update Also Gives Greater Search Result

Recognition To Other Local Directories

• The Local Search Algorithm Is The Biggest

Local Search Update That Google Has

ReleasedThe algorithm has Improved Distance

& Location Ranking Parameters

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ConclusionThe Pigeon being the largest update made to

Google search engine to-date is considered to

be the future of search engine that aims to

provide better search results by using three

parameters as the fundamentals thence

improvising businesses, search results and in

short bringing a whole new level of search.

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