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Pigeon mail

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For promotion a mail.ru features and give more emotion to the mail.ru brand generally, we invented brand-hero. This is pigeons.

So, all new features of the mail.ru will be illustrated by stories with our pigeon.

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Why pigeons?

Pigeons have a direct relation to the letters. And a modern style and tone of voice can make mail.ru image more modern and cool. It will be attract a youth T.A.

In addition, our pigeons can have a different character.

And in commercial they can play positive or negative role.

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Interface customization The camera moves along the number of pigeons, that seats on cable. We see a normal pigeon, a pigeon with pink bow, a gangsta pigeon, a rap pigeon, a nerd pigeon, and a hippie fat pigeon. VO: Mail.ru will be looks like you want. Just click to the one of hundred theme Mail.ru. Simply amazing!

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Unlimited volume of the mailbox

We see the “face” of many pigeons. Camera zooms out and we see that pigeons siting were close in close pigeon loft. We see that one more pigeon flying in this place. VO: We don’t limit our users in volume of their mailboxes Mail.ru. Simply amazing!

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Unlimited volume of attachment

We see the flying pigeon. He carry something in his claws. But we don’t see what carry our pigeon. His load hidden behind the borders of the screen. Camera zooms out. In the screen in turn appears letters, big box, piano, and angry elephant. VO: Mail.ru send even heaviest e-mail. Because we don’t limit your attachment. Mail.ru. Simply amazing!

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In the morning we put 200 people in pigeons cloth to the metro-coach. They keep letters in their beak (mouth). And we put sticker in coach window: Take the coach of letters The volume of mail.ru mailbox is unlimited. Mail.ru. Simple amazing !

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Notice feature

We see a man that siting in a bench. He reading a newspaper. Suddenly the typical drop looks like “@” icon falling down to the man’s shoulder. The man raise hand and see a pigeon with letter in his beak. VO: Mail.ru report you about inbox e-mail wherever you location. Simple turn on notice feature in your mailbox settings Mail.ru. Simple amazing!

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For popularization our brand heroes we invent

-pigeon smile

-pigeon theme

-pigeon ringtone

-pigeon design of mail.ru agent (messenger)

-Application. When you have inbox e-mail the pigeons knock to the window in back of your desktop