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Petron Corporation Philippines Welcome to the largest oil company in the Philippines, Petron Corporation

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Petron Corporation Philippines

Welcome to the largest oil company in the Philippines,

Petron Corporation

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Mission-Vision and Values

To be the leading provider of total customer solutions in the energy sector and its derivative businesses. We will achieve this by:   

• Being an integral part of our customers' lives, delivering consistent customer experience through innovative products and services;  

• Developing strategic partnership in pursuit of growth and opportunity;    

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Mission-Vision and Values

• Leveraging our refining assets to achieve competitive advantage;    

• Fostering an entrepreneurial culture that encourages teamwork, innovation and excellence;    

• Caring for community and the environment;    

• Conducting ourselves with professionalism, integrity and fairness;     

• Promoting the best interest of all our stakeholders.   

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Corporate EvolutionPetron Corporation's over 75 years of

existence in the Philippines is a further testament to its commitment to providing quality products and services. Date

September 3, 1933

the Socony Vacuum Oil Company of New York and the Standard Oil Company of New Jersey formed the Standard Vacuum Oil Company (Stanvac).

1960s End of venture and split the marketing and refining interests of the company between Esso and Mobil.

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Corporate Evolution


February 3, 1994

PNOC and Aramco Overseas Company BV signed a share purchase agreement that gave both a 40% stake in Petron. The remaining 20% of Petron shares were sold to the public.

May 2008 the Ashmore Group acquired Aramco’s 40% stake in Petron. Following a mandatory tender offer, an additional 10.57% was acquired by the London-based fund.

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Management Profile

Ramon S. Ang

Chairman and CEO

Eric O. Recto


Emmanuel E. Eraña

Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Ramon V. Del Rosario

Vice President, Retail Marketing

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ProfileMiguel V. AngelesVice President, Commercial


Rowena O. CortezVice President, Supply

Peter Paul V. ShotwellVice President, Depot and



Susan Y. YuVice President, Procurement

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ProfileFreddie P. Yumang

Vice President, Refinery

Ma. Concepcion M. Menorca

Vice President, Controllers

Albert S. Sarte

Vice President, Treasurer

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Industrial Profile

PETRON CORPORATION is the largest oil refining and

marketing company in the Philippines. Supplying nearly

40%of the country’s oil requirements.

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Industrial Profile

We operate a refinery in Limay, Bataan.

From the refinery, we move our products mainly by sea to our 32

depots and terminaland distribute the products to

consumers through over1,400 service station situated all

over the country.

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Industrial Profile

Petron operates a world-class lube oil blending plant at

PandacanTerminal and operates a blending plant in Subic Bay

Pandacan plant: manufacture lubes and greases

Subic Bay plant: produces fuel additives to increase the

efficiency of our widely-acclaimed fuels

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Industrial Profile

Fuel Journey

• Fuels

• Automotive Engine Oils

• Automotive Gear and Transmission

• Aftermarket Specialty

• Greases

• Special Product

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Industrial Profile

Product line up

Regular Unleaded

Turbo Diesel


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Industrial ProfileProduct line up

2T Autolube Rev-X HD Series

2T EnviroSprint 4T

2T Powerburn STM

2T Premium UltronRace

Petron Motor OilUltronRallye

Rev-X All TerrainUltronTouring

Rev-X Trekker Ultron Extra

Rev-X Hauler Series


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Industrial ProfileProduct line up

Petron ATF Premium

Petron GEP

Petron GSP

Petron GX

Petron TF 38


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Industrial ProfileProduct line up


Brake ad Clutch Fluid Oil Saver

Clean n Shine Car ShampooPenetrating Oil

Diesel Power Booster Engine Flush

Gas SaverGreaseaway

Oil Improver Super Coolant


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Industrial ProfileProduct line up

Molygrease EP2

Molygrease Premium

Petrogrease XX

Petrogrease MP


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Industrial ProfileProduct line up

PETRON Autokote


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Vertical Analysis

Financial Statement


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Vertical Analysis

• Income statement

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Horizontal Analysis

Financial Statement


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Horizontal Analysis

Income Statement


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