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Experience the World of Luxury Hotels Spas

Experience the World of Luxury Hotels Spas

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Experience the World of Luxury Hotels Spas

Experience the World of Luxury Hotels Spas

Biography Elisa IANNI ALICEEven as a young girl, the founder of perused travel magazines in search of 5-star hotels. This attraction to luxury hotels still drives Elisa---a cosmopolitan and perfectly trilingual Franco-Italian. In fact, she still collects magazines that specialize on the subject, constantly stuffing her library with guides and books on these jewels of the hospitality industry, nestled far and wide around the world and, whenever she can, spa-hops through distant countries to spend a few nights “someplace else”.

Yet it has been in communications, more particularly in mass media, that Elisa Ianni Alice focused most of her professional life, having spent some 10 years in the field (at CNN in London, at Elle International in Paris---in the media department at Cartier---and, for the past 8 years, at Aegis Media as a media account manager). With this solid experience behind her, and having recently added “mother” to her list of titles, she decided to change the course of her life and to use her talents in international communications and media combined with the power of the Internet and devote herself to her passion for luxury spas.

After conducting thorough market research, she observed some substantial demand in the area of travel built around the pursuit of well-being. Nothing on the web addressed this area, so why not start something? The idea of creating the first website dedicated to upscale wellness destinations that combine the concepts of spa, hotel and escape became a no-brainer. Confident of her project, she built a database, created its visual identity and listed the most beautiful Spa Hotels in the world.

In 2008, went online. Today, with over 500 recommended hotels, the business woman continues her quest to discover magical places, with a fervent desire to share them with the rest of us. Her criteria focuses on the welcome experience, overall services offered, décor/ambiance, environment, the quality of the spa and treatments available, and obviously on her personal expert impressions.

Indeed, Elisa Ianni Alice also offers her informed advice to hotels wishing to improve their services and «media» solutions to attract new customers. Her professional experience selling advertising space, in combination with her personal attraction to fine things makes her a true Spa Consultant.

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Experience the World of Luxury Hotels Spas

Experience the World of Luxury Hotels Spas

The FinestSPA SpiritSharing spa experiences from around the world, guiding visitors in their choice of wellness destinations, informing them on the latest news in the world of spa hotels, while at the same time helping these luxury hotels promote themselves: that is the philosophy of

A true “Michelin Guide” to spa hotels around the world, is also the leading online resource dedicated to spas and well-being. For the countries listed, this fully bilingual site (French/English) with its sophisticated search engine makes it possible to find the finest spa vacations worldwide, it is a premium directory that has more than 500 unique, carefully selected facilities.

With its various sections including Spa Search, Spa News, Spa Beauty, Spa Food, Home Spa and Spa Blog, the site keeps you informed of all the news from the world of spa hotels, such as recent openings. It also offers beauty tips, recipes that support well-being, practical tips to recreate a “spa moment” at home and more. All with a fun and lively system for navigating the site. Videos complement and enliven the descriptions of some of these deluxe facilities. There’s also the Blog that reprises all the info on the site with a Travelogues section and the I’ve Tested It section, to get even closer to the site’s visitors and share with them the experience of a destination, or the way a certain treatment really feels.

Moreover, the Club Finest SPA, intended for the site’s most dedicated customers, offers a monthly newsletter informing members of the latest news in the world of spa hotels, and information on upcoming hotel openings, current and future. In addition to the ratings done according to several criteria by the teams, club members can also comment on the most beautiful spa hotels they’ve visited during the year and help determine which facilities get on the Gold List shown on the site’s home page. Members’ useful comments can be left on the overview page of each of the hotels listed offering visitors’ first-hand impressions and experiences for others to benefit from.

Community-oriented, is also intended to be interactive through the development of a personal list of spa hotels to track in «my favorites» and tools like Facebook and Twitter. With this wealth of valuable information at your fingertips, it would be hard not to find your perfect spa experience, the escape that suits you best.

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Experience the World of Luxury Hotels Spas

Experience the World of Luxury Hotels Spas

A Formidable Communication Tool for Spa Hotels

Online PromotionWith a collection of nearly 500 spa hotels in 70 countries, is the leading online guide dedicated to the promotion of high end well-being facilities in the world. The website’s commitment is to help visitors experience an unforgettable stay at one of the sites in the collection of upscale resorts, as well as to promote the most beautiful spa hotels in the world.

Indeed, besides being the most complete information destination of its kind, is an invaluable partner for spa hotels. One of the objectives of the site is to help the places selected by our teams to increase their visibility through various tools (overview of each hotel, a booking system, advertising space, etc.). These are some of the highlights that are made possible by working together.

OverviewOnce a hotel has been selected in accordance with our standards, a detailed overview is compiled specifically for that facility. This record contains all the practical information specific to that site, as well as a description of the hotel, the spa and treatments available. So visitors to the website get very detailed information, enhanced with photos or even videos. Within just seconds, it’s as if prospective clients have actually traveled there. A very valuable glimpse into the real thing...

In addition, comments left by members who have already visited the place also provide valuable information for our readers. Only comments relevant to prospective customers of the establishment and constructive for the hotel are allowed by the team. This promotional tool is offered based on individualized quotes.

A Boost to ReservationsOn each overview is a direct link to the reservations system for the spa hotel in question. Once a prospective client is on the page of a given facility, he or she is redirected to its reservations system. In this way, we enhance your visibility on the Internet with an additional channel to a “captive” and knowledgeable audience.

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Experience the World of Luxury Hotels Spas

Experience the World of Luxury Hotels Spas

A Formidable Communication Tool for Spa Hotels

Ad Placements Advertise on – it’s sure to increase visibility for your spa hotel in any given period.

Take advantage of a perfect time to put your spa hotel on our homepage, to develop your audience on a captive, knowledgeable and loyal target.

Set yourself apart among the 500 spa hotels listed on, and take advantage of the offers on our home page and our search engine while advertising in a targeted way.• Grab the opportunity to highlight your Spa Hotel for one month on the homepage

of the site with two high visibility ads. • Add your Spa Hotel to the best online guide to Spa Hotels of the World, and

get the word out on your latest news, and about your Spa. A page dedicated to your Spa Hotel, for a unique form of expression.

• Increase opportunities to display your Hotel in our search engine with a systematic presence on the Search Engine Home Page or by investing in geographic targeting.

All these offers are subject to prior price quotes and promotions.

An Indispensable, is already positioned as the «Michelin Guide» of spa hotels around the world. As a result, we can help our readers find their perfect spa experience by delivering current and up-to-date information on a site with a sense of community. Various locations are tested by our teams, and club members can even leave comments on the site, and express their impressions of specific treatments. All tools that promote the reputation of a hotel. By letting its association with the network be known, a spa hotel becomes a reference in and of itself.

© Shangri-La Villingili Resort & Spa, Maldives

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Experience the World of Luxury Hotels Spas

Experience the World of Luxury Hotels Spas

A Formidable Communication Tool for Spa Hotels

ConsultingIn addition to «media» solutions adapted for each hotel and aimed at winning new customers, the founder of the site, Elisa Ianni Alice offers her advice as a spa Consultant. As a result, spa hotels wishing to improve their services, their general decor, hospitality, the quality of their care, can benefit from her expertise. The promise of an unforgettable spa experience for your customers...

Coming Up FinestSPA will attend the ILTM (International Luxury Travel Market) show in Cannes for the second time in December 2009.

This will make for sustained and regular promotion of the site, which can only generate positive impact for each hotel listed on

© Kempinski Hotel Barbaros Bay, Turkey

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Experience the World of Luxury Hotels Spas

Experience the World of Luxury Hotels Spas

FinestSPA Contact


Elisa IANNI ALICECEO & Spa Consultant

78, rue Dragon - 13006 Marseille - FranceTel : + 33 6 60 38 25 94Fax : + 33 4 91 336 199

[email protected]

Skype : finestspa

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