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Educlone makes it easy to put your training online.


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Finalist 2011 Austin Business Journal Tech Innovation Awards

eLearning . . .

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What is Educlone? An Interactive Classroom Experience


We live in a digital world where

geographical boundaries have all but

disappeared and people are more

mobile than ever. The internet and

mobile technologies are

revolutionizing how we learn,

connect, and grow as individuals and

organizations. Educlone is leading the

charge by allowing people to create

their own interactive, engaging,

online training.

Through their online learning

platform, Educlone helps teachers

spend more one-on-one time with

students, enables life coaches and


content experts to earn money while

transferring their skills to the masses,

and helps businesses cut training

expenses by up to 80% while

increasing employee productivity. By

helping experts, teachers, and

organizations place their education

online, Educlone eliminates the need

for an extensive team of programmers

and large travel and training budgets.

Learn more about what Educlone can

do to revolutionize your training

program or classroom experience by

visiting them on the web at


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A Note From The Founder . . .


I began my career as a secondary

teacher, and was frustrated by the limitations

of the current education system. Teachers are

expected to be instructional designers,

trainers, facilitators, counselors, assessment

experts, and also spend one-on-one time with

students, developing individualized

instruction. Though I enjoyed the work, I felt

like I was constantly striving toward meeting

impossible expectations. I decided to look into

ways that educational technology could

improve the flow of classroom instruction, and

became an instructional designer. I worked on

technology that was engaging and effective,

winning fancy awards

like Bessies, Codies, and

Eddies, but was also

expensive and difficult to


As an independent

training consultant, I

began daydreaming

about a kind of software that I wished I had as

a teacher and trainer, but that didn’t actually

exist. I saw a lot of wasted time and money in

both the software industry and the education

system. Typically, teachers and trainers create

an amazing instructional experience that they

must then deliver in person over and over

again, sometimes multiple times in the same

day. As both a teacher and trainer, I wished

there were a way to create an online learning

Breanne Hull


environment that mimicked a combination of both

the flow of an engaging learning environment, and

also the personalization of one-on-one tutoring. I

wanted to develop something that would give

teachers more one-on-one time

with students. I wanted to save

teachers and trainers time without

trying to replace their own

special flair for content delivery. I

wanted to develop something that

could act as a vehicle for trainers

and coaches to share their

knowledge in ways that would reach a wider

audience. And, possibly most importantly, I wanted

to create something that had great design and an

inviting and intuitive user interface.

From this dream, Educlone was born. Its platform is a

flexible, living organism that grows and changes

according to teacher and trainer feedback. At

Educlone, we’re interested in making an eLearning

environment that truly changes the way teachers and

trainers create, develop, and share their content.

“I wanted to save teachers and trainers

time without trying to replace their own

special flair for content delivery”

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+ What are people saying?

“My business uses

Educlone and it is making

training and development

so much easier! Super

easy to use and they

develop to fit your


– Jeremy Mendenhall, COO Pure Therapy

“I’d been looking for an

online learning tool to fit the

needs of both myself and

my clients. Educlone was

exactly what we were

looking for. We were able

to get our content up

quickly and easily and right

away start generating


--Shennandoah Diaz

CEO, Brass Knuckles Media

Finalist for the 2011

Tech Innovation Awards

In The News



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Who We Serve

For Corporations

Educlone helps large

organizations get their training

online in a fun, interactive format.

Educlone helps businesses cut

training expenses by up to 80%

while increasing employee

productivity by allowing

employees to work at their own

pace right from their work or

home computer. Create online

training customized to your

company's own needs and

objectives quickly and easily.

Employees can access your

training from anywhere, work at

their own pace, and complete it

without interrupting other

important tasks and projects.

For Experts

Educlone enables life coaches

and content experts to earn

money while transferring their

skills to the masses. Take your

existing workshops and coaching

topics and create your own video-

based online training and quizzes

on an easy-to-use click and drag

platform. Our simple billing

system makes accepting student

registration fees a breeze, freeing

you up to focus on building your

business and your expert

platform. Educlone lets you reach

more people, expand your

market, and grow your reputation

as an in-demand expert and

professional trainer.

For Teachers

Keeping kids interested and

engaged with the limited time

and resources avilable to

teachers is a challenge. Educlone

empowers teachers to become

facilitators, by easily moving

lessons from the classroom to the

cloud. Educlone frees up your

time, allowing you to spend your

limited and precious work hours

with the students who need it

most. Students work at their own

pace, and you are free to help as

needed. This way every child

gets the attention they deserve

while freeing you up to create

customized, interactive lessons

that inspire them.

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Assess Current Training

Our trained staff will review your current training programs to ensure

that it is meeting both the objectives of your company and the needs

of your trainees. Our team will dissect your complete program to

identify any gaps, improve comprehension and retention, and create

easy to implement training modules and procedures.

Create a Training Program

If you don’t currently have a training program in place, our staff of

experts will come to your place of business, observe operations, and

consult with your management team to develop a customized training

program that meets the needs and objectives of your company.

Transfer Your Existing Program To An Online Format

We can work with your training team to transfer your existing training

program from the boardroom to an online classroom. Moving your

content online makes it easy and cost effective to implement

organization wide training initiatives. Our experts will show you

exactly how.

Go From Expert To Educator

For coaches and consultants or staff is available to help you take your

experience and expertise and translate it into interactive, online

classes. We can even work with your existing content such as books,

eBooks, white papers, and workshops and craft a complete online

learning experience for your clients and audience.

Creating A True Learning Experience Educlone’s team of education consultants will help you translate your corporate training

program, your expertise, or your classroom lesson plan into an effective, interactive, online

learning experience. Specifically they offer:

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Would you like to set up an interview with founder Breanne Hull or schedule a demo

for a review?

Then contact Breanne at

[email protected]

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