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We metthrough friends

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Thank you for your interest in LikeBright, the world’s first social matchmaking site. We aim to delight social people with a simple, rewarding way to help their friends connect.

LikeBright’s mission is to eliminate loneliness using the shared social ties that connect people.

We believe shared social ties are the antidote to loneliness. Our tagline "We met through friends" reflects this promise to our users. It's how they describe their best relationships, it's a nod to what has worked in the past, and it's how they can describe the connections they make via LikeBright.

Thanks for reading, Nick Soman, Founder & CEO of LikeBright

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Men outnumber women by a ratio of at least 3 to 1 on most dating sites, so women get too many messages and men struggle to stand out.


2 out of 3 dating site users never go on a date.

Why LikeBright?

78% of women and 63%of men think that the best place to meet potential romanticpartners is through friends.

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Online dating is a $2B industry in the US alone, but less than 5% of singles pay, because the experience is poor.

95% of USsingles

$2 Billion

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LikeBright is the world’s first social matchmaking site. We help you meet your friends’ friends and match your friends up. We deliver friend-vetted dates to the 95% of singles who don't date online.

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The ProductMeet your friends’ friendsMost singles meet their partners through friends. LikeBright gives them a simple, social and safe way to do this online.

Simple. No questionnaires. Sign in via Facebook Connect at and we’ll use social graph data to find people you should meet.

Social. No strangers. Meet your friends’ friends. With gender balance onsite, we know someone for everyone.

Safe. No surprises. Facebook validation keeps profiles current and real.

Jade Nelson 27

4 shared friends in Seattle | 2 from Harvard University | 2 from Amazon

Seattle, WA

Madrona Ventures

Harvard Business School

Think she’s not avaiable

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Likebright MobileLikeBright's also available on your phone so you can meet your friends' friends while on the go. 0:00 AM

Jade 27 Seattle, WA

Friends with Noel Rosencranz, Chris Benz andKirsten Rogers. Studied at Stanford University,works at LikeBright

0:00 AM

Jade 27 Seattle, WA

Friends with Noel Rosencranz, Chris Benz andKirsten Rogers. Studied at Stanford University,works at LikeBright

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Press & Testimonials“LikeBright [is] achieving the impossible: an even balance between men and women users.”

“No one has figured out how to mimic offline behavior and make online dating feel normal, got hooked up through friends. The market of people who don't date online is a pretty big one. LikeBright has the chance to change the perception and be a true consumer brand.”– Shane Mac, Director of Product at Zaarly

“As a woman who met my husband through friends, I can't say enough about LikeBright's underlying philosophy and approach to dating. And as a woman with lots of single male friends, I can attest that there's no better wingman than a wingwoman. LikeBright is leveling the playing field in [dating].”– Rebecca Lovell, Chief Business Officer at GeekWire

“LikeBright has the best method for introducing couples for romantic relationships. Period." – Dr. Galen Buckwalter, LikeBright investor & Former Chief Scientist at eHarmony

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“Large addressable market ripe for startups with the right mix of vision, management, nimbleness and marketing dollars. Current crop of old-growth competition [unable] to innovate into the social dating space where identity, authenticity and robust matching and deep profiles intersect. That’s LikeBright and that’s why I'm advising them.”– David Evans, Online Dating Insider

“LikeBright's approach to dating is comfortable for women, something that its competitors sadly lack. And it takes advantage of a natural human impulse: the desire to set up your single friends. Combine that with the fact that there's currently no dominant dating platform on Facebook and you've got a winner on your hands.”– Kim Rachmeler, LikeBright investor & former VP of Community at

Online DatingInsider


“At the end of day, technology is about helping enrich people’s lives. Using social signals we generate online, LikeBright lets your network have a say in who your potential matches could be. Because who better to vouch for you and a match than your friends and family? We’re excited at the opportunity to help LikeBright further this vision.”– Rahul Sood, General Manager of Microsoft Ventures

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In the News

Online Dating Insider

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Leadership Team

Richard Luck, CTO drives development at LikeBright because he loves to build things people want. He was the first technical lead for the Amazon Canada team in 2001, worked as a technologist for T-Mobile, Clearwire and various startups and has built enterprise-grade software that uses graph theory algorithms for network analysis. He met his wife online and played keyboard in a Utah new wave band in college. He really likes music, ideas and his kids.

Nick Soman, founder & CEO started LikeBright to help people connect with a little help from their friends. He studied at Stanford and Harvard Business School and learned to build stuff that makes people happy as a product manager on the Amazon Kindle. He really, really likes connecting people. And music, and food.

Full team profiles at

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Founded in November 2011.

Key investors

Microsoft Ventures

Dr. Galen Buckwalter, Former Chief Scientist at eHarmony

Mike Sievert, T-Mobile/AT&T/eTrade

Matt Shobe, BigDoor/FeedBurner/Google

Dave Schappell,

Kim Rachmeler, former VP of Community,Personalization and WorldwideDiscovery at

Phil Gordon, Jawfish Games,World Series Poker

Bharat Shyam,former GM at MicrosoftChief Information Officer of Washington

State Cooley LLP


Key advisors

Shane Mac, Zaarly

Nir Eyal, NirAndFar/TechCrunch

Ben Huh, Cheezburger, Flixster/Thread

Matthew Smith, Squared Eye

David Evans, Online Dating Insider

Lance Tokuda, RockYou/SchoolFeed

The Facts

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Address120 NW 36th StreetSeattle, WA 98107Phone( 206) 669 - [email protected]

For questions or to schedule an interview please contact LikeBright by phone or email.