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Press kit for the 1979 vampire disco comedy starring Nai Bonet, John Carradine, Yvonne DeCarlo, Sy Richardson, Antony Hamilton and Brother Theodore.


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SOLTERS & ROSKIN,INC Public Relations

Dear Friend:

April 6, 1979

62 w. .. 45th S ..... New )b,I. , NY 10036 (212) 840 · 3500

C.blt: SHELEE NYK tIc" 125291

May we respectfully draw your attention to another entry in the "Dracula Syndrome" -- a new motion picture entitled "NOCTURNA, " which is probab l y the first horror-disco-comedy ever produce d ... entirely in New York City ... by a woman, Nai Bone t ... about a female vampire, the granddaughter of Count Dracula, p layed by Nai Bonet •.. with a disco music soundtrack performed by Gloria Gaynor and vicki Sue Robinson •. . and a Dracula portrayed by John Carradine, \yearing the same suit he wore in "The House of Dracula," 34 years ago!

"NOCTURNA" will be released this surnrner ... some dark night in June. If you f ind yourself in the vicinity of the Brooklyn Bridge, please be careful. You see, there's this old flame of Dracula who carne to America out of an unrequited love for the old blood­sucker and she set up a little apartment in a vault underneath the bridge. And every so often she comes out for a little air ..••.


Ted Spie e l

Los Ansel .. 90069, 9266 Sunset Boulevarel (eta) 278-5692

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Wri t ten and Directed by ....... ... ..... ...... .. Harry Tampa ("<l(~ l1",rw;h.) Executiv e Producer ............................ Nai Bonet Produced by ........ .......................... . Vernon Becker Director of Cinematography .•••••....•......... Mac Ahlberg Music and Lyrics by ........................... Norman Bergen

Reid Whitelaw Film Editor .............•••...•............... Ian Mai tland Production Manager .. ......•...........•.••.•.. David Wolfson Sound Recordist .............••.....••..•..•••• Joel Goldsmith Art Directors ............ ..................... Jack Krueger

Steve DaVita Wardrobe for Miss Bonet •••.•.•..•••....... : ..• Felix DeMasi Wardrobe for Miss De Carlo •...•.......•..•.•.. Laura Bonet Makeup ....... . ......... . ...................... GiGi Williams

Pamela Jenrette Production Coordinator •.....•.• ............••. Ellen Lutter A"i"1u1io<1 , Go'cJ L<I.. t3at'""

Color by DeLuxe ~'97 t, N~i 6 0V1~i ("",fqrpfllQ) L-N.

Vicki Sue Robinson courtesy of RCA Records

Gloria Gaynor courtesy of Polydor Records

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Nocturna .......................•.............. NAI BONET Dracula .. . .................................... JOHN CARRADINE Jugulia ..................•..•..........•....•. YVONNE DE CARLO J illUTlY ..•.......•.•..••••••••••••••••..•..•.•.. TONY HAMILTON Theodore .. . ........................•.......... BROTHER THEODORE R H Factor .................................... Sy RICHARDSON The Moment of Truth ........................... IVERY BELL


B. S. A. President ...••••••••••••••••••.•..... ADAM KEEFE Brenda .....................•••.....•...••..... MONICA TIDWELL Victim ....................••..........•••..... TONY SANCHEZ Policeman ...................................... THOMAS RYAN Musicians .................•.••••••••.......... AL SAPIENZA


Taxi Driver .............•.••...........••...•. RON TOLER John .......•......................•.•.•..•.... PIERRE EPSTEIN Dr. Bernstein • .........•........••.•.......... ALBERT M. OTTENHEIMER B. S. A. Members .......•....•..•...••..•.•...• JOHN BLYTH BARRYMORE


Transylv ania Characters ••...........••••...... IRWIN KEYES MARCUS ANTHONY

Disc Jockey ..•..............•...............•. FRANK IRIZARRY

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SOLTERS & ROSKIN, INC. 62 WEST 45TH STREET NEW YORK, N.Y. 10036 (212) 840-3500

9255 SUNSET BLVD. LOS ANGELES, CALIF. 90069 (213) 278-5692

~ "-kll~ eA Mill '9 71






















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"Chopin's Nocturne - Opus 55 '1" (STRING ENSEMBLE)

"Lovin's Just A Heartbeat Away" GLORIA GAYNOR

"I'm So Hopelessly In Love With You" MOMENT OF TRUTH

"Wha tcha Gonna Do" (love scene segment) HEAVEN 'N' HELL ORCHESTRA

"Love At First Sight" MOMENT OF TRUTH


SOLTERS & ROSKIN, INC. 62 WEST 45TH STREET NEW YORK, N.Y. 10036 (212) 840-3500

9255 SUNSET BLVD. LOS ANGELES, CALIF. 90069 (213) 278-5692

"Whatcha Genna Do" (New York City arrival segment) HEAVEN 'N' HELL ORCHESTRA

"Nighttime Fantasy" VICKI SUE ROBINSON

"Bitten By The Love Bug" HEAVEN 'N' HELL ORCHESTRA

"Why Do Lovers Come Together" JAY SIEGEL

"Why Do Lovers Come Together" (Uptempo Reprise) HEAVEN 'N' HELL ORCHESTRA

All Music Produced and Arranged By REID WHITELAW & NORMAN BERGEN

All Songs - Music and Lyrics By REID WHITELAW & NORMAN BERGEN

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SOLTERS & ROSKIN, INC. 62 WEST 45TH STREET NEW YORK, N.Y. 10036 (212) 840-3500

9255 SUNSET BLVD. LOS ANGELES, CALIF. 90069 (213) 278-5692

"NOCTURNA," the first horror-musical comedy about a

contemporary female vampire, will be the first in the wave of new

Dracula-themed films to open this spring.

Starring in the New York-based production is JOHN CARRADINE,

complete with his 40-year-old costume from "The House of Dracula,"

as the cranky, old, broken-down "Count Dracula." YVONNE DE CARLO,

famous for her portrayal of "Lili Munster," appears as "Jugulia,"

Dracula's old flame residing in New York. BROTHER THEODORE, famed

horror character, is Dracula's love-sick henchman.

NAI BONET, who stars as "NOCTURNA," also served as Executive

Producer and created the original story of the sensuous

Transylvanian vampire who is freed from her blood-lust by the over-

powering magical effects of love and music.

When introduced to disco music, NOCTURNA feels strange

stirrings of human desires, impelling her to leave Transylvania to


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follow the musician whose music and love can save her from her

ghoulish existence.

New York becomes the setting for the action, and the Big

Apple provides a fantastic back-drop for the comic mingling of a

secret underground vampire society and the city's outrageous

nightlife .

Locations included an empty vault under the Brooklyn Bridge,

reopened and cleaned after 100 years expecially for the film; The

Soldier and Sailor's Monument on Riverside Drive, the meeting place

of a vampire's consciousness-raising group; a gully and overpass in

Central Park; a 200 year old graveyard and church in Harlem; and

Times Square itself at midnight.

Using a hidden camera and radio microphone, the interactions of

"Nocturna" and hundreds of amazed New Yorkers were recorded as Nai

strolled alone in the Times Square area, baring a lot more than her

fangs in one of the many wild vampire-disco fashions designed by

Felix De Masi, known for his Las Vegas extravaganzas. Nai's fantastic

appearance, accentuated by the costume, attracted the curious until

the crowd swelled into riot proportions that had to be quelled by

the police.

From Times Square, Nocturna winds up at The Starship Discovery

Disco, where she performs her hottest dance number, involving 300

dancers , many of whom appeared in nSATURD~.Y NIGHT FEVER. " The music

in the disco scenes, as throughout the film, will be released as a

soundtrack album. The special score designed to turn any beast on


Page 10: Nocturna Press Kit


to Disco music was composed by Reid Whitelaw and Norman Bergen, and

performed by the Moment of Truth, Gloria Gaynor and Vicki Sue

Robinson .

Nai Bonet was Executive Producer of the film and creator of

the original story. "NOCTURNA" was produced by Vernon Becker and

written and directed by Harry Tampa. Mac Ahlberg, famous for his

work with Ingmar Bergman, was the Director of Cinematography and

Ian Maitland, the Editor. The film will be distributed by Irwin

Yablans' Compass International Pictures, and will re released,

concurrently with the soundtrack album, in early 1979.


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SYNOPSIS (Not For Publication)


SOLTERS & ROSKIN, INC. 62 WEST 45TH STREET NEW YORK, N.Y. 10036 (212) 840-3500

9255 SUNSET BLVD. LOS ANGELES, CALIF. 90069 (213) 278-5692)

Transylvania, 1979 -- Hard times have fallen upon the house of Dracula and to help pay the taxes on the ancestral castle, it has been converted into the Hotel Transylvania. The manager of the hotel is the beautiful and sensuous Nocturna (NAI BONET), granddaughter of the original Count (JOHN CARRADINE) who still resides in the crypt deep in the sub-basement of the establishment.

In order to increase business and the supply of fresh blood at the hotel, Nocturna books an American rock group to entertain in the hotel's cabaret, The Claret Room. While listening to the group rehearse their music, Nocturna experiences strange sensations which she has never felt before. At the same time, she is attracted to a handsome musician in the group named Jimmy (TONY HAMILTON). Soon they are having a passionate lov e affair, but the music that p lays as they make lov e prevents her from making him another v ictim of her vampire's blood-lust. The music continues the strange transformation of Nocturna who sees her reflected image for the first time while dancing . Deeply in love with Jimmy, she disregards grandfather Dracula's adv ice, and runs away to America with him, making sure they arriv e by a night flight.

When they arrive in New York she leaves the disappointed Jimmy , and seeks out th e c r ypt o f Jug ulia (YVONNE DE CARLO), an old lov e of Count Drac u la's,who lives underneath the Brooklyn Bridg e. Nocturna goes t o a d isco to me et Jimmy where she is transformed a gain by the soul-stirring powers of the music and all the other dancers j o in t hem i n a f antasti c ero tic dance.


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Meanwhile, back at Jugulia's crypt, Count Dracula has appeared with his henchman Theodore (BROTHER THEODORE), and has placed Jugulia under a spell forcing her to disclose the where­abouts of Jimmy 's apartment. He orders his henchman to bring back Nocturna and to do as he wishes with her human lover. Theodore captures Nocturna and brings her back to Jimmy ' s apartment tied inside a black bag. Theodore is about to take Jimmy's blood when Nocturna manages to rip through the bag and pounce upon the cringing Theodore with her fearful fangs.

Theodore drags his broken body back to Jugulia's crypt and informs his master that he has failed. Jugulia leads them to the disco hoping to change Count Dracula's mind when he sees how happy his granddaughter is. However the Count is infuriated when h e sees Nocturna dancing with Jimmy. He places him under his evil s pell as well as all the dancers in the disco. To save her lover's life, Nocturna agrees to leave with her grandfather and return to Transylvania. Jugulia, a romantic at heart, releases Jimmy from his trance. He is determined to risk his life to save Nocturna and rushes out of the disco. Before Count Dracula can destroy him, he rips an electrically lit "T" from the sign of the disco and advances towards the infamous vampire with his improvised cross. Count Dracula shrieks in horror at the sight, transforms himself into a bat and flies off to the safety of Transylvania. Jugulia, who has other plans for the Count's fangs, also transforms into a bat and flies after him.

Nocturna feels that she is human now and decides to watch the sunrise for the first time. Although they both realize it may mean her death, they stand in each other's arms awaiting the first rays of sunlight. The sun's rays illuminate Nocturna's anxious face. She smiles a warm human smile at Jimmy, and they tenderly kiss.


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SOLTERS & ROSKIN, INC. 62 WEST 45TH STREET NEW YORK, N.Y. 10036 (212) 840-3500

9255 SUNSET BLVD. LOS ANGELES, CALIF. 90069 (213) 278-5692

(Star and Executive Producer of "Nocturna ")

Nai Bonet has worked in the world of entertainment as an

actress, dancer and singer since she was thirteen, when she

headlined in a show at the famed Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas.

Since then she has performed in opera, films, television,

legitimate theatre, night clubs and on records.

Miss Bonet's opera appearances include a stint with The

Lyric Opera Company of Philadelphia, where she was featured as

a solo dancer in "Aida," and the San Antonio Opera Company, where

she appeared in "Salome," performing the "Dance of the Seven Veils."

Cinema buffs will recall seeing Miss Bonet in lead roles in

"The Soul Hustlers" and "The Seventh Veil," as well as featured

in such films as "Fairy Tales," "The Soul of Nigger Charlie,"

"The Spy With the Cold Nose" and "John Goldfarb, Please Corne

Horne. "


Page 14: Nocturna Press Kit


Nai's television appearances are numerous. They include

singing and/ or dancing spots on the Johnny Carson Show, the Merv

Griffin Show and "The Beverly Hillbillies," as well as in many


Although she had been greeted with rave reviews at such top

night clubs as The Latin Quarter in New York, the Concord Hotel

at Kiamesha Lake, New York, The Eden Rock Hotel in Miami Beach

and the Mocambo in Montreal, Miss Bonet gave up her successful

career as a night club performer in order to concentrate on

acting and filmmaking.

Unhappy at being typecast as an "exotic-looking" actress and

finding little work because of her unusual looks, Nai Bonet decided

that the only way to get the right film role was to build her own

project around her unique talents. Starting with her original

story about the beautiful granddaughter of Dracula, Miss Bonet

succeede d in raising the funds necessary to produce her New Yo rk­

based film, "NOCTURNA," of which she is the executive producer as

well as the star.


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SOLTERS & ROSKIN, INC. 62 WEST 45TH STREET NEW YORK, N.Y. 10036 (212) 840-3500

9255 SUNSET BLVD. LOS ANGELES, CALIF. 90069 (213) 278-5692)

Tony Hamilton, who portrays "Jimmy," is a British-trained

Shakespearean actor who received his early training and experience

with the famed Birmingham Repertory Company in Britain performing

in such productions as "Romeo and Juliet," "The Tempest" and "The

Picture of Dorian Gray." A blonde, blue-eyed leading man,

Hamilton was also active in British and Australian television

where he performed as a dancer and was also a weekly performer on

a major program called, "Southern Stars."

Hamilton makes his motion picture debut in "Nocturna" as

the disco musician whose tenderness and love transforms the

vampire Nocturna into a woman with human emotions.


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SOLTERS & ROSKIN, INC. 62 WEST 45TH STREET NEW YORK, N.Y. 10036 (212) 840-3500

9255 SUNSET BLVD. LOS ANGELES, CALIF. 90069 (213) 278-5692

John Carradine made his Broadway singing debut in "A Funny

Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum" at the Alvin Theatre.

Previously, he appeared on Broadway in "The Madwoman Of

Chaillot," the City Center production of "Time Of Your Life" as

Kit Carson, "Volpone," "The Cup Of Trembling," "The Leading Lady"

and "The Duchess Of Malfi."

He has frequently appeared in various Shakespearean roles,

both with the Pasadena Playhouse and with his own touring repertory

company . He also toured in his own one-man show.

On the screen, he has acted in more than four hundred films,

since his debut in 1936, among them "Stage Coach," "The Grapes Of

Wrath," "Around The World In 80 Days" and "The Ten Commandments."

Mr. Carradine was born in New York, and studied to become a

sculptor. He first went to Hollywood as a scene designer for

Cecil B. DeMille. He will shortly appear in a new motion picture

together with his actor sons, David and Keith Carradine.


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SOLTERS & ROSKIN, INC. 62 WEST 45TH STREET NEW YORK, N.Y. 10036 (212) 840-3500

9255 SUNSET BLVD. LOS ANGELES, CALIF. 90069 (213) 278-5692

Miss De Carlo's first major film success was universal's

"Salome, Where She Danced,· in which she played the new discovery,

referred to as "The most beautiful girl in the world."

Miss De Carlo has appeared in 72 films having played opposite

such leading men as Burt Lancaster, Rock Hudson, Clark Gable,

Charlton Heston and John Wayne.

Well trained in dance, voice and drama, Miss De Carlo's

stage credits include David Merrick's "Destry Rides Again," "Enter

Laughing" with Alan Arkin on Broadway and in Los Angeles, "Pal Joey"

and "Little Me" in Las Vegas, "No, No Nanette" in Australia, the

touring company of "Hello, Dolly!" in which she played the title

role, the Broadway and West Coast productions of "Follies," and the

starring role in "Applause" for the San Francisco Civic Light Opera.

Additionally, Miss De Carlo starred in the popular television

series "The Munsters." She has appeared in top night clubs all

over the world.


Page 18: Nocturna Press Kit


In the past few months she has appeared in variety and

situation comedy specials and most recently starred in the CBS

Gala unveiling the new Hollywood sign.

"Nocturna" is Miss De Carlo's 73rd film.


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SOLTERS & ROSKIN, INC. 62 WEST 45TH STREET NEW YORK, N.Y. 10036 (212) 840-3500

9255 SUNSET BLVD. LOS ANGELES, CALIF. 90069 (213) 278-5692

If the term "black humorist" had never been invented,

Brother Theodore would have had to coin the phrase. The blackest

of black humorists, Brother Theodore was born in Germany of well-

to-do parents, close friends of Albert Einstein who resided in their

home for a three month period in the early 1930' s. And i t \~as

Professor Einstein who sponsored young Theodore's entry into the

United States in 1941.

Taking any jobs he could get to support himself, Theodore was,

in turn, an elevator operator in New York and a janitor at Stanford

University in California where he played chess in the evenings with

30 professors simultaneously! His wife, whom he married when she

was 15 years of age came to the United States shortly thereafter

and joined Theodore as a shipyard worker during the early years of

World War II.

Brother Theodore turned to entertainment in the early 1950's

appearing on college lecture series and as a television talk show


Page 20: Nocturna Press Kit


guest. He has appeared a record-breaking 30 times on the Merv Griffin

Show, and has been a regular guest on the Jack Paar and Dick Cavett


"NOCTURNA" is Brother Theodore's first motion picture, a medium

he hopes to continue exploring. In the meantime, he is most active

on the college circuit and in local night spots in the New York area

where he currently resides.


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SOLTERS & ROSKIN, INC. 62 WEST 45TH STREET NEW YORK, N.Y. 10036 (212) 840-3500

9255 SUNSET BLVD. LOS ANGELES, CALIF. 90069 (213) 278-5692)


The writing, producing and arranging team of Reid Whitelaw

and Norman Bergen are responsible for all the music in the film

"Nocturna." The two have garnered an impressive list of credits

in the field of Disco and Pop/R&B music in their three years

together. Among their most successful records internationally

are "When You're Young and in Love" and "Extra, Extra (Read All

About It)," both sung by TV's Ralph Carter, and "Helplessly"

by Moment of Truth. Whitelaw and Bergen received two nominations

in the best song category of Billboard Magazine's 1978 Disco

Forum IV Disco Awards. The pair has also been associated with

such artists as Gloria Gaynor, Meat Loaf, Trini Lopez, and Vicki

Sue Robinson, whose current single, "Nighttime Fantasy" from the

"Nocturna" soundtrack, is receiving strong initial response in

discos across the country.

Prior to his association with Norman Bergen, Reid Whitelaw

achieved success as the Producer-Composer of "Goody Goody

Gumdrops," one of the hits by the 1910 Fruitgum Company. Whitelaw

has also had songs recorded by Rick Nelson and Jay and the



Page 22: Nocturna Press Kit


Norman Bergen is known for his work with Tony Orlando

and Dawn including the hits "Candida" and "Knock Three Times."

His songs have been recorded by Torn Jones, Gene Pitney and Jose

Feliciano. Last year, Bergen's original composition, "Only a

Fool Breaks His Own Heart," recorded by Mighty Sparrow, sold

250,000 copies in the Benelux countries making it Holland's

second biggest chart record of all time. Norman Bergen has also

been active in Broadway theatre as Musical Director of the long

running Broadway show, "Oh! Calcutta!"


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SOLTERS & ROSKIN, INC. 62 WEST 45TH STREET NEW YORK, N.Y. 10036 (212) 840-3500

9255 SUNSET BLVD. LOS ANGELES, CALIF. 90069 (213) 278-5692

Famed Swedish cinematographer, Mac Ahlberg, once again

demonstrates his virtuosity in "NOCTURNA," a Compass International

Pictures release. Capturing the film's wide range of moods, he

conveys the sombre, mysterious tones of Old World, mythical

Transylvania and the frenzy and excitement of the contemporary

New York disco.

Serving as director of cinematography for many Swedish

television productions, Ahlberg often had the o pportunity of working

with famed director Ingrnar Bergman. His credits also include many

operas, classical ballets and documentaries filmed in locations

around the world.

Ahlberg gained world renown as director and cinematographer

of "I, l>_ Woman" and "Fanny Hill," both of which were tremendous

international box office successes.


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NoerURNA Starnng Yvonne De Carlo, JOhn Carradine, Nai Bonet ,od . noouong Tony Hamihon

Executive Producer Nai Bonet I Producer Vernon Becker I Written & Directeo by Harry Tampa All music composed, arranged and proouced by Reid Wh~elaw and Norman Bergen

Metrocolor Music ar<!1yrics by Reid _ ar<! Norman Bergen

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NoerURNA Starring Yvonne De Carlo, John Carradine, Nai Bonet , od ,"ood"On9 Tony Hamilton

Executive Producer Nai Bonet I Producer Vernon Becker ,' Wrinen & Directed by Harry Tamp;l All music composed, arranged and produced by Reid Whitelaw and Norman Bergen

Metrocoior Music and ~rics by Reid WMelaw and Norman Bergen

Page 26: Nocturna Press Kit


NoerURNA Starring Yvonne De Carlo, John Carradine, Nai Bonet ..... '''''ong Tony Hamihon

Executive Producer Nai Bonet I Producer Vernon Becker I Wrinen & Directed by Harry Tampa All music composed, arranged and produced by Reid Whitelaw and Norman Bergen

Meuocolor Music a ... lyrics by Reid Whitelaw and Norman Bergen

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NoerURNA Starring Yvonne De Carlo. John Carradine. Nai Bonet . ocI ;nnoduong Tony Hamilton

Executive Producer Nai BOIlet I Producer Vemon Becker I Wrinen & Directed by Harry Tampa All music composed. arranged and produced by Reid Whitelaw and Norman Bergen

Metrocolor Music and ~rics by ReKt Whitelaw and Norman Bergen

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It Happened Last Night • f

D .... l Y IHTEWGENCEIt Friday. _ 4. 1m

Nai hires herself as star NEW YORK _ NaJ Bonet tuuod

DlO\"Ie jobs bard to .-Itt 90 She tu.roed MO"W~. _ aDd hired bersell asastar.

"And ~ I'm a I.· ... ~r besides. I SfN."Ill eJosf: 10 ,~ ... _ the musk for-toy Ilnt' says (he e-xotk. £UJ'Uian.kIokina Ikth f!lt-dlU\eer \\"bo plays. 1M s."Y Soc.· turna 10 "Noclurll" ," Sb~'s Draeula's granddaughlft' and sa.e RasMs a lilLIe- sem.l·nudity In a bath:ub seene- and • .Ialo in a Jove ~ene.

"It seemed that all lb. 1llO\'i. roles wen &Oing 10 gtrts whO looked llke Haquel Welett and r. be-inc dark. couIdn"eel parts. So J gOt my own story done about a girl ""he) looked Uk€ me.

"Like Woody Allen! He's dil· lerent. Bul ~'ho would ha.\'e casl him as a leadLng man! Yet he's a leadine man in hls O\\'n pielurf's!"

"Pri\'ate investors" he-lped het quiekly raIse S2OO,OOO (laster Ulan she could )\a\'C "" a mo\'le- }ob lhe



"Moonlighters" 1:30 TO?

Sat., May 19th Our lodr of Mt. Ca._I ACId.

EQ5t hhIond A_ Ooy/ertow .. , Po.


51.75 PER PERSON H1 ..... n __ (OU

JOHN MOO.! 348·367. JOE HARKINS 3&1·5403


.~, BY

-t:-.. ~ -. Pi ' "

?«~ old 'II.'ay r aDd Nat. as head of Nat Bonel ProdUctions. loealed in her apartment. found herself v:riling cbecks to he .. eo-Sl.a.r$ Yvonne IH­C&rloand John Carn.dlne,

"1 don't like to .'rite ehecks. I have my see~lar.:'· do n, ,. $h~ says.

Irs all about Dracula in Diseoland and a single. "~ighUime Fantasy." from the soundtrack is boomlns:.

":Soeturna" is no\\' being sereen­ed and Sai's being asked 10 p1"Oduce another picture-. But she wants to act. "Who do you think I did 1llls Cor! I'm looking for properUes to produce - With. ,- she add£. "me as the star."

lfARGAUX HElIINC\\'AY'S SHOULDER STRAP SUPPED when she was dancing di£co ..... Mr sister llariel at Studio 5-f, one nighl ~nUy_ She didn't DOUce. But pholographE-1'S did and cot pic­tures of her top lell side well expos­ed. One of them's published in Look next week. Ma..rc-ux fled lo lbe ladieS' room in emba...n'asllrn.nt.

LOTS OF ~E BOSSES TOOK SECRETARIES to lunch (or Secretaries'Day - but the only lady boss I heard about was Marlo Thomas Who took Tina Ama.rena to Serendipity introducing her as "both m:r ri&:ht and left a..rm_-'

LORBlAR PRODUCI'IONS AC­QUIRED TY rights to the life story of John and Greta Rjdeout (of the husband-and-wUe rape case) for a Iwo-lIr. CBS TV movie _ .. The Nat"!

..u:s'.o 01 HOo.\II;U$ is oo.r-ing NY _ II wW ~d ks C'OD\'eDlio:D ,,,,,·itb a fn' de~pt~s" al Plato's JUl,reaa GO lIa)' 14. t.M laUfi" an­..........

£U.JOT GOOLD A..IIlD J£..,\,:NY BOGAft'T' ~ talking of l'I'lUT)'ing qaJ.n _ third timer around _ ' , Oeorce Burns. stal'ria&" ",,-ilh BcooII:e Shitokb in "Jus. You aIMI Me, Kid:' is wriUtlg a wquellO "Oh God" to be done wilh an ll·y~ar-oIdctrt _, _ Bob Pen,H-, bartender at StudiO St ..... ·ill be an actor in .. Got TU Go DiSCO" -playin.c a baJUnder,

PETER FRA}fPT()N was the I1r$I ulebrity to arri'l.'e for the great EleetJ'ie Circus !t10b Scene . . . Robert F'laek 9.'1LS n~lC.I . . . then Fon=lcn4!r,lhe rock Cf'OllP,

Then some of the bn'tted 2.000 roamed lhrE+ lev~ls drtn.king at the lhru bars, playing pinball. diseOing at the IJlree..ring dance noor. look, ing for lhe \'IPs ... &lIck Jagler, Walter Cronklt~. John Lennon, Robin Williams, Stacy K~acb. lloody Blues. Grace Jones, Sarah Dash. the Ritchie Famll)', Larry Kert, Quel opening!

The Zoot Suits lUTi. ... ed on roller nates. SRO sang. and then )0 clowRll arrin'd In an ambulance and \I.-ere earn" on stretchers 10 the aoor and bCpn discolng. That ~\'es ) 'OU UM plcll.l~!

LEE !\{ARVI:i and his wHe went to Wood$~k, h").', scene of the big rock musle3.1 festival: they both own bomes lhere . , . "I Remember )tama" started pre"'lews in N.Y. ",1lh new son&:s, ne"" dances and a De,,' eat named Clyde (whose UftcMntudy is named Bonnie) • .. Ric:hu.rd Dreyfuss ordered a ham· lopped ""Jlh chopped Ih'er at the Stage deli, sayinc. "I couldn't ~titat21."

"THE GRADUATE. PART II" starts CUmlngbere in .June. with Jeff Brid6:CS. ])usUn Hoffman. plays

bimH1l jo some ~nes . , . Kal'g0l Kidder of ··Supenna.u" '111.'8$ at Ap­pIa.use e.att).i.IW .a pair 01 J'OIk>r ~Ies 5JW'd ~t (0.- 1M Supltf'­price of 'U~ .

R..o\y C_o\VJA.~O, head or RFC Records, is setUn& up a tal ,-.eliN­nM'nt plan. expla.lnll:ll: modt'slIy, "II'U be OK H I U\'e only """ or 10 )'ear.s afte,.1 stop 'III.'orkJ:n&',"

TODAY'S BEST LAUCH : Patricia Da.nili'ls inslstll. $be can'. stand fanC)' nt5tauran1S: "I ~s.ent food lhat lcIoa.s better than 1 dO."

\\'ISH 1'0 SAID THAT: ~. ~lalhis of Wooster, 0 .. COMes up wllb Wooste,.'s Law. in Omni rnaga2.lne: --It's bad luck to be

!iUr~i:~~~'ERED QUOTE: "Women seldom mean the blUer tIlings the), :w.y lO men _ or lb. ~-Ht th1nJ::s th.)' say to ,,-omen."

Sesame "Sesame Str'Hl" will 10 to the Smithsonian Institute this summer-. Tbe sets and puppets that have enter­tained )'oungsters of televi­sion will co on ahibit June I tbroUCh Labor Day,

If you're not fortwulw enough to cateb the Wash­ington, D.C. relaL By the mid-l980s "Sesame Place," a cldldren's theme park organi2:ed around "Sesame Street" wtl1 open in Bucks County. Cl"@­ated especlally for chil­deem age 3 to 12, the pack will feature 60 electronic games and science demon­strations, a rest8W'81lt. play areas and a retail store.

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Y~onne tinds police' protective By EARL WR.SON

NEW YORK _ Yvonne De carlo, having clambered out of tNl:r coffin ..... hen: she had been iyin, with-.John cartadine, said. that today the big things in entertaJnm.ent are the two Ds - Dracula and Disco - replac­ing the a Bs, which were booze, bosoms and. bottoms.

The one-time Peggy Hamilton from Vancouver was happUy involv­e.,) here 1.11 UIe lllm " Nocturna:' playing Jugula ... her full name be­ing Jugula VdI\.

"I shared a eofOn with who kKlIr.ed llIte a Vo-alking cadaver. We could both get in ~ coffin,

cial ... - -- I

It Happened last Night

thal'., how thin he was," Yvoone said. "One day he bad we worned about him. We found out he'd been up all night singing at the BackstapClub.

"One night I had the coffin all to myself _ they opened it and they were eelebrating my birthday. I 'm 1%. don'tbothe:r looldngit up."

The fUm .... as the: idea or a ~tty nWe adress-dancer Nai Bonet who played DnlC:uJa's swin8int vampift granddaughter. She was the ex­ecutive producer and got the use of Star ShJp disco and some of the "Saturda.y Night Fev~r" diseomanlacs, 200 dancers in all.

o "She's a. clever little girl, this pic­ture should be great." said Yvonne. Nat saw to it that Yvonne got Umouslne, hair drUSer, etc. - and makeup just right to make her look like a. vampire.

.. [ Jove policemen, all polk.emen," Yvonne said. "OM nigh.t on ,ud Street there were two,

SF l.J I·.RSVILLF (I" \1 \ rxs~ ~Ji.)~nR

un . , .... I,M

then four, then six, then 10 policemen protecting Mt! They know J like policemen.. .. Na.i likes ¢Op8, too. She d:lneed down t2d Street in a red sequined cape anl1 not IDuch else. '''I1l.e cops had to rescue me," she said. That's the Idnd of protection our polIce give a girl!

Yvonne, single now, h.a¥ing d1vorced stunt man Bob Morgan, has two pvwn ~. She'~ looldng fOr adventure.

TODAY'SBESTLAUGH: 'Tbete'$ . one thing 1'd rather {to than go out

With Fanah Fawcett. And that's stay home with Farrah Fawcett.

WISH I'D SAID THAT: The reason crime doe:sn't pay b when It ~oes they call it something else. -fI'ranklin P. Jones. -

REMENBERED QUOTE : "The meuure of success Is not whether you 2. tough problem to deal with, but whether ifs the same pro­blem you had last year." - Jolin Ii'oster Dulles.

EARL'S PEARLS: "'{be rom8D­tk: husband will pull in his belt before he pulls in the drive." - BW Copeland.

AN INDIANA MAYOR Is worried about his police and firemen. ae­cordlng to Wendell Trogdon. He made them a salary offer and they accepted. -

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W8dnesday, Sept. 19. 1979 SectIOn 2-7

IVloney-wasters with blood, bats "LOVE AND BULLETS" - Cast: CUries BroIl5OD, Rod Stelaer. Jill Ire­latld, Val Avery. WriUHI by Weldell MIYes. Ptodvctd "y PudMI KuBr. Dnet« by Sian RKeOkrJ. All A,· soriat" Film Dist.-liiolo ~k~. Raktl PG. * '!a

"NOCTUR!"\A, GRANDDAUGHTER OF DR.4aJLA" - Casl: Nal BoDet, Jobal Carradme, YVOJUle DeCarlo. WrilleD aDd direc!le4i ~ ibn-y Tampa. Pr .... ced by Nal Boatl . .4 Com,ass I,· I~ Films release, R&1e4 R. , .. "

Here are two more films you can min while .. waiting some of th@ better shows scheduled for Octobr.>r.

"'Love and Bullets" IS anothcr Charles Bronson a41venlure picture. J\I$I. by saying tbat I"'E' know thaI.

a He's t.he good guy. b. He's II DO.ooseae, slknt sort ca·

pable of killing anybtdy be wanb. e. He'll eventually roll toto JiU lre­

land at 5()me point in the film. Bronson reached his a¢Ung peak

back in )974 when he played Ii New Yort architect wlwse wife Is kllled by thugs in "Death W~." Bro.son had to play Ule pari 0( " common man driven 10 kllli"l JoOCiety's eeemies. lMlt not re­ally et1JO)'ill& it too flIUCk.

Bill with "Love and Bulleu," Ut .. 4t(;­

tor with the face 01 beaten raw meat Is back in his usual one-dimenslonal mold - a tough, oold-blooded cop out to eol­lar an organized crimf' heure named Joe Bamposa (Rod Steiger). the man responsible lor killlle one of BroDSOll's men-

As Phoenix U . Charlie CoDgers, BroR.'lOO goes to Swiue.-Iand to Jl'ab Bamposa's mistress (surprLse, it's Jill Ireland). bring ber back. to tbe United StatH and have her tallf)' aealDSt the mobSter.

NORMALLY, A FtLM m<wesqelck. Iy at tblS point before we SUlri wunder· Ing about tile logiC 01 tAil plot develop­ment. Not "Love and Bullets." 11 &ives 115 almost 30 mmules of total boredom to think about wbat'sloinB on.

Bronson maJlages some nifty trkks lor a dly ~ Uke pictJ.n1 people off rooftops witlll blS httle baidtet and llevtr missing an eyeball witb a homemade blow lUI complete with dana made 01 nails and wrapped

TV highlights

AS MOBSTER Joe Bamposa, Rod Steiger orders the klHlng of his mistress in " Lo .... e and au.lels."

raper. (In PhoeniX, once-a-rnollth tllowgun practice is mandatot)' .)

But wben Ule :mwke and l.oodJeli dear , "Love and Bullets" is stLll jWlt a I~ckluster crime movie better setn on the late sno. than on tile sliver screen.

The Bronsoa film Iook.s like aa ~ar-wlnner comparEd wUa 0tU" aut wledlOll for·of·Ute­week, "Noetunt.a."

11Ie .Uir of ~ mow, a toothy fit'­

tress named Nai IIoMt. produeed this monstrou;sly stupid mess

Program listings ''''''''.)OH .. 0.--" .... ,-:.:r.~=---........ ~

~-.. ' '--N ... -_ .. c .. .... - ...... _01

, .• -".. ........ -­~ ..... ---. 1'-;'-~­'--" .. -,-,_.

>.20 ..... ,,_u. »0011' .. 0 .....

1::::--' I •• 0 .. " o.

1''':::.. _ _ .-

'. ':;,'\ .... .::.;. ... --. --I";::~-

'" - ........ .:11 _""""" ----~-c:-,..", _ .. _" ... 1_--­... ~----EVI_ ..• ---------.... ,.1"' .. _ ~ - - 0,0.0 4(l 15_0;.,_ ....

Dann Gire

il critic

about the granddaughter of Count Dra· cula who falls in love "Ith a hooky, blCfld dISCO dancer and moves to Ntw York WIth hIm.

1VHn.E THE COUNT (John Carra. dine) goes batty O'\'er her dl'CislOlI. Jug. ulla (Yvonne DeCarlo, ~mblJ.n1 her Tole from the defunct 1\1 series "Tbe Munsters") tl'lEets Ule young thing aM helps her break Into the Blood Suckers of America, which IS considenng "cOltung out of the coffin" Jor vampire power. ~ script tries hard to be flllVlY. btll

Irs moslly patltetlC:. Bonet obviously ~as a very hlib oplnlon of ber selual attrachveneu: hence there a~ plenty of scenes In which she parades around in the buff or waShes eyery portion of her anat.omy in the bathtub.

Nobody J.n tbt fibn can dance well, w~lCh doesn't eJtplaln ..... hy rnor-e than ball the story has .ntaketed Noct"ma and ber 1es:s-lllan-untalemed k!adlllg man boufinlll out on the disco floor.

But then, how many vampire films have earlOOn baUt f1ymg around?

""""'I ......... .... "'" C ......... I M040 ....... K' ~,w., .. , ....c. ~ ............. , ...

, ......... "W'"TW ... $ C_,......u.. ... , CO"""l1 ...... 0 ..... ' c-..... _ ... .

Page 34: Nocturna Press Kit

venill end winding up In New Vorit City. NOdumo Drot;ula'. Granddaughlv II the workl',flrsI:di!covamplrefilm. Star· ring Nil! Bonet u NoctuITllll and John DU'Tltdlne as Dracula, the movie tells the bump 'n' !Jinding We of a lovely vampire who fah for e rock 'n' roI per. fOfTT1el', following him to the BIg Apple &gIIirW gnr.nddad Drat', wishes. Drat tracks her dooNn and attempts to dispIIlCh the lad qulckIy. An old flameof the vampire king, (Yvonne DeCarlo) intervena, 1'Iowewr, and NoctuITllll and her beau (Tony Hemiltonl attempt 10

find ~ In the sunllghl THE SHINING: MOIl: 01 !he

breathIesa antidpatSon In Hollywood honor drda II being reserved for Stanley Kubrick ', production of Stephen KIng', The Shining. KIng II the IIUthor 01 such weB·receIYed books as Carrie. Solem~ Loc and NIght Shiff.. Kubrick II unlverseDy regarded u one of the greatest fIImrnekm In cInefM Iodey. with Paths of G/otv, 2001 , A Space Odyuev and A Oockworlc Orange to his c:redtI:. The p!I!rtng of thew two talents In The ShinIng ITIIIIY produce one of the most·taD<ed·about terror fI1ms in years. The .ory com· bines psychic abilities with heD· spIIwned demons .. III v.rtthln the confines of a lOO-room hotel In up­stale New York. Jade. NkhoIIon and Sheley Duval star In thll Warner Brothm relea5e, .set to premlml nexI

C""'""'" SHOCK WAVES: Ao:on:Ing 10

!he ad posters. Shodc Waua II the "deep end of honor. M However deep

I i I • I

Its fright. It's safe to say that this film has had one of the m~ fitXkfenca of any fright Nm 01 recent years. l..eNed In 1977, the InOIIIe recetved an aborted release thai same year, resur­fadng strong one year later thanks 10 the efforts of Cinema SIwes. 1979 finds Shock Waua stili m..king the local theater rounds 'NiIh TV sho>.t.ing5 taking place across the country_

John Harrison and Ken W\derhom', scrlpt caDs for such vetenm horror oc' tors as John Carradlne end Peter Cushing to join forces with frightened newcomers such as Brooke Adenu (InllOlion of the Body Snotchers) and Luke Halprin In Ilr'I attempt to w.vd 011

an !Imly of resurrected NIIlI super­weapons _ . . aqua-XlkIiers! Cauhlng plays Scar, a fanner SS 01·

fIcer responsilIe for deIieIopb'Ig a groupof mutant sokHers,designed for unlimited underwater manuevers

(hence the film', tldeJ .Three decades ago, CwNng sc:uttIecI. his mission,

marooning himself and his water· logged Iegon on a remote 1sIend.

When a WOUp of modem-day ~ land on the IIIland ... the badly deterioR.lted death squad thembles to life. And. after three decades 01 iIoIe­tion, theM fclaws we hun{Vy for human componloNhip ... very hun ",,-

THE TEMPTER: Made In Europe by the Itdan team who brought !he worid The ChoNn, this Edmondo Amad·produced, Aba10 De MartIno­dIrecIed opus lells of II paralyzed beau­ty named Ippolite (Carle GravIna) pon_cd by e Y?ngIlful damon. The demon , It seems, had ~ taken pcs.usdm 01 one of her ancestors MfNI 400 Yft'N -so M 10.1 lao hold ... the last moment ... much to Ib chagrin . Thls time out. It'. pulling no punches, sending Ippolita out to wduc:cr Nrr I:wother lind kID tw.r fath.n­(Mel Ferm) . After II shrink, II faith healer and even her uncle. II Roman Cetholk: bishop (Arthur Kennedy) fed to kelp $/We her soul, the scrlptwrfter call. In Father Mlttner (George CouJoris) . _ _ a demon fighter weD known for h. fuI-b1own ex""""". By the time lhr Innpld Mlttm!r drtYa OUI

1M demon, Ippob has degenerated InIO a aIIIer·faced wrD. Oh wei, at least she gets her IOuI beck.

VAMPYR£: Detot:Ied by makeup whiz BI (Robby the Robot) Mak:Jne as "Romeo CII'Id Juliet with fangs ," Vam­pyre is an American film "that tries to aoptuN 1M GoIhIc '-' rtw oK! HAm ......... films used to gerM!I'lIle, ~ According to MIlIone, who 15 alto 5eI'V!ng as lIoIftter and ~ of !he opus, the II'IOYIe II "prirnariy a low 5IOI\t ~ A vempire II be­Ing PUBUed by two people who are 10 u.. ch.u-......... "" • • d .. ~ Avengers TV show_ The pW"SUefS, Mrs_ Endicott and Spuky. have a grudge ageInsI vampire Jeremy GrIf1en In thai

he klDed EndlcoIt', hwbond. AddinQ 10 Grtffen's problems 15 a love affair with a normal human girl.

Our vllmplre Is pillyed by [){Io!el PIlon who played one 01 the aliens In SIo .. hlp 1 .. 0x»/0n, H .. ..... ant . Tn.h. " played by OIorwo Devkbon . Mr •. El>dl­cott Is Ton! Janl'lOUl . WMt makes our horn. -..y dlff-1t .. that II' •• tot.Dy numanlstlc approach to the legend. Our vampire doesn 't tum into mist or a bet Of

anything lan~, H. .. . hum.n being caught In a twIIghl worid over which hehasnoconlrOl

Vampyre ihoukl be In producllon this 1PR'Ig. 8

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DRACULA'S GREAT LOVE: Cinema Shares' new vampire epic is a European affair starring German actor Paul Nasc:hy, an actor weD known for his jitterbugging werewolf roles on late· night 1V film fests. In this bittersweet tale, he portrays Dr. Wendell (aka Dracula), the operator of a nuI"!ilng home. Dr. WendeU takes four travelers into his home after they become stranded on the roadside. F~Ung in love with beautiful Karin, Wendell! Dracula tends to her needs while tum· tng her three companions into vam· pires. Karin eventuaUy confronts the Count wtth her suspicions about his nursing home.

He confesses everything, Including his great tove for her. He then Im­prisons the girl in a ceO, revealing the presence of the skeletal remains of Dracula's daughter. In order to bring his daughter back to life, Droc needs the blood of a village gtrl and the free consent of a beautiful woman to become his vampire bride. Karin doesn't go for the idea. Dracula has a change of heart and decides that he doesn't go for the idea, ehher. His vampire status becomes so distasteful that he strives to put an end to hlmseH, his daughter and Karin's three recently fanged friends. Co·starring Haydee Politoff and Rossana Yanni, the rum Is directed by J. Aguirre.

THE EVU.: The devil himself is the star of The £ull, although, in the final cut of the movie, he never actuaUy ap­pears. In the original version of this

tingler, the devil (as portrayed by Vic· tor Buono) was the culprit responsible for the killing of psychologist Richard Crenna's patients, trapped In a gothic monslon. In the final New World Pk. lures cui, the devil Is sti1I doing ii, but you'D never see his face much to the dismay of director Gus T rlkonls, who loved the idea of a portly evil. The Ptcturemedla production also stars An· drew Prine and Joanna Pettet.

HUMAN EXPERIMENTS: Look out for Human Experiments, a dnematic tale of medical speculation deaUng with psychiatry gone wild. Set in a women's penal instltution, the movie traces the rather unorthodox experiments of a young psychiatrist (Geoffrey Lewis) who believes that oiminal tendencies C<ln be curbed by exposing prisoners to Intense mental shock. He beUeves that, through preplanned doses of total fright, the human braIn can be altered into a "clean·slate" state, sending the patient back Into the Innocence of birth. Thus, each patient can be re·educated and rehabiUlated.

Unfortunately, the doctor becomes a btl obsessed with his theory. Luring unsuspecting prisoners Into the catacombs beneath the priSon, he em' barks on a kamikaze coun;e of the shock theater variety, sending patients into permanent zombiedom. Enter linda Haynes as a young country· western singer and the ob}ect of Ihe doctor's attention. Will Linda become yel another resident drooler? Will the

doctor have a change of heart . . . or at least Id? Only screenwriter Richard Rothstein knows for sure. Directed by J. Gregory GoodeD, Human Ex·

,,:;;:::;~".~""~.~:ars Ja!:ki" Cooglln, Q AIda Ray and EDen

PATRICK: Rendered comatose by the electrical accident that killed hiS mother, Patrick has lain Inantmale In hIS ho~pllal bed for four yellrs, with the grudging tolerance of an unsympathetic hospital .. taff_ A nCI"W nu ...... "~ign"d 10 P"mck's word begin~ to $uSpeCllhal Patrick has the power to affect the lives of those lItound him_and that Patrick's power is growing. The film is produced by Australians Anthony J. Glnnane and Richard Franklin and directed by Franklin, both already at work on their next fright film. a vampire take entitled Thirst. NOCTURNA: Beginning in Transly·

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- Plus 2nd Hlt-


AND ...

. /

Women who Were Way Out Over Love


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The One {Qoman £ou {Qouldn't {QantTo ned{ {Qith

"Nocturna, Dracula's Granddaughter," shows up in a campy new film ... and Gallery captures the vamp at her

seductive best.

D ateline Transylvania 1979-Apparently, batty old Count Dracul a was keeping something from us all along . Seems the eternal sleepwalker has another bloodsucking expert in the family; an exotic raven-tressed

beauty who is carrying on the Dracula tradition, Seventies style .

11 ow her story is being told - with biting wit, no doubt-in a new motion picture distributed by the Irving Yablans Company, whose recent film , Halloween , was a ringing box-offi ce success. Nocturna is

the brainchild of ai Bonet, a leggy ex-dancer who does double duty as both executive producer and star. She has put together a cast tha t includes such great "horror" acto rs as John Carradine, Yvonne DeCarlo , and Brother Theodore .

With backgrounds that include the underside of the Brooklyn Bridge, New York's Riverside Drive , Times Square and Central Park , a 200-year-old graveyard in Harlem, and a huge church (where the

good Fathers never knew about the nude scene being filmed upstairs) , Nocturna offers more fun than fear. And the original disco soundtrack may be as popular as the film itself.

B lways on top of such devilish doings, Gal/ery put together for readers a preview of some of the more interesting scenes . . . then prevailed upon Ms. Bonet to show us a bit more of what her victims get to see

just before the end .

F angs a lot, Nai .

Page 40: Nocturna Press Kit

As the film opens , Noct urn a is "necking" with a date . .. much to h is regret.

The Dracula cast le has been conve rted into the Hotel Transylvania, but the family prefers basement crypts to the reg ular guest rooms .

Our hero ine is attracted to the leaderof a rock gro up hired to e nterta in at the hotel. But Jimm y's music has a weird effect on her: th e vampire blood lust turns to good old-fashi oned lus t i

Page 41: Nocturna Press Kit

Agains t COllnt Dracula's wishes , Nocturna runs away with Jimmy to New York . She looks lip an old lover of th e Count's (Jugu lia , played by Yvonne DeCarlo) , attend a Vampire Rally, and witnesses a "gang-bite" as an unwitting male falls victim to a bevy of bloodthirsty bitches.

But one man's blood is another man 's meat. And , for Jimmy, the rest of the film twists and turns to a happy ending that finds him linked lip with a very morta l octurna.


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i ~ a:: ~ > CD


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