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St Benedict College Ghaxaq Primary School Educational Resources List


  • Hal Ghaxaq Primary

    St Benedict College

  • Easy speak pro microphone x2 ( can

    be used for show and tell in class-


  • Bee bot x2

  • Bee Bot lesson activities DVD

  • Construction Bot

  • Easi-view Primary visualiser (Can be used

    to share students work with the rest of

    the classroom.)

  • Bee Bot Mat (used with Bee Bot)

  • Easi-Scope (digital microscope.)

  • Pro Bot (A big brother for

    Bee Bot)

  • Large Keys Keyboard

  • Can you guess whats up? guessing


  • Dont say it Descriptive game.

  • 3D telling the time puzzle.

  • Happy families card game (roles/

    jobs) x2

  • Animal science science kit ( plaster,

    plaster form, tweezers, measuring cup,

    bug viewer, specimen bag, stickers,

    guide book.

  • Maths Brain Box game (7+)

  • InventionsBrain Box game (7+)

  • Abc brain box game (4+)

  • Plant science kit (pipette, measuring

    cups, thirst scale colour strip, petri

    dish, little signs, colour tablets, mag-

    nifying glass)

  • Weather Science (rain gauge, wind

    vane, wind gauge, thermometer,

    mirror, weather station base,

    weather station pole, wind rose.)

  • Space exploration experiment kit

    ( manual, syringe, plastic tubes, lock-

    ing plugs, helicopter parts, 2 balloon

    cars pvc hose, Styrofoam boats,


  • The human science kit (fingerprint paper sheets,

    peepholes paper sheet, die-cut cardboard sheet,

    thin rubber bands, balloons, polystyrene foam

    ball, string, chalk, mirror, feather, hourglass,

    game board, measuring cups, tube, tactile

    shapes card, accordion folded systems, info

  • 501 activities for kids

  • 1000 things to make and


  • Taqbiliet Maltin

  • A practical guide to activities for

    young children

  • How children Learn science?

  • Theme-a-saurus (over 50 teaching

    themes and ideas)

  • 100 science lessons

  • Abacus resource book and activity


  • Picture talkIN the supermarket

  • Picture talk at the beach

  • Picture talkIN the kitchen

  • Picture talkIn the park

  • Ghanjiet it tfal u ghanjiet il Milied

  • Dinja wahda action guide

  • Health for life 1 ( a teachers

    planning guide to health educa-

    tion in the primary school)

  • Health for life 2 ( the world of drugs, keep-

    ing myself safe, me and my relationships.)

  • 100 science lessons Year 1

  • 100 science lessons Year 2

  • 100 science lessons Year 3

  • 100 science lessons Year 4

  • 100 science lessons Year 5

  • Exploring science 5

  • The big book of experiments

  • Puttinu u Toninu Stejjer ghat tfal ta kull


  • I love phonics vowels activity (1-4)

  • I love Phonics consonant activity 5-


  • Houscraft science

  • The history book Box

  • Investigating our world and how it works

    book box.

  • Amazing science experiments

  • Science Book 1 ( our body, the five

    senses, good habits, living and non

    living things.)

  • Science Book 2 ( Food, healthy

    food, life cycle of a plant.)

  • Science Book 3 ( animals, animal body

    parts, animals and their babies, life cycle

    of animals.)

  • Science Book 4 ( Solar systems, col-

    ours and shapes electricity, light

    and shadows.)

  • Ghanjiet tat tfal

  • Growing up (adolescence, body

    changes and sex)

  • A modern course in integrated science.

  • General Science Two

  • Taking Care of ME

  • MY House

  • Lets Go Shopping

  • Our Community