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Growth Hacks and Content Optimization

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Growth Hacks and Content Optimization

Content Strategy

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The 4 Cs Of Effective Content

The Four Cs of Effective Content5Content ResearchResearch is the backbone of effective content and an increased emphasis needs to be paid in this regard. Content CreationCreating content that is engaging and informative for users is imperative; therefore, its important that the content you generate is designed to meet the expectations of your readers.Content PromotionCreating stellar content is only half the battle won, you would also need to promote it to reach the right kind of audience you are targeting. Effective content promotion is the lifeblood of a blog. its vital that your content reaches the right audience, who are willing to consume and spread it further for effective online penetration across networks.

Content AnalyticsKeeping track of your content will help you figure out whats working and whats not working; thereby, helping you find out exactly what your audience is finding useful and what they would like to read more of.

Leveraging tools such as Buzzsumo to find out what works, what doesnt.Content Research: Critical Factors

Verifying user response.What kind of content your audience shares and creating more content around those topics.Taking a cue from the top publishing platforms.Example of 2 blog posts with combined user shares of 6.8K

A topic example which will encourage users to share their wedding images and maybe win prizes which will result in added exposure for Shaadisaga.Create targeted content piecesContent Creation: Content that Answers User Queries7

Contents language is conversational and openEasy to understand, engaging and informativeCreate unique content around user queriesContent ideas based around user queries revolving around practical information, humor and those directly asking for user participation

Practical information


Entails user participation

Helps you acquire new audienceContent Promotion: Why Promote8

Build momentumGives your content an edge over the competitionPromoting helps you reach your readers

Platforms which can be leveraged for content promotion apart from directly reaching out to influencers.

Find out whats working whats notContent Analytics: Tracking Measure of Success9

Engage more effectively with your audienceDeliver more of what the audience wants to exploreTrack your content to verify user responseTrack Blog content for greater penetration

Content Analytics: Top performing content10

Wedding Photography related topics have performed the best for Shaadisaga and needs to be aggressively promoted across social media and among influencers for even better brand penetration.

Content Quality Guidelines

Content Quality GuidelinesPublish informative and unique content- Shaadi Saga is already producing strong original content and we need to continue walking down that path.Use proper nouns- If a post generates a story that contains a named entity that other articles within the same cluster (i.e. on the same topic) do not contain, this may be an indication that the source is capable of original reporting.Headlines are Important - The headline should be indicative of the story at hand and contain meaningful keywords without stuffing.First paragraphis Key- The first paragraph (Especially the first 150 characters) of an article should convey the who, what, when, where, and why of the story in a few sentences.Use Optimized Photos- Use large images with good aspect ratios. Include descriptive captions. Place them near the article title.Fresh Perspective- Analyze the topic from a unique angle and differentiate from what everyone else is writing about.

Content Examples: Types of Posts Having High Engagement

Content that generates curiosity

Content about real couples and real feelings

Content that entertains or adds shock valueIt has been seen that creating content that evokes curiosity, real human emotions or shock value results in increased participation.

Content: The Theory Behind Great ContentCurrent Events- Covering current topics such as latest incidents or findings increase the chances of being crawled.Expert Commentary on Topics of Relevance- Expert commentary establishes authority. Conducting regular interviews with photographers, makeup artists, planners and sharing their tips and tricks will add value to the blog.Covering Hot Topics- Cover stories which the audience would like to read more about using tools to filter out topics people are searching for. Content Relevancy to the topic being discussed- Stick tightly to the topic being discussed without going astray. Original Content as opposed to Aggregated content- Aggregated content isnt original and should be avoided.Sticking to timelines- Timelines are important and the published content should be fresh and in-depth.

Content IdeasWhat can be includedOriginal market surveysConducting an original market survey on the wedding industry could result in increased coverage as it would be an original story capable of being picked up by other sources.

Publishing stories with a fresh/different perspectiveCome up with a unique angle on a major story doing the rounds. Adding a fresh perspective will ensure that your story stands out.Influencer OutreachIndustry leaders of high repute should be invited to write for the platform and offer personal insights. List based articlesList based articles have been found to be a hit with readers. Opinion pollsConduct regular opinion polls on issues directly or indirectly related to the wedding industry.Publishing Op-EdsOp-Eds are an incredible way of attracting great talent on the platform. Invite people to share their opinions to drive conversation with the audience. Visual StorytellingTelling stories through images. For e.g. capture interesting shots of unexplored wedding destinations and create a post around those images as part of a personal experience.Video based storytellingMillennials love to watch than read and creating video based stories with less text can draw significant attention to the platform.

Examples: Content Ideas

Growth Hacks

User Engagement Ideas: HTML Based Interactive Infographics

Examples of HTML based interactive Infographics with huge potential for user engagement.

A good example would be covering a topic such as The evolution of wedding and how its changed over the decades.

User Engagement Ideas: Interactive Videos using Wirewax

An example of an Interactive video by Dulux. Very few brands are utilizing this powerful tool to drive their user engagement efforts.

User Engagement Ideas: Increasing user engagement using Thinglink

Leveraging a platform like Thinglink, we can create interactive images which will result in increased user interaction on the blog.

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