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SharePoint in Action What We Did At NBC Olympics


  • 1.Whats it like to be part of the Olympics? What role does SharePoint play for such an effort? What can I take away to drive success with SharePoint?

2. 10,091 athletes 200+ nations 36 sports 302 medal events 19 competition days 34 venues 8.824 billion GBP70,000 Games Makers 8,000 torch bearers 7,500 ceremonies performers 70,000 audience pixel panels 11 million tickets 4 billion viewers 3. 5,500 hours of contentUnique viewers: 219 millionNetworksAverage PT viewers: 31m Halo effectNBCOlympics.com Rights: $1.1 billion USD http://nbcsportsgrouppressbox.com/press/Digital records 4. Intensely short lifespan of a large enterprise Best-of-class team of 3,700 High expectations, high demands One-of-a-kind technologies $1 billion of revenue on the line On live TV 5. Done quickly Easy for end users Bring-your-own-device Limited resources (very cheap) Easy to support Very flexible Scale quickly 6. What are big, easy wins? What are we doing well? What else can we do? How can we drive adoption? How easy can it be? 7. Its on OLY2012 DiscoverabilityValueAdoption 8. Its on OLY2012 Build in SharePoint Present in page viewer web partLinks 9. Clean home page Global navigation to contextQuick Launch to hot resources 10. Simplify, simplify, simplify Discard out-of-box terminology BrandingNavigation 11. Team sites Document libraries Lists (e.g. calendars) Team mailbox Provide inline, in-context, task-based guidance 12. SharePoint list InfoPath list form SharePoint Designer workflow List views (My Requests) 13. Printer installation Application installation FAQs 14. Issue tracking Inventory Configuration 15. Group Management Password Reset SharePoint Team Site Requests 16. SharePoint list WorkflowScheduled taskPassword reset Add a user to a group Create a SharePoint team site Move user data from NY to UK 17. SharePoint 2013 Office 365 Media (video) internal Social Search Medal tracking Applications 18. Do you need an assistant? Can I carry your bags? How on earth did you get this gig? 19. Keep your eyes on the prize Train hard before the main event "Just Do It" Learn from your peers Get the most from your coach Know the limits of your equipment Know the goal 20. http://tiny.cc/danholmepresentations http://bit.ly/danholmearticles http://bit.ly/[email protected] @danholme