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Taming BIG SharePoint


  • 1.> Taming SharePoint Listen up, mmmkay

2. All About Sebhttp://appcogs.com http://sebmatthews.net @sebmatthewsDog DadFatherCloud GuySpeakerHusbandhttp://linkedin.com/in/sebmatthews [email protected] 3. Change in SharePoint 4. Change in delivery 5. Being Big 6. Small 7. Medium 8. Big 9. Concepts 10. Problem Space Infrastructure SQL Server SharePoint Management (Users) 11. Infrastructure 12. Physical Infrastructure Positives No V overhead Spindle targeting OS is the limit Simplified Negatives Backup/Recovery challenges No snapshot Management HA more complex 13. Virtual Infrastructure Positives Snapshots Rapid scale/fail HA/DR options Negatives Compute loss Hardware complexity Disk management Complex networking (Clustering) 14. Network Infrastructure Traffic Isolation NICs per server Hops Colocation Close location (v) 15. Storage Infrastructure Heart of SharePoint Choices Expertise 16. SQL Server 17. Challenges HA/DR Configuration Optimisation 18. AlwaysOn Replaces mirroring (and clustering) Multi-mode replication Stretch compatible Uses WSFC Requires Full Recovery 19. Configuration / Optimisation Sizing Database growth Database isolation Core configuration Memory File locations MAXDOP OS file alloc at 64k 20. SharePoint 21. Topology Horses for Courses Federated farms HADR How many? 22. Big Topology 23. Boundaries & Limits Review and understand Consider them lawhttp://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc262787.aspx 24. Farm Functionality Request Manager Integrated Dedicated Authentication Service Applications Distributed Cache 25. Updates Challenges Options Downtime Low downtime Zero downtime 26. Management 27. System Center Application Controller Configuration Manager Data Protection Manager Operations Manager Orchestrator Service Manager Virtual Machine Manager 28. Tight Integration Management Packs Monitoring & rules Data Protection Manager Fully Supported 29. Loose Integration Service Templates (VMM) VHD build (SCO) Runbooks (SCO) Not supportable 30. PowerShell Tools for free Pure SQL PowerShell SharePoint PowerShell Non-SQL/SharePoint PowerShell 31. Wrap Up 32. The End of the Day Understand what you need Plan, plan, plan Test, test, test Manage expectations 33. Thanks for being here http://bigseb.me/sebdecks http://appcogs.com http://sebmatthews.net @sebmatthewsDog DadFatherCloud GuySpeakerHusbandhttp://linkedin.com/in/sebmatthews [email protected]