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SharePoint Mobile Strategy and Design


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2. SharePoint 2013 Mobile Strategy and DesignJoel Oleson Director Technical Evangelism ViewDo Labs @joeloleson CollabShow.com | Slide 3. SharePoint Joel Most Connected man in SharePoint Forbes: #1 SharePoint Influencer 2012 Voted Most Popular SharePoint Blog 2012 SharePointJoel.com now CollabShow.com Global Epic Traveler - TravelingEpic.com - Over 110 UN Countries| Slide3 4. Mobile Device Explosion! Enterprise Mobile MobileSharePoint 2013 Responsive Web Design+ SharePoint 5. Impact1 billion82%50%smartphones in 2012 2 Billion by 2015of the world's online population engages in social networkingof enterprise customers are on the road to cloud* Estimates Five Star Equities| Slide 6. SharePointDevice Explosion Mobile 7. Sales Today Smart Phones + Tablet > PC| Slide7 8. Rise of the 4 Screen Household11/22/2013| Slide 8CONFIDENTIAL 9. Microsofts Visin| Slide 10. Mobile vs. Desktop Web Traffic(Mobile April: Global 14.4%, U.S 14%| Slide10 11. | Slide11 12. India Mobile Traffic Overtakes Desktop| Slide12 13. 3rd World is Teaching 1st about Mobile First| Slide13 14. Top Mobile Platforms (ComScore Consumers 13+)MOBILE OS - FEB 2013Microsoft Symbian BlackBerry 1% 3% 5%Google 52%Apple 39%14| Slide 15. The Second Bump of Productivity!| Slide15 16. SharePointEnterprise Mobile Device Management Mobile 17. 64% of firms in Europe and North America identify providing more mobility support for employees as a top priority Forrsights Networks And Telecommunications Survey 2012| Slide 18. Reality Check 92% of Companies reported they do NOT support Mobile Access to SharePoint! Aug 2012 Forrester Survey| Slide 19. Enterprise Mobile Return on Investment#1 Employee Responsiveness Faster Decision Making #2 Faster Issue Resolution #3 Increased Productivity #4 Higher Customer Sat!| Slide 20. BYOD It exists whether you plan for it or not Sixty Seven percent of the people who use a smartphone for work and 70 percent of those who use a tablet for work are choosing the device themselves not necessarily thinking about whether their enterprise will support it| Slide 21. | Slide21 22. SharePointSharePoint 2013 & MobileMobileMobile Browser, Mobile Apps 23. SharePoint Mobile View| Slide 24. Switch 24| Slide 25. Native SharePoint 2013 MobilePRESENTED BYSharePoint out-of-the-box11/22/2013Confidential | 2013 Salient6, Inc. 25 26. Windows PhoneSurfaceiOS (iPhone)iOS iPadAndroid PhoneAndroid TabletSharePoint Newsfeed AppOffice Mobile App SkyDrive Pro App Office Web Apps @joeloleson @salient6 Aug 2013 | Slide 27. SharePoint 2013 Mobile Apps for Windows Phone and iOS Office Hub SharePoint App| Slide27 28. SharePoint on WP 8 28| Slide 29. yammer.com/SPYam29| Slide 30. SharePointResponsive Web Design + SharePoint Theres a better wayMobile| Slide 31. Responsive AND AdaptiveResponsive Web Design Various Screen resolutions provides different content based on real estate Adaptive Different content for different devices. Gets richer as the browser or devices supports richer experience. Also referred to as Progressive Enhancement. | Slide 32. Frameworks to know ZURB Foundation is a free collection of tools for creating websites and web applications. It contains HTML and CSS-based design templates for typography, forms, buttons, navigation and other interface components, as well as optional JavaScript extensions. Bootstrap (built at twitter) Sleek, intuitive, and powerful mobile first front-end framework for faster and easier web development. 11/22/2013| Slide 32 33. Break Points and Building for Resolution33| Slide 34. JQuery Mobile 34Design a single highly-branded web site or application once for all popular | Slide smartphone, tablet, and desktop platforms 35. Starbucks.fr | Slide 36. http://www.microsoft.com/fr-ca/default.aspx| Slide 37. https://www.marshfieldclinic.org/| Slide 38. ResponsiveSharePoint.codeplex.com| Slide 39. Responsive vs. Channels (Full Desktop, Tablet and/or Mobile) ResponsiveChannelsPro: One Code Base Things you cant deliver in Flash and Hover Build it once Fewer Images to maintain Con: Heavier download more CSS requires more bandwidth | SlidePro: Less Code on download Each optimized for device type or resolution Mobile optimized version can really provide customized experienceCon: More Maintenance more development, but may be easier 40. http://www.microsoft.com/ 41. Before Responsive Web Design Before CollabShow.com5% mobile| Slide 42. Before With Responsive Web Design CollabShow.com20% mobile| Slide 43. Key Takeaways and Considerations SharePoint Native Mobile Browsing has improved for all mobile platforms in SP2013 New SharePoint Mobile Apps can make accessing social + people + documents easier Consider third party mobile apps to fill gaps like Offline Sync, Search, Security and Mobile Device App mgmt Plan for Mobile Intranets: Seriously Consider Industry Best Practices of Responsive Web Design| Slide 44. Lets Connect! @joeloleson Facebook.com/joleson Linkedin.com/in/joeloleson| Slide 45. 45Thank You to our Sponsors| SlideCONFIDENTIAL 46. | Slide