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LIfes and times of a soccer coacher

Exclusive Jacob Young Interview

The Spirit Dwells in LASA and LBJ

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The Ultimate Heisman Winners

Aryman Lamsal

Aryman Lamsal is a current freshmen at LASA. He enjoys watching and playing sports. Some of his favorite players in-clude Jesus Navas and Chauncey Billups. Some of his favorite sports teams are the Detroit Pistons and the Texas Longhorns football team.

Michael Jiang

Michael Jiang is a current student at LASA. Growing up he has admired and been inspired by sports athletes. Among his favorites are Lionel Messi, Charles Woodson, and Kobe Bryant. He also playes His favorite teams include the San Diego Char-gers, Los Angelas Lakers, and Texas football team.

Ivan X. Naranjo Ivan X. Naranjo is a current LASA Student. As he enjoys watching sports on TV, he also plays soccer, is an avid runner and constantly works out. He plays saxophone in the LBJ band and last year attend-ed the Midwest clinic in Chicago. His favorite athlete of all time is Derrick Rose on the Chicago bulls, as this is his favorite team.

Ivan X. Walker



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Michael Woodson

Aryaman Newton

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Letters from the edItors

“We didn’t loose games, we just ran out of time” - Vince Lombardi We are so happy that

you have chosen our magazine to read. We promise to give you quality local sports news, stats, and information . We cover most sports including football, basketball, soccer, and so much more. Inside you will find out why teams should adopt a capped systems, why A&M to SEC is bad and a look into the Dallas Cowboys.

Michael Jiang, Ivan X. Naranajo,

Aryaman Lamsal

“Winning is not a sometime thing; it’s an all time thing. You don’t win once in a while, you don’t do things right once in a while, you do them right all the time. Win-ning is habit. Unfortunately, so is losing.” - Vince Lombardi

“Life’s battles don’t always go to the stronger or faster man. But sooner or later the man who wins, is the man who thinks he can.” -Vince Lombard

“The spirit, the will to win, and the will to excel are the things that en-dure. These qualities are so much more important than the events that occur.” - Vincent Lombardi

photo from: Statue of Vince Lombardi

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December 15 2011 Issue 1

Featured Story06 Life and Times of a Soccer Coach

08 Young, The Restless

12 The Spirit Dwells in LBJ and LASA

Opinion PieceMoney Ball

The Devouring

The Rich Side


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the drink of champions.


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the Life and times of a soccer

coachBy ivan X. naranjo

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For Holly Howell, a normal day consists of playing with her dog, teaching Kindergarten, and being an extraordinary soccer Coach.

“I coach English style. As they say it, they ‘Put is on the deck’. Basically, play simply to feet direct, play the way you face, and never force the ball. If the ball’s not on, pull it back, recycle and try a different avenue.”

She coaches a girls’ soccer team at Soc-cer Zone South and is very good at it. She herself has been coaching soccer for 3 years and is an excellent soccer play-er, as she has been playing for 21 years.

“In a quality soccer player, I find dedi-cation, someone who plays from the heart and has the desire to want to be there. Soccer can bring many experi-ences to players who don’t have it.”

Her team is called the Cupcakes and is very good. Her team last year was very good, as they were the beginner league champs.

Afterwards they moved up to intermedi-ate, and lost and tied a game there. She does have some doubts though about this year.

“This year’s season is shaky because we don’t have enough subs and it’s hard to find players with experience. We prob-ably won’t go to advanced and will be bumped down to beginner; but that’s fine with me, because we play for fun.”

Her definition of a good team consists of people that pass well, trust each other and give each other a chance no matter what skill level. The hardest qualities in a soccer player to find are enough people that are committed and consistent and that there is a struggle with finding subs, which doesn’t give her players enough rest time. It doesn’t help when the harder teams are fast and have good foot skills.

“To be better, we need better passing, we need to play to feet, and we need simplic-ity. If it’s not on, we should bring the ball back and try a different attack. We also need to work on the movement off the ball and we need work on our close man-to-man contact instead of leaving space for the opposing team to face and play direct.”

These are the things she uses, as she is a soccer player herself. Ever since she was four years old, she has been

playing defense, mainly sweeper.

“I got a soccer scholarship to St. Edwards and I got placed in the Olympic develop-mental team.”

“This year’s season is shaky be-cause we don’t have enough subs and it’s hard to find players with experience. We probably won’t go to advanced and will be bumped down to beginner; but that’s fine with me, because we play for fun.”

After college, she found Soccer Zone. As well as coaching there, she also plays. The experience and area around soccer zone is really something that makes it a good place.

“It’s great. The staff is good and they have a nice, laid back refs. I’ve only seen a few guys been ejected from the game because they’re are overly aggressive and swing and punch. But most of the time the refs and staff make sure doesn’t happen. Last year, our players got a t-shirt and bag. The good thing is that they don’t always give a trophy but stuff that can be used, which makes them work hard-er because it’s tangible, gives sense of pride.”

Lastly, for people that are just start-ing soccer or even for people that play, some really great places to play are St Edwards, St. Mary’s, Concordia, In-carnate Word and just Select Soccer.

“To make yourself better, you should video-record yourself, because the tape doesn’t lie. When you see yourself outside your own picture you’re able to find weak-nesses and see what needs to be worked on. If you’re really committed, get a per-sonal trainer to work on skills, and always play up a few years. Train in the summer to stay well rounded with weights and run-ning. Practice with your parents and have them come to your games and be proud. The whole point of soccer or any sport for that matter is to feel good about yourself.”

Sports Lineup Issue 1 Pg 7

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Young, the RestlessInterview with former Texas A&M punter Jacob Young

By; Aryaman Lamsal

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Alberot Salazar once said “An athlete who tells you the training is always easy and always fun simply hasn’t been there. Goals can be elusive which makes the difficult journey all the more rewarding.” Jacob Young has been through a tough journey being a collegiate athlete. “A typical football day started at 6 am, and we would lift

from 6-8. Then we went to class from 8-2, and then practice started at 2 and went till six. And then from 6 to 8 or 9 was my time to eat, take a shower, and do what I needed to do. Then I would go back up to the studio and work from 9 till 11, mid-night, one o’clock in the morning. Then I’d go to bed and do it all over again. There were several times when I was thinking ‘What the heck was I thinking’”

Jacob Young grew up in a small town called Fairfield Texas, a rural town that consisted of 3,000 people. Jacob spent most of his time there, going to Elementary, Middle and High School. “I grew up in a farm working cows and bailing hay.” Jacob Young then went to A&M to purse is passion for landscaping and architec-ture. Jacob studied at A&M from 2001 to 2005. After focusing on his studies for his freshmen year he gets bored and decides to walk on the football team, where he was the starting punter for his junior and senior years.

Mr. Young is a collegiate athlete. Since he was a young boy he started playing sports in his hometown of Fairfield. He played different sports in high school such as baseball, soccer, and cross country.

“In my first year of college I wanted to focus on my studies.”

After his freshmen year he gets bored and he decides to walk on the football team.

“I talked to the coach and told him I wanted to play kicker. Coach said he had enough punters, but he asked me if I could punt”

“I had never punted before in my life, but I told him absolutely I could punt.”

That happened in November so he had all of November and December to practice punting. Mr. Young was able to draw from his soccer skills while learning how to punt. He also watched a lot of football, and copied what other people did. All of that led up to the spring semester. In January he tries out and makes the team.

In his sophomore and junior years he was a backup. He had to do scout team punting.

“I was a tackle dummy for two years. There was a lot of work and no respect.”

It was his junior year on the scout team I which Mr. Young experienced one of his most eventful days while in college. It was the first team punt return against the scout team. Mr. Young’s job was to get a decent punt out every time. He messed up one or two in a row, and the position coach at the time, gets his megaphone and yells into the thing. “He told me how worthless I was. I didn’t deserve to be on his field, he told me to get off and don’t come back again. (Filled with profanities) It

Photo by Tena Young

Pg 9

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Year School Class Punts Yds Avg2003 Texas A&M JR 45 1663 372004 Texas A&M SR 63 2444 38.8

was humiliating at the time but I use that as negative reinforcement and negative motiva-tion. I can laugh about it now, but at the time it was humiliating.”

It was this type of ability to battle through the tough times that made him successful. Being an athlete in college is though. Some athletes like Jacob Young have to do double the work of some students. Not only do they have to go to class and study, but they have to go the football field and practice for hours on end. Some football players get it easy. They take the easier classes and focus on football. Because his major was in architecture and landscaping his classes were harder than other players on the football team. The time requirements were the same for the punter as they were for the quarterback.

“My professors kind of saw it as an insult to play sports and get an A or B in class.

“Dumb jocks shouldn’t be doing this.”

Some professors were fine with it. A lot of them didn’t care that you played football”

Although playing football was tough, there were several rewards. Jacob Young’s most memorable game was a Thursday night ESPN game against Virginia Tech. In that Game there was a hurricane blowing up the coast of Virginia. In that game Jacob Young got to punt in a hurricane. “Not too many people can say they played in a hurricane.”

The best advice given to Jacob Young was by his positions coach. It’s applicable in both life and in sports. “The most important play is always the next play.” You don’t want to get too excited about the good stuff or too down about the bad stuff, you have to stay focused.

Photos by Tena Young

Young’s Stats

“Dumb jocks shouldn’t be doing this”

—Jacob Young, former A&M punter

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The Spirit Dwells i n LBJ and LASABy: Michael

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The Spirit Dwells i n LBJ and LASAJiang

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During Monday through Thurs-day, Mr. McNiel is a well-behaved and mild mannered geometry teacher, but when Friday swings into town and

game time comes, he is transforms into the Fanatic Coach McNiel who has contagious charisma and is ready for some action on the field. On Fridays, he doesn’t need the snickers he usually craves to fuel him; it’s the football running through his veins that gives him en-ergy. This energy has only strengthened over the course of his twenty-two years of teach-ing at LBJ and LASA. Such is just one of the miracles of football that has taken place in the school building.

The football at the school has really turned around. LBJ has won the district title this year, something they have not been able to accomplish for a while. Yet this transition is not the biggest transition that has taken place. The biggest transition belongs to the spirit and unity of the two schools on campus that have developed through the football season. Before, the schools have just been relatively distanced to each other, but now the football has made the schools almost kin.

“It don’t matter if the kid is white, black, yellow, or red; all of them are one in the school in football, basketball, band, and spirit.” Coach McNiel says. Over the

course of the season, this phenomenon has really unfolded before people’s eyes. Fifty years after the civil rights movement, Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream could be seen at LBJ and LASA High School. LBJ, a school with the student body predominantly African Ameri-can, and LASA high school, a school with a well mixed diversity of races, have no problem embracing each other as one school, all thanks to LBJ football.

The students at the two schools seemed to have very little contact with each other at the beginning of the school year. Now, one can walk the halls of the other school and strike a conversation with anybody on the topics of football, athletics, and school spirit. This was most evident during the homecoming game versus Travis, the McCallum game, and the Cedar Park game. At the games, LBJ and LASA students stood side by side yelling and cheering their team on. There were no barri-ers within the divided schools. “You can’t tell who’s from what school, all you could see was a sea of purple in the stands all cheering for their team.” An LBJ parent said. At the end of the McCallum game, bands of students from both LBJ and LASA stood together to chant “WHOSE HOUSE?! JAGS HOUSE!”

Such excitement and school spirit has been a signature at the LBJ football games. People who don’t even understand football are excited about the football games. After the McCallum

game, student Kevin Chow declared that “That was the best game ever!” Kevin, a self-pro-claimed nerd, has never witnessed a football game before the McCallum game nor did he understand what was going on during the Mc-Callum game. He just went because he wanted to cheer the school on and be a part of the high school scene. As the game progressed, so did the development of his football spirit. The once dormant spirit quickly grew within the duration of forty-eight minutes. At the end of the game, he was standing on the edge of his seat cheering, screaming, and supporting his team

As a wise man once said, “It doesn’t mat-ter if the kid is white, black, yellow, or red; all of them are one in the school in football, basketball, band, and spirit.” Such is very true through the halls of LBJ and LASA High School. The spirit of the schools has unified and energized the student body in the build-ing.

“It don’t matter if the kid is white, black, yellow, or red; all of them are one in the school in football, basket-ball, band, and spirit.”

The student Section showing some School pride

Sports Lineup Issue 1

“You can’t tell who’s from what school, all you could see was a sea of purple in the stands all cheering for their team.”

Coach McNiel and son Dsvid proudly holds the district title trophy.

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THeY just Put




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Aaron Rodgers led his Pack-ers to the championship last year. Dirk Nowitzki led his Mavericks to victory last year.

Wayne Rooney led Manchester United to the championship last year. What is the difference? Wayne Rooney has won his leagues championship five times in the past six years. Rodgers and Nowitzki are both first time winners. Another differ-ence is that both the NFL and NBA are capped leagues, while the EPL is an un-capped league. An uncapped league ruins sports because there will be no diversity in teams winning, teams with the most money will dominate, and not all the teams get the same amount of exposure or fan base which will put teams behind in an economic standpoint.

“A main argument for an uncapped system is that teams, who are committed to winning, should be allowed to use as much money as they please. “

Spending large amounts of money shows a commitment from that team towards winning. That argument is flawed be-cause all teams want to win, but some teams struggle because they don’t have the money. The NFL has a salary cap that teams can’t go over. According to the salary cap for the NFL this year is 120 million. Teams are not allowed to pass that number. According to 18 teams have won the Super Bowl since the Superbowl was created, which is more than half of the teams in the NFL. There have been six teams that

have won hack to back Superbowls. This shows you can expect multiple teams to compete for the Superbowl every year. From Super Bowl XXXIV to Super Bowl XLIV eight different teams in this decade have won the championship. That covers a span of 11 games. That means the Patri-ots, and Steelers are the only teams who have won more than once. This shows that the NFL which is a capped system is a very competitive league, which has multiple teams competing every year.

On the contrary in the English Premier League which has an uncapped system three teams, Arsenal, Manchester United, and Chelsea have won the champion-ship in this decade. This is no surprise considering these three teams have the most money and the most revenue in

the sport. Whenever a team has a good player, who they can’t afford, one of these three teams take up and become success-ful with that player.

Teams who don’t have as much money as other teams in their league don’t win as many games. This causes the team to lose more fans who don’t want their teams to lose. If a team continues to lose then they won’t get any nationally televised games, which will cost the team in revenue.

“Success equals revenue and revenue equals success,” said Professor Stefan Szymanski, one of the world’s leading sports economists, who is based at Cass Business School in London. The Premier League positions of United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool are the same as

Money BallBy: Aryaman

Why all sports league should adopt a capped league so that money doesn’t dominate the sport.

Photo by RAWKU5 via stock.xchng

Sports Lineup Issue 1Pg 16

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their positions when the clubs are ranked by income. The average earnings of the big four clubs is triple the average for the little 16. Newcastle, England’s sixth-rich-est club, have seen no increase in revenue in the past two seasons. However, in the same period Chelsea’s income went up £41.4m, Arsenal’s by £61.9m and United’s by £45.7m. Mind the gap? Mind the abyss, more like”

The Premier League in England and Wales is a perfect example of how an uncapped system ruins sports. The top four teams in the League all have the most money. This shows that in the Eng-lish Premier League money can win you games. Entering every season fans expect only the “Big Four” to win. No other team has a chance, because they don’t have as much revenue as the Big Four. Whenever one of the smaller market teams brings along a good player one of the four teams is always able to bring that player onto their team because they offer more

money. This example is perfect in Major League Baseball.

The New York Yankees are able to buy the best player year in and year out. In the summer of 2009 the Yankees signed CC Sabathia, Mark Teixeira, and AJ Burnett. That year the Yankees won the World Se-ries. According to bizofbaseball the Yan-kees spent a total of $423.5 million dollars on these three players. At that time the Yankees had the four highest contracts in the MLB. Alex Rodriguez had the high-est, with Derek Jeter in second, Teixeira in third, and Sabathia in fourth. Since then Jeter has a new smaller contract, while CC is about to get a larger contract. The Yankees have all this money to spend on All Star players which allows them to be one of the best teams in the league. Be-ing able to afford these great players has allowed them to have 27 championships, which is the most in the MLB.

Based on my research I believe that sports

leagues around the world should adopt a capped system. Having a capped system makes that league more interesting and competitive with different teams winning and competing every year; it allows for all teams to have a chance in an economic standpoint, and no one team can domi-nate because they have the most money. Although my opposition says that spend-ing more money shows a commitment towards winning, in a capped league not all the teams use all of their money. In the NFL for example not all the teams use the $120 million dollars allotted to them. Teams who want to win can use the $120 million, but they don’t have to. An un-capped league ruins sports because there will be no diversity in teams winning, teams with the most money will domi-nate, and not all the teams get the same amount of exposure or fan base which will put teams behind in an economic standpoint.

Behind the Greed

• Average Salary: $1,162,720• Rischest Team:Machester City

• Average Salary: $2,866,544• Contanis the richest team in the world., the New York Yankees.

Picture form

Picture from w

Sports Lineup Issue 1 Pg 17

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Sports Lineup 2011 Issue 1

The Rich SideBy Ivan X. Naranjo

Pg 18

Page 19: Sports Lineup

About 2 months ago, the Cowboys were on top of their game. They had only lost one game, and were ranked 11th. Now, since their bye week, they were ranked 17th, as they lost to the Lions. Back in the older days, the Cowboys weren’t motivated enough. Nowadays, Tony Romo is paid almost $11,000,000. If you think about it, how many times have the Cowboys won a game on a decent pay? Not many. Now, if you pay them more, games are won. The same thing happens with the coaches. If you pay the coaches a more than decent amount, the games are won. This money is also used for better training facilities and places to practice. The obvious issue is that Cowboys aren’t a bad team, but they’re only good because they’re rich.

The Cowboys’ owner, Jerry Jones, spent $250 million on the Dallas Cowboys Sta-dium. In 1989, Jerry Jones purchased the Dallas Cowboys for $140 million. In fact, the Cowboys are the second most valuable franchise in sports today, worth over $1.65 billion and actually cost more than the New York Yankees. This can be obviously seen when owner Jerry Jones said,

“There would be no pleasure in winning the Super Bowl and still losing money.”Some people could say that the Cowboys are good just because they’re good. But compare the pay of Dallas Quarterback Tony Romo to the pay of Houston Quar-terback Matt Schaub. While Schaub is paid a decent $6,866,667 for his season so far, Romo is paid $10,916,000. That’s $40,049,333 dollars more. When you compare these salaries next to the players’ stats, you can see that more money equals better stats. However, Green Bay Pack-ers Quarterback, Aaron Rodgers is only paid $10,400,000, $516,000 less than Tony Romo. Romo needs to start playing better to get what he’s worth.

The Green Bay Packers’ stadium also cost only $960,000 to build and $295 million to renovate. Their head coach, Mike McCar-thy is paid $5 million, while Jason Garrett, as an assistant coach was paid a record of $3 million. So why is it that the Cowboys

are being paid so much more, but aren’t as good? This is because the Cowboys aren’t as good as a team.

As it turns out, it’s true; the Cowboys have never really been that good of a team, only rich. This year, as of October 3rd, the Cow-

boys have only had a 64% completion rate on Tony Romo’s part. Also, this season the Quarterbacks (Romo, Kitna, and McGee) have been sacked 13 times total, 7 more times than the opponents average. The most depressing stat on the Cowboys for this season in my opinion is the fact that they once lost 84 yards on a sack compared to the 26 yards lost on the opponent’s aver-age.

If we look ahead to the future, what will we find? Will we find the Cowboys winning the Super Bowl without a lot of financial aid? Probably not. What about making it to the playoffs? Maybe, since Romo’s injury is a thing of the past. Garrett being the new head coach could be considered as a good thing, since he has a 7 to 5 record. But the Cowboys had only beaten the St. Louis Rams, and had lost to the Philadelphia Eagles. The Cowboys also had a guaran-teed loss to the Patriots, as the Patriots most recent Super Bowl win was in 2004; nine years after the Cowboys won their last Super Bowl in 1995.

Like any overpaid team, they will over-come these possible losses and maybe go to the playoffs. The Cowboys have a decent roster of players and coaches. But without the millions of dollars paid to the players and coaches, the Cowboys would fall apart. Jason Garrett and his team work hard for Jerry Jones’ money, but they just don’t

work hard enough. Which is the main reason why the Cowboys should have a decent season.

Sports Lineup 2011 Issue 1

The Cowboys 80,000 seating stadium

Pg 19



y of




Cowboy Owner Jerry Jones



y of


n. o


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Gator Bait

What is the first thought that pops to mind when I say SEC foot-ball? Is it powerhous-es? Is it the possessor

of the last five BCS championships? Is it the multitude of Heisman trophy winners? Whatever you think, it is most likely it indicates that they are the best confer-ence in the NCAA. What are the cons to A&M joining them? Most people think that this is a good move, but is it? Tired of constantly being in the shadow of Texas, and enticed by a chance at a fresh start, A&M has decided to move to the SEC, but the move is just a horrible decision. The first part to explore is the fame A&M has developed as a winning football program; this program is now in jeopardy of a los-ing season next year. By moving to the SEC, they are exposed to more talented teams that they might not be able to beat, like LSU, Alabama, and Florida.

The toughness of A&M is not to be doubted, but the SEC just might be the only conference has the chance to break such a tough spirit. The SEC has some of

the top defenses in the country. They fill up the top 3 spots in forced plays with an opponent’s negative yardage with Florida (47.8%), Alabama (44.1%), and LSU (43%) according to ESPN. With these teams stocked up on defense it will hinder the prolific offensive productions we are use to in A&M play. It will also put more pressure on A&M’s struggling defense, which has consistently faltered when fac-ing against SEC teams. The most recent example is A&M against Arkansas. They allowed 510 passing yards, most of which came during the second half, and surren-dered 25 points while scoring just 3 in the second half. This second half meltdown cost them a game in which they were lead-ing 35-17 at halftime. Many would say that “Texas A&M has been finishing strong the last two seasons.” This is true, but who is Texas A&M winning against? They have been playing Kansas and Iowa State, two of the worst teams in football, and if they move, they might forever be considered as the Kansas or Iowa State of the Southeast-ern Conference.

Another downside that the move can bring is a recruitment problem. They will have a hard time competing against the other SEC teams in recruiting star players. They will never beat LSU in recruiting in Louisiana, Alabama in Alabama, and Florida in Florida. Once they leave, they risk jeopardizing their recruiting in Texas, their only place where they can beat other programs in recruitments. Because of their move, it might cause the football players who want to play for the Big 12 lose inter-est in playing at A&M. Many would say “But wouldn’t a good team be able to re-cruit all the good players they need?” Yes, but, A&M will not be considered a good team when compared to other SEC teams. They, at best, will be considered a medio-cre team. A perfect example at the failures at recruiting is Vanderbilt. Vanderbilt, a very bad team compared to the rest of the SEC, always has a hard time beating other SEC teams because they just don’t have the skills on their team that the other SEC teams have, due to the incompetence of competing against the SEC powerhouses.

By Michael JiangWhy A&M will be chewed up when they get enter the SEC.

Photo of alligator from Flickr by Pandiyan; Football helmets from Flickr by Dan04

Sports Lineup 2011 Issue 1Pg 20

Page 21: Sports Lineup

Then there is the aspect of geography; A&M is not fit geographically to be play-ing in the SEC. Though they have fans spread throughout the world and cer-tainly there are fans in areas like Florida, Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina, the majority of the fans are in Texas and Big 12 area. The move would make some fans go half way across the country to see their team play making the trip very inconvenient.

A&M is needed by many teams, most specifically the teams in the Big 12 conference. Many people would say A&M is just one team, what will be the difference when they leave? It is not like one team can forever change a whole league of teams. Quite is the contrary, the real thing is that all the teams in the Big 12 need A&M. Most people before the season thought that if A&M leaves, the destruction of the Big 12 will commence. After A&M declared that they were leaving the Big 12 for the SEC, Baylor declared that they would sue if this happened, because they had the most to lose if A&M left. If A&M’s absence did indeed destroy the Big 12, Baylor would have no conference to turn to because of conferences dislikes to have religious schools and their weak athletics program. Though the legal case was dropped it did tell everybody that A&M’s leave does impact more than just A&M. Luckily for Baylor, the Big 12 seems to be stabilizing now that an invitation has been extended to Texas Christian University (TCU) according to a press release from the Big 12. The preservation of the Big 12 was the biggest achievement, but Texas still lost

much. Many sports experts predict that Texas won’t be able to play A&M any-more. “It would be a shame if we could never play them ever again,” says Texas Coach Mack Brown. A piece football tradition will be lost, a rivalry that many have thought, would transcend the effects of time perishes. As a die-hard Texas fan, I would really hate to see them go, not because I like them, but because Texas without Texas A&M is a puzzle with a missing piece. As much as I oppose the idea, Texas needs A&M.

The move of A&M has a bigger effect than most people think. Though it reaps a few benefits for the program in terms of money and a fresh start, overall, the move’s cons outweighs the pros. The best solution for A&M right now is to later find another conference, most preferably the Big 12, so that A&M can once again be that fruitful program with successful seasons and recruiting all while preserv-ing traditions and playing an active role in its conference.

“It would be a shame if we could never play them ever again,” says Texas Coach Mack Brown X

SEC photo from Flickr by Tennessee Journalist; A&M photo from flickr by Steven Wilke.

Sports Lineup 2011 Issue 1 Pg 21

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Top Five

Rajon RondoTeam: Boston CelticsAge: 25Height: 6 ft 1 inCollege: KentuckyAchievements;

* NBA Champion (2008) * 2× NBA All-Star (2010–2011) * 2× All-Defensive First Team (2010–2011) * All-Defensive Second Team (2009) * NBA All-Rookie Second Team (2007)

Steve NashTeam: Phoenix SunsAge: 37Height: 6 ft 3 inCollege: Santa Clara UniversityAchievements:

* 2× NBA Most Valuable Player (2005–2006) * 7× NBA All-Star (2002–2003, 2005–2008, 2010) * 3× All-NBA First Team (2005–2007) * 2× All-NBA Second Team (2008, 2010) * 2× All-NBA Third Team (2002–2003) * 2× Skills Challenge Champion (2005, 2010)

“Durability and longevity are very important as it relates to carving your name alongside some of the great point guards to ever play the game.” -- Kevin Johnson



Point Guards in NBA











By:Aryaman Lamsal

Pg 22 Sports Lineup 2011 Issue 1

Page 23: Sports Lineup

Deron WilliamsTeam: New Jersey NetsAge: 27Height: 6 ft 3 inCollege: IllinoisAchievements:

* 2× NBA All-Star (2010–2011) * 2× All-NBA Second Team (2008, 2010) * NBA All-Rookie First Team (2006) * Skills Challenge Champion (2008)

Derrick RoseTeam: Chicago BullsAge: 23Height: 6 ft 3 inCollege: MemphisAchievements:

* NBA Most Valuable Player (2011) * NBA Rookie of the Year (2009) * 2× NBA All-Star (2010–2011) * All-NBA First Team (2011) * NBA All-Rookie First Team (2009) * Skills Challenge Champion(2009)

Chris PaulTeam: New Orleans HornetsAge: 26Height: 6 ft 0 inCollege: Wake ForrestAchievements:

* NBA Rookie of the Year (2006) * 4× NBA All-Star (2008–2011) * All-NBA First Team (2008) * All-NBA Second Team (2009) * All-NBA Third Team (2011) * NBA All-Defensive First Team (2009) * 2x NBA All-Defensive Second Team (2008, 2011) * All-Rookie First Team (2006)































Pg 23Sports Lineup 2011 Issue 1

Page 24: Sports Lineup

4The number of defensive players selected as a heisman finalist, including Tyrann Mathieu (below), nicknamed Honey badger.

The only one who has ever won the trophy: Charles Woodson of Michigan in 1997.

0-12The Manning-less Colts’ record.

12-0The Pack’s record after 12 games. Led by Aaron Rodgers (Below)

12Games where Aaron Rodgers (Above) passer rating topped 100.

2SEC teams going to play for the title game, LSU and Alabama.

148Days that the NBA lockout lasted before both sides agreed to a settlement.

Noteworthy Numbers of the week

By: Michael Jiang


Sports Lineup 2011 Issue 1Pg 24

Page 25: Sports Lineup

Top 20 Sports Movies

By Ivan X. Naranjo

20) Peaceful Warrior19) Million Dollar Baby18) Gridiron Gang17) The Express16) Victory15) Caddyshack14) Field of Dreams13) Friday Night Lights12) Kicking and Screaming11) The Fighter10) Invictus9) Facing the Giants8) The Waterboy7) Moneyball6) We Are Marshall5) The Sandlot4) Rudy3) Remember the Titans2) The Blind Side1) Rocky



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Sports Lineup 2011 Issue 1 Pg 25

Page 26: Sports Lineup

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