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Today’s Lineup More Flash: Video Conversion, Templates Consult on Final Projects

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Today’s Lineup. More Flash: Video Conversion, Templates Consult on Final Projects. More Flash. By now you should know: The basic Flash interface How to use the drawing tools How to create “ tweens ” More Advanced: (See tutorial) Buttons Action script. More Flash: Video. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Today’s LineupMore Flash: Video Conversion, TemplatesConsult on Final Projects

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More FlashBy now you should know:• The basic Flash interface• How to use the drawing tools• How to create “tweens”

More Advanced: (See tutorial)• Buttons• Action script

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More Flash: VideoTwo ways to add video:

1. Import it directly into a Flash project2. Encode it using Flash Video Encoder

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Why Use the Encoder?• Saves a step when importing into a

Flash project.

• Faster upload to YouTube,, other sharing sites.

• More control: Tweak settings for size, compression, etc.

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Example• See Video

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More Flash: TemplatesReuters/Media Storm: Recycle, Reuse

• Economic Crisis• Iraq Anniversary

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Using Templates: ConceptKnight Digital Media Center (Berkeley),Ventura County Star

• Most reporters aren't designers.• Staff designers don’t have time to do it all.• Web-focused stories relegated to special

projects.• Remedy: Create free templates that cover

“70-80 percent” breaking news, features.

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Finally…Flash Can Be:

Really Simple• CNN

Heath Care Bill

Really Engaging• Media StormHomepage