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State Wolves


The wolf is an intelligent,

social animal.

It communicates with other wolves by whining, yelping, growling, or howling.

Wolves naturally organize themselves into packs to maintain stability and assist with hunting.

A pack typically consists of 5 to 7 individuals. Our pack is a bit larger

Kaitlyn, Alex, Kaylee, beta wolf Coach Gross, alpha wolf Coach Ras, Liz, Tember, Becca, Jody, Jez, Kenzie, Shae, Sarah, Lynsie,

omega wolves Peyton, Taylor, Alyssa, Kali, Kia

This particular pack of Wolves is led by an alpha male, Coach Ras and a beta female, Coach Gross, as the second in command.

Coach Ras Coach Gross

Wolves exhibit visible signs of the strength of their pack behavior through unique body language.

The wolf is a skillful hunter with a keen sense of smell, acute hearing, and great stamina.

It works together with other wolves in the pack to kill such prey as wheelers and panthers.

The wolf also feeds on home cooked meals & birds such as hawks, eagles,

and falcons

The complex wolf pack dynamics more resemble those of a teenage clique than a group of wild beasts.


A pack mentality of extreme loyalty and devotion to the group binds the wolves together as a unit.

Good Luck, Ladies!

Wolf facts adapted from :

Thank you to Mr. Lahndorf, Mrs. Jacobsen, Jean Stadtlander, and Nancy Croghan for the pictures used in this pamphlet.