stupido the stupid torpedo

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  • 2 0 0 9 . c o m SST OP 006FWGAW Registration: 1302440

  • Accidentally launched from a PIRATE SUBMARINE, STUPIDO, the stupid torpedo, discovers that theres a whole world outside of his launch tube. Along the way, he finds a new best and only friend in a cuddly little fish named MR. CUDDLES, a hideous cuttlefish that just wants a hug.

    CAPTAIN SQUEAKY of the pirate submarine is one tidy man of the open seas. Obsessed with cleanliness, he runs a tight ship of clean freaks called SWABBIES with his vac-o-matic in one hand and a super-electro-static feather duster in the other. And when Captain Squeaky learns that his secret weapon has accidentally been launched, his obsession turns to Stupido.

    Meanwhile, the MEN IN WHITE, a secret operations unit of the NAVY, believes a dangerous torpedo is on the loose, and they have vowed to pursue Stupido to the ends of the earth.

    But what the Men in White dont know is that Stupido carries nothing more than ultra-concentrated hand sanitizer, thanks to Captain Squeakys grand scheme of squeaky clean and tidying up the world.

    Misunderstood and relentlessly pursued, Stupidos tiny propeller leads him on a series of amazing adventures over land, in the air, and of course under the sea!

    2 0 0 9 . c o m SST OP 006FWGAW Registration: 1302440