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The Big Pineapple By Lize Nortje Grade 5H

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The Big Pineapple

By Lize Nortje

Grade 5H

Page 2: The big pineapple

• The great big pineapple has always been one of the best known and loved Sunshine Coast attractions since the 15th of August 1971.

When did it become famous?

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Where and Why, did it become famous?

•In less than 12 months the owners had made a success from a plain pineapple plantation into a major tourist attraction.

•Because of that they received the inaugural award for Australian Tourism Development in 1971.

•This pineapple was formerly located next to a service station on the Bruce Highway, then sadly the Pineapple was demolished in 2008 during redevelopment of the site.

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Where can it be found?

• This significant pineapple can be found at Woombye near Nambour, Queensland or just one hour north of Brisbane.

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The National Trust of Queensland as recognisedThe Big Pineapple has a significant

National Icon in the tourism industry.

In 1998 There was a seal

with The Big Pineapple

on it.

This national icon can be found on a

variety of post cards,like the one above.

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Interesting facts• This Big Pineapple is about 16 metres high, and is made from fibre


• The best thing about this Pineapple is that the ENTRY IS FREE!

• All tours are also FREE, BUT ONLY if you are under 4 years old. • The Big Pineapple is set on a working farm of nearly 400 acres, which is a great

working farm.

• The attraction went on the market in June 2005.

• Apart from the ‘Significant Banana’ in New South Wales, ‘The Big Pineapple’ was the earliest big thing out of a hundred and fifty or more “big” things in Australia.

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Some more attractions and exciting fact!

• You can take a tour aboard the unique train as it goes through fantastic fruit trees, sub tropical rainforest and visits the wildlife reserve where you can experience Australian native wildlife animals, like koalas, wombats, emus, owls and so much more. The best part is that the children can experience how it feels to touch and feed all the baby animals.

• They even explain to you how to grow pineapples and they include a demonstration for you.



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Trading hours are 9-5pm every day

• But you better hurry because the first tour starts at 10.00 am.

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Something to Eat and to Take Home!

• A family Restaurant with tropical views.• On Sundays enjoy the famous parfaits.• The large gift shop with variety of

souvenirs, jewellery, gifts, confectionery and a unique range of The Big Pineapple jams, sauces, condiments.

• Own bakery that makes homemade biscuits..

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Years from now ….An interesting fact!

• If you love the Big Pineapple so much, then you can order your own complete wedding package-ceremony, that contains photographs, reception and even entertainment.

• Listen to this and then decide…….

• You can contact The Big Pineapple for reservations at:• Address: Nambour Connection Road, Woombye, QLD 4559

Phone: (07) 5442 1333 Fax: (07) 5442 1717

• Email: [email protected]

• But I hope that will still be a couple of years from now!

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