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Don’t let SXSW be a blur. These six tips can help you take SXSW from being a blur of an event to a transformative experience. This is my 5th consecutive SXSW Interactive festival (the first three I attended and participated in while living in Alaska). These rules have helped me transition my career, deepen my network and launch a movement (#TechBySuperwomen). I’ll take you through each of these rules and the true stories that inspired them -- let’s discuss how to keep and break them in order to make SXSW your own.


  • 1. #theSXSWrules Making SXSW work for you. SXSW Interactive 2014 Preview Deck

2. the rules. 2 1.find your school(s). 2.get lost. 3.keep the work in network. off-grid. 5.dare to make big asks. 6.take charge. *bonus: remember, its about community. 3. 3 My First SXSW an Alaskan heads to Texas. 4. 4 #1. SXSW is like the ocean, find a few schools to swim with. 5. 5 #3. keep the work in network. 6. 6 #4. eat off-grid. 7. 7 #6. take charge. Image veesees via Flickr 8. #Q&A Note: this has been a preview deck, join me in Austin in 2014.