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  • how far wherewhat kindwhat timehow much

  • 4. Excuse Me? Fourteen or forty?2. I'm sorry, it's how far?1. Did you sayThai?3, Five or six blocks, did you say?6. I'm sorry? from where?5. Did you say rollerskates?

  • Did you say the left side?Did you say Atlantic Bank?Im sorry? I turn right, and the bank is on the left?

  • Excuse me, it starts at what time?Did you say 9:05?Theres a very nice department store on the corner of Main Street.Excuse me, it's where?

  • There's a what?The stadium is ... / It's where?The aquarium... / It closes at what time?It's how far?

  • how much?what time?where

  • a. Chinese Culture Centerb. Portsmouth Squarec. Grant Avenue d. Golden Gate Cookie Company

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  • Are you going to go shopping after class?Is it going to rain tomorrow?Did you move here from another city?Where did you go on vacation last year?What was your favorite subject in school?Are there a lot of fun places in your neighborhood?

  • onewhereI meanDid you sayand everything.whatactuallyIm not sureuntilmy grandmotherherdoesnt

  • neighborhoodweddingscash machine?walkbest

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