touchstone 1 unit 12 a+b

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  • And James is picky - I mean, he doesn't eat many vegetables. And he's allergic to milk and fish. But he likes potatoes. Oh, and bananas.Please call me! Bye.Colin's on a diet. He can't eat much rice, bread or pasta. But he easts a lot of meat, cheese, eggs and vegetables, like carrots and cucumbers

  • fishcheesefruitricebreadpastamilkvegetablescarrotscucumberspotatoesbananasfor Colin? for James?

  • any food wordsapplesbutterany uncountable nounsspinachsugarfishany countable nounspeppersmangoesany food wordslambcoffee

  • potatoesfruitchickenpastavegetablesbreadriceeggsbananasfishmilkcheesecarrotsbeefcucumbers


  • Of course, Im coming with my two friends. Oh, you know I like to eat seafood, and I dont like eating spicy food. My doctor has advised me to eat a lot of vegetables and fruit, but Im not eating a lot of bananas and carrots. You know, I have always loved eating Mandi.See you.Aisha Mohammad

  • How muchHow manyHow muchHow manyHow many1- Two students, Saeed and Hussam, are vegetarians.2- We buy about 20 liters every week.3- I eat chicken four times a week.4- Maybe twice a month. I dont eat much.5- One of my friends is a picky eater.6- I dont drink soda every day.

  • chickenpepperssalmongarlicsugarcoffeemelonpineappletomatobutteronioncereallettucegreen beansteaoilhamburgermeatstrawberriessoda

  • chickensalmonhamburger meatpineapplemelonstrawberriespeppersgarliclettuceonionsgreen beanstomatosugarcoffeecerealbutteroilteasoda

  • would like

  • will + v1shall + v1should + v1may + v1might + v1can + v1could + v1must + v1would + v1modal/ auxiliary verb+ v1

  • somesomeanysomesomeanysomesomeanysome

  • do tonightgo out for dinnertry a new placemeetdo after dinner

  • d likeWould you likeWould you likewould you liked likeWould you liked likewould you liked likeWould you liked like

  • somesomeanysomesomesomeanyany

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