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Touchstone Capital Group Holdings Limited One Belt One Road Fund Launch Co- Investment with China SOES/ Silk Road Fund 1

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  • Touchstone Capital Group Holdings Limited

    One Belt One Road Fund Launch Co- Investment with China SOES/ Silk Road Fund


  • O N E B E LT O N E R O A D F U N D S

    100 Billion USD Fund Size ( first Tranche 10 Billion USD )

    Fully Guaranteed By Insurance Wrap to guarantee investors principle plus interest

    Interaction Between China and International increase liquidity of Investment base one the G to G and P to P level .

    Touchstone & SOEs Joint managed Fund

    Special Investment structure under Touchstone Groups team structured Platform to be unique get higher return for investors

    10 years fund with 8% IRR

    Fund focus on the silk road countries related investment which major focus one the infrastructure

  • The One Belt One Road Fund Overview Under the China Government one belt one road policy which urgent need a more marketable fund which

    support international PPP project to be realised funding and constructed since the global most of the government debt ratio such higher level , which need a unique fund and special structure to be suitable for all project to be realised. base on such status which Touchstone with IFF joint together to launch 100B USD one belt one road equity linked investment fund which main investors will from China 50% and international 50% .

    Touchtone One Belt and One Road investment fund (the Fund) that will target mid market investments in strategic sectors with inherent growth and opportunities, with a particular focus on renewable energy, hi-technology, infrastructure, real estate and tourism industries.

    The investment strategy will include the Co-investment with other leading fund or acquisition of key assets, partnership with Chinese SOEs, access to capital from Chinese banks and a close focus on cost control and fostering organic growth in acquired businesses. Further, the Fund intends to use the project receivables to insure the projects in co-operation with China and international Insurance company .

    The Fund will implement proactive measures to improve the performance of the businesses and assets it acquires. These measures may include: prudent control of costs, improved marketing and business development activities, and access to sufficient working capital to realise the full potential of the market for each acquired business products.

    To support the initiative, Touchstone Capital Group has already signed strategic agreements with Chinese SOEs, and Chinese leading investors who are ready willings be able to invest 50% pf the total fund amount , such as trusts and private and government funds. In addition, Touchstone signed an agreement with selected banks to source debt and achieve a 70-85% leverage ratio on the future investments.

    A significant pipeline of potential investments, outlined in the following slides, has been already identified. we have more than 30 Billion USD projects in hands.

  • The One Belt One Road Fund Overview Investors will be offered two alternative structures:

    Guaranteed return Fund : 6% guaranteed return per annum for 5 +5 years ; which guaranteed by the Touchstone Insurance Wrap and

    6% not-guaranteed return plus 80% profit sharing for 5 + 5 years .

    A USD 100 billion ( first Launch is 10 Billion USD ) Fund of Funds will be established in Ireland and Cayman Island , where Chinese Investors are expected to inject 50% of the required equity capital, while the balance other 50% is expected to be provided by International investors.

    The Fund of Funds will establish segregated portfolio companies, namely:

    Infrastructure Equity Linked Fund, large PPP Fund. Renewable Energy Fund High-Technology Fund M&A Fund Commodity Trading Fund Media Investment such ad M & A and equity Investment

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