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Collaborative Learning Management

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Learning Management Solution enabled with live classrooms, video tutorials, assignments and social collaboration


  • 1. Collaborative Learning Management

2. IntroductionWeediohs Learning Management Systems is built to create a seamless classroom experience onlinewhere teaching becomes easy and learning is fun. The modular structure of the LMS helps us create ascalable environment for the growing education and training businesses.The Learning Management System comprises of User management Helps in managing all users (students, mentors and administrators) withrespect to account permissions, transaction details, and usage information Collaboration covers content authoring, document management, template library andcustom workflows with sharing features. Customizable interactive course templates with richmedia support. Reusable Template Repository Performance Management covers Grading and Scoring Logic, Progress Charts, along withReview Tools for assignment feedback Communication- covers Email, Chat, Announcements, Comments, Calendars, SharedDocument/Video Objects (SCORM modules) Analytics- Overall performance analysis ranging from student performance to usage, leads,transactions and other business related analysis 3. User Managementencompasses user group management, Selfregistration and permissionsPRODUCT AUDIENCESuper-admin, Students and Mentors.This module features User Registration & Authentication Profile & Transaction Management Program Management Contact Management Usage Analysis Integrated with BI module 4. Collaboration content management, document management, template library and custom workflowsThis module is built to help student collaborate with mentors and other students and worksseamlessly with the communication module. This module features Content management supports rich media. Core CMS features will be widely utilizedin Content Creation (Courseware), Forums, Student Assignments (MCQs) Document management Helps in managing all kinds of documents with permissionsand versioning enabled. This constitutes Student Video Library, Repository and otherdocuments Template library to include Assignment Templates, Grade Templates, LectureTemplates, Scorecard and Evaluation templates Custom workflows- will assist in automation of processes like assignment review,rules based on course levels and other conditional features required for the system 5. Collaboration content management, document management, template library and custom workflowsDocumentRTE enabledmanagementcontent creationCourse Alerts Curriculum Workspace 6. Performance Managementcovers Grading and Scoring Logic, Progress Charts, along with Review Tools for assignmentfeedbackConfigure Grades/Scores for Assignments created. Supports nested conditions forcumulative scoring modelsAssign progress templates and generate chart enabled report cardsUse video annotation tools for video assignments for adding reviews based on chaptersEnable One-on-one Live Sessions for assignment reviews and record them for futurereference 7. Performance ManagementCreate Questionsand scoring logicAdd Reviews/Comments on Video 8. Communication covers Email, Chat, Announcements, Comments, Calendars, Shared Document/VideoObjectsShared Document/Video Objects: Mentors can create a live webcam sessions with theirstudents and engage using the whiteboard or a screen-share feature or a normal text chatMessaging Mentors/Students can send messages within the system either to an individualor a groupAnnouncements: Mentor can make announcements to students in case of any updatesComments: Mentor/Student can post comments to any of the public submissions likediscussions, questions, or opinions posted by his colleaguesCalendars: Mentor/Student can use the calendar to manage his schedules and upcomingengagements 9. Communication CalendarMessagingDashboard Friends Groups 10. Communication Live Sessions Live SessionsPOWERED BY 11. userswhiteboardUpload presentationchat webcamSAMPLE SCREEN 12. Business AnalyticsReporting with extensive custom filtersThe business analytics module will aggregate all tracking reports to one unified dashboard.Business administrators can manage the following Campaigns and Leads Online Registrations and Transactions Student Space Allocation and Management Student Usage Summary Student Information Student Performance Summary Mentor Performance Summaryand other business critical reports for key decision making 13. ArchitectureSUBSCRIPTION MODULE MARKETING PAGES, USER REGISTRATION, ACCOUNT INFORMATION, PRE ACQUISITION TOOLS, LEAD ANALYTICSUSAGEANALYTICSFORPERSONALIZATION BUSINESS CONSOLE STORAGE, PER STUDENT USAGE, PERFORMANCE, SUPPORT KPIS, BUSINESS PERFORMANCE AND ROI REPORTS 14. Advantages Efficient handling of assignments Comes with privacy and security capabilities Statistical analysis capabilities to allow teachers to assess student participation Managing course documents such as the syllabus, assignments, schedule, policies, handouts,hyperlinks, podcasts, and instructors contact data. Sharable and Reusable File System which helps teachers to save time from reproducingcourse documents every time they teach a course Guided Web Portal will direct students to those sites that are most useful to their studywith links within your web course reduces the courses carbon footprint. 15. Customer: Native PuppetsType: Animation Training 16. to learn more about the solutionmail: [email protected]