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SAMHSA Housing First Grant; Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies: client spotlight; Welcome new Board members; Tribute to Cornelia A. Serpell, and much, much more!


  • Wellspring Named a Partner in SAMHSA Housing First Grant!

    Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies:

    Wellspring Clients Lifestyle Changes Improve Their Lives

    Like many Americans, Wellsprings participants are becoming increasingly conscious of the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We first heard that the Crescent House program fellows had changed their dietary habits, and then the ladies at Concord Apartments started frequenting the Family YMCA. Ardery House residents began reexamining their shopping lists and food preparation techniques, and participants

    across the programs have redoubled their efforts to quit or reduce smoking.

    The result? Residents are more active, feel more positive

    about themselves and are more confident about making

    changes that can improve their lives. We applaud these

    efforts and commend Wellsprings program staff for all the

    support they offer to our residents in beginning and

    sustaining important lifestyle choices.

    Inside this issue:

    Wellspring Open House 2

    Welcome Board Members! 2

    Tribute to Cornelia Atherton Serpell 2

    Letter from the Chairman 3

    Art Show & Sale a Success! 4

    Wellspring Wallopalooza Golf Marathon 4

    Humana Volunteers at Shelbyville 4

    Kentucky Colonels & Womens Club Grants 5

    Holiday Wish List 5

    Mayor Fischer Visits Wellspring! 6

    November, 2011 www.wellspringky.org

    Client Health


    Purchasing food with lower

    fat, sodium, and sugar


    Choosing to prepare food in

    healthier ways.

    Including more fruits and

    vegetables in daily menu


    Taking up weight-bearing

    exercises, joining swimming

    classes, walking, and biking.

    Using smoking cessation

    tools to reduce cigarette


    crisis stabilization services supported housing independent housing

    In September, the Homeless Coalition walked the streets of Louisville Metro and surveyed homeless people as part of the 100,000 Homes Campaign. The results were startling; a large number of the participants reported major health risks, and the average length of homeless-ness was five years.

    But on September 23rd the Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) announced a grant award that will address those issues for at least 75 adults in our community. This three-year $1.5M grant will help rebuild the lives of people and families who are chronically homeless because of a behavioral health problem, explains SAMSHA Administrator Pamela S. Hyde. By providing housing that supports recovery

    from these health conditions, we can move people off the streets and into successful, fulfilling lives.

    The grant will target chronically homeless adults with severe mental illness, substance abuse, or co-occurring mental illness and substance abuse.

    Taking a Housing First approach, the first priority of this grant is to connect those in need of housing with permanent housing and will involve a number of

    community agencies, including Wellspring. We are excited to have a significant role in this important effort to provide housing to some of the most vulnerable homeless adults in our community and pleased that Wellspring will now be able to offer Housing First as one of the choices in our array of supportive housing options, says Kathy Dobbins, Wellspring Executive Director.

    Phoenix Health Center for the Homeless, a division of Family Health Centers, Inc., is the lead agency in this program. Wellspring will offer case management, peer support services and art therapy as part of the intensive individualized services designed to increase recovery and sustain permanent support housing.

    Crescent House residents are eating healthier and feeling better because of it.

    The Concord ladies are visiting the YMCA multiple times a week!

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    Wellspring Welcomes

    Two New Board Members!

    Wellspring sadly acknowledges the death of Cornelia Serpell, who passed away this fall. As a tribute to this pioneer and steadfast friend, and with her familys blessings, we share the following:

    Born in Glenview on March 7, 1917 to Cornelia A. Atherton and Peter Lee Atherton, Cornelia Atherton Serpell took her last breath on Earth and peacefully entered Heaven in Gods care on September 10, 2011. Preceding her in eternal life are her parents; her sister, Sarah Atherton, and brother, John M. Atherton. Those who remain to honor and cherish her memory forever are her daughter, Cornelia Yankovich (Robert), four nephews, and a host of friends. She was a life-long champion of many causes related to health and the wellbeing of those challenged with mental health issues.

    She served as the Public Relations Director and the Coordinator of Patient Rehabilitation for Central State Hospital, collaborated in establishing the Kentucky Association for Mental Health and organized state-wide mental health committees.

    In Eastern Kentucky, Cornelia and an RN rode on horseback to transport patients to the Childrens Clinics. Cornelia also chaired the fundraising efforts for the first mobile cancer unit in Kentucky.

    Dawn fell in love with Wellspring and the work we do after attending the Derby Preview Party. She decided to get her feet wet at Wellspring by serving on our 2011 Derby Preview Party Committee and plans to stay on the Committee in her new role as a Board member. Dawn, who is a cor-porate attorney for Yum! Brands, will also serve on Wellsprings Nominating & Governance Committee.

    Trinity has been a volunteer with Wellspring for 3 years, playing an integral role on our Derby Preview Party Commit-tee. She is active in Humanas Account Installation Volunteer Network, which has carried out several successful projects for Wellspring. For her participation in the Humana Day of Service in April of 2011, the Humana Foundation selected Trinity to designate $1,000 to the organization of her choiceand she chose Wellspring!

    In Tribute to Cornelia Atherton Serpell:

    Wellspring Honorary Board Member and Community Mental Health Advocate

    She served on numerous boards and councils, including: Wellspring, Visiting Nurses Association, the Council for Health Services, the Kentucky Advisory Council for Mental Health, the Commission on Aging, the State Board of Medical Licensure, and the Kentucky Legislature Ethics Commission.

    She received many awards of merit, including: Louisville Collegiate Schools first Distinguished Alumna Award, the Health Kentucky-Service to Humanity Award, the Kilgore Good Samaritan Award, and the Kentucky Association of Healthcare Facilities Presidents Award.

    Cornelia was a strong force in improving the lives of those in need; she lifted them up and gave them a chance. Courageous and steadfast in all facets of her life, Cornelia will remain a beacon of light and an inspiration to those who follow the pathways she blazed.

    The family requests that gifts in tribute to Cornelia and her passion for improving the lives of those who combat mental illness be made to Wellspring.

    To commemorate the 95th anniversary of her birth, a Celebration of the Life of Cornelia Serpell is being planned for early March, 2012. Details will be shared as they are confirmed.

    Join us for an open house and holiday celebration at Wellsprings new Administrative Center!

    Enjoy light, festive fare, catch up with old friends,

    and tour our new office space.

    225 W. Breckinridge Street Louisville, KY 40203

    (502) 637-4361

    Parking is available on the street or across from Wellspring in the Kroger parking lot.

    Dawn Franklin Croft

    Trinity Campisano

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    Pick. Select. Choose. How many times a day do we all take any one of these actions without even thinking about it? And how many times do we take for granted how fortunate we are that we can pick? That we can make a selection? That we really do have a choice?

    In the nearly 30 years since Wellspring was founded, perhaps one of the most important things weve learned is that

    no one picks to live a life with mental illness. No one who has a mental illness got to select which disease would strike them without warning. And no one really chooses to abandon their hopes and dreams for a life that brings daily challenges; to face derision from those who have never known what

    it is like not to get to pick, or select, or choose how to manage even the most basic activities of daily living. But thats what Wellspring is all about.

    We help those with mental illness see that they can recover and lead fulfilling lives, even if different than what they had once envisioned. They can learn the skills necessary to become engaged, contributing members of the community, in spite of their mental illness. Does it work for everyone? No, but thats why Wellspring offers an array of programs to support our clients where they are in the figurative sense.

    As we move into the holiday season, let us all reflect on the many blessings we enjoy and be grateful. And let us also look to those whose lives can be made immeasurably better, with just a little bit of help. We ask that you help us in whatever way you can to continue changing and even saving lives and in doing so, change our little corner of the world. And thats a great place to start.

    With gratitude,

    We may not have won first place, but our high level of