what did the missouri compromise say?

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What did the What did the Missouri Missouri Compromise Compromise say? say?

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What did the Missouri Compromise say?. Maine would become a FREE state, and Missouri would become a SLAVE state. Define Popular Sovereignty. The people make the decisions. Who decided whether slavery would be allowed in Kansas & Nebraska?. The people!! (Popular Sovereignty). - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • What did the MissouriCompromise say?

  • Maine would become a FREE state, and Missouri would become a SLAVE state

  • DefinePopular Sovereignty

  • The people make the decisions

  • Who decided whether slavery would be allowed in Kansas & Nebraska?

  • The people!!(Popular Sovereignty)

  • What were the 4 main causes of the Civil War?Slavery SectionalismStates RightsSecession

  • What event pushed the Southern Cottonacracy to make the decision to secede from the Union?

    Lincolns Election in 1860

  • Put these in order:

    Battle of GettysburgAttack on Ft. SumterEmancipation ProclamationSurrender at Appomattox

  • Put these in order:

    Battle of Gettysburg 1863Attack on Ft. Sumter 1861Emancipation Proclamation 1863Surrender at Appomattox 1865

  • What advantages did the NORTH have to win the war?

    NavyMore MoneyFactoriesMore peopleMore farmland

  • What advantages did the SOUTH have?

    More volunteersKnowledge of the landStrong Military Leaders

  • Where did the Civil Warstart?

    Ft. Sumter 1861

  • What was the first major battle of the Civil War?

    Bull Run

  • Who was the president of the Confederacy?

    Jefferson Davis

  • Who was the president of the Union?

    Abraham Lincoln

  • Who was the leading General of the Union?

    General Grant

  • Who was the leading General of the Confederacy?

    General Lee

  • What were the Unions strategies to win the war?Blockade Southern portsTake over RichmondControl the Mississippi River

  • What were the Confederacys strategies to win the war?Play defense!Trade with Europe

  • What was the turning point of the Civil War?

    The Battle of Gettysburg

  • What was the name of Lincolns speech that freed the slaves?

    Emancipation Proclamation

  • How did the Emancipation Proclamation help the Union win the war?

    It gave them more support from southern slaves, Europe, and it motivated more Northerners to volunteer to fight.

  • What was the importance of the Gettysburg Address?

    Lincoln declared that the soldiers did not die in vain.

  • Where did the Confederacy surrender to the Union?Appomattox Courthouse

  • What is the time period after the Civil War called?


  • What gave the slaves their freedom?

    13th Amendment

  • What were the freed slaves called?


  • What gave the freedmen the right to vote?

    15th Amendment

  • What did the 14th Amendment say?

    It gave the freedmen citizenship.

  • What job did most freemen end up taking during Reconstruction?Sharecropper

  • What prevented freedmen from voting?Poll TaxLiteracy TestGrandfather Clause

  • What did Plessy v. Ferguson say?

    Separate But Equal

  • What word means to separate people by their color


  • What laws said it was legal to SEGREGATE people by race?Jim Crow Laws

  • What was the name of Lincolns Reconstruction Plan?

    10% Plan

  • What group of Congressman worked to give freedman more rights?Radical Republicans

  • What did the Radical Republicans end up doing to Pres. Andrew Johnson?

    They impeached him!

  • What did the carpetbaggers do that made Southerners so angry?

    They moved south and bought property and businesses.