which email clients support video, animated gif & static image?

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Internet Template Which email clients support video, animated GIF & static image?

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Do you know which email clients support video play inside inbox? Here is lists of email clients that support HTML5 video, animated .GIF & static image formats of video. Use Vidoomail.com to send YouTube video as embed form inside email & track the performance of each campaign on video analytics.


  • Internet Template Which email clients support video, animated GIF & static image?
  • Do you know about market share of email clients?
  • Email clients supporting video play in the inbox Outlook.com, hotmail.com, live.com (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome) iPhone 4 (iOS 5), iPhone 4s (iOS 6), iPhone 5 (iOS 6.1) and iPad 5.0. Apple mail 4, Apple mail 5, Apple mail 6 Thunderbird Android devices running Honeycomb
  • Email Clients supporting animated .GIF and animated .PNG Gmail Yahoo! Mail AOL Lotus Notes *These email clients dont support direct play of video within the inbox. They support 5-10 seconds animation in the inbox.
  • Email Clients supporting static images office outlook 2007, 10, 13. Outlook 2007 Outlook 2010 Android Devices running over Gingerbread or before that. *These email clients dont support direct play of video or animated GIF or PNG but only static images.
  • Overview Video: 67% of the all email clients support direct play of embedded video in the user inbox. Animated .GIF: 23% of them support animated .GIF & animated .PNG. Static Images: 10% of the all email clients just support static images.
  • Email Marketers Perspective Its been proved that Videos in the email bring enormous amount of CTR, more engagement and higher ROI. Given the fact that 67% of the all email clients support embedded video play in the user inbox, the window of opportunity in video emailing is huge than ever before. A user is more likely to watch a 60 seconds video than to read 600 words of an email. The video can depict the value preposition of a product or a service very easily. Video campaigns are the new bandwagon, an offbeat from the regular static image mails, and hence more engaging.
  • What is stopping marketers to use video in their email campaigns? They cant send video email campaigns because of the 30% email clients which dont support embedded video in their inbox, and despite that if a video is sent to those email clients, it ends up showing a broken video template, which can lead to losing a customer and diminishing the brand value. The email campaign done for video supportive email clients also have a major drawback; when a user clicks on the video email, he/she is redirected to the YouTube instead of the brands self- created landing page which could have the great potential to convert the leads. Email Service Providers (ESPs) have the analytics for conventional emails but email marketers direly need the video analytics through which they can iterate on their campaigns to increase the traffic.
  • So what is the solution? Is there any solution which could automatically mold the template to video or animated GIF according to the email clients and devices that support it? Is there anyway through which all the video analytics could be monitored in real time? Where to seek a platform that could provide you a personalized landing page for your video instead of the YouTube?
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