who uses vine, pinterest & instagram well?

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  1. 1. Pinterest Audience: Women, ages 18-44 The average user spends 20~ minutes on Pinterest Pinterest is a good way to personify a campaign Both Gavin Newsom and Michelle Obama have been praised for their upkeep of highly successful Pinterest accounts Appeals to more than politics boards such as Crafts/DIY and The Obama Family Table expand campaign influence into less politicized areas of interest
  2. 2. Whos using it well: Gavin Newsom, Michelle Obama Gavin Newsom: Winter of Love, Photo of the Day, Books, San Francisco Giants Michelle Obama: Great Memories, People Who Inspire Me, Recipe Ideas
  3. 3. Instagram Very large audience: 6.5 billion users; 300 million are active monthly About 50/50 split of male and female users Each user spends 21~ minutes on the site each day Young, technologically-savvy audience Image-based sharing is easier for audience to engage and connect with; very popular with young voters
  4. 4. Whos using it well: Elise Stefanik Stays highly connected with district members via Instagram Provides frequent photo updates of meetings, speaking engagements, and Congressional happenings First candidate to Instagram her official Congressional filing
  5. 5. Vine Short, 6-second videos that users can re-vine and comment on. Option for users to sort vines through categories Both parties have utilized vines to reach public; many Republican candidates used it to respond to Obamas State of the Union address Options like Periscope, Meerkat allow for similar engagement but no length limitations (but unlike the two newer apps, Vine does not delete videos) Whos using it well: Eric Swalwell (D-CA) Frequent viner, engages and reloops users often Has vined himself voting on controversial bills in California Vine Username: RepSwalwell
  6. 6. Vine: Examples
  7. 7. Live Video Apps: Periscope and Meerkat Both platforms let users broadcast live, shareable video Voters can interact in real-time with messages, hearts and comments You can subscribe to a users video feed, enabling candidates to build strong engagement bases Periscope was launched by Twitter, while Meerkat is an independent app (that users still engage with via Twitter)
  8. 8. Meerkat Live, shareable video platform Users can receive notifications every time a candidate goes live Can share, retweet, comment Videos disappear after live event ends Whos using it well: Jeb Bush Shares speeches, press releases, etc. One of the first politicians to integrate Meerkat into political efforts
  9. 9. Live videos on Twitter + option of saving them for 24 hours Senator John Thune and Jerry Moran used it to give recent speeches, press conferences Periscope