wolves wolf notes part i canis lupus. dogs came from… wolves? dogs were domesticated 15,000 years...

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  • WolvesWOLF NOTES PART ICanis lupus

  • Dogs came from wolves?Dogs were domesticated 15,000 years ago from wolvesWolves and dogs are genetically similar

  • Wolf TerminologyMaledogFemalebitchBabypup

  • Size: 85-115 lbsRecord 175 lb taken in AKColorGray, Black, Brown, WhiteArctic areas- lighterSoutheast - darkerPeltThick, plush, long guard hairsUsed for parka ruffs

  • Life Span10-18 years in wild15 plus in captivity

  • DietLarge gameSoutheast - deerInterior - moose and caribouArctic - caribouSmaller gameGrouse, ptarmigan, ducksHares, mice, volesVegetationBerries

  • Species of wolf in North America1. Red WolfSmallerSoutheastern U.S.A couple hundred live in captivityBrink of extinction

  • 2. Gray Wolf:Listed as endangered in 1973Sparse populations in lower 48Reintroduced to areas

  • 3. Mexican WolfSub-species of gray wolfMexico southwest, small

  • 4. Arctic wolfSub species of gray wolfCanadian arctic and Greenland

  • 6. Eastern wolfSub species of gray wolfHybrid between gray wolf and red wolf

  • 7. Mackenzie Valley WolfSpecies that lives in AK Sub species of grey wolf

  • Life HistoryMonogamous - mate for lifeBreed in FebruaryGestation 60-66 daysUsually only alphas mateMales help in den activitiesParents regurgitate food to youngDen sites are riverbanks or slopes

  • BehaviorHowlFind each otherBoundariesAlso use urine and body rubbingBehaviors for dominance or submissionAlpha male and female

    People started to domesticate wolves during the ;Pleistocene15,000 years ago in eastern Asia decended from wolves

    Puppies.hybridPenslyvaina florida texas40-80 lbsHabitat destruction and mate with coyoteMinnesota, northern canandaSmaller than gray wolfSterilization techniques for alpha male.only alpha mateHowl during a hunt to find one another when separated