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  • 1. Amanda Palmer Personal Portfolio: St. Gianna Health Academy

2. About Me!

  • I graduated from Bishop Carroll in 2010.
  • I played basketball one year and then became the boys varsity basketball manager for the next three.
  • I really enjoy reading, hanging out with my friends, and shopping.

3. My Future

  • Next year I plan on attending Wichita State University.
  • I will be living at home as a full time student.
  • The career I am going to pursue is dental hygiene.

4. Orientation Week

  • The first week of Health Academy was an overview of the entire course and multiple speakers were brought in.
  • The security at the hospital talked to us about parking, fire drills, and tornado drills.
  • Some other speakers were brought in to talk about volunteer hours and agenda for the operating room.

5. Orientation Continued

  • We were given tours of both the St. Francis and St. Joseph campuses.
  • Mrs. Hang introduced us to Blackboard and the various blog sites we would be using.
  • We were also informed about the HIPPA laws and what to do to make sure we dont break them.

6. Rotations

  • A major part of the program is that the students are privileged with the opportunity to go to the different units in the hospital and observe.
  • Actually being in the unit and seeing how things run really opened my eyes on some of the professions.

7. Blogs

  • Transplant
  • Posted by Amanda Palmerat Thursday, January 28, 2010 1:33:51 PM CST
  • On my second rotation I went to the Transplant unit. I followed a nurse named Craig. He was different from the nurseI had last week. He was very outspoken and a little ornery. This time I had more of a learning experience. He gave me a disposable stethoscope so i could listen to his patients heart beat. The sixth floor dealt with mainly with patients on dialysis and those recovering from surgery. Craig let me listen to this lady's arm, she got a tube put in her arm to make her veins bigger so the blood could flow easier. It was really neat to feel the blood flowing and listen to the flow of it.
  • Another one of Craig's patients had severe diabetes that he had to have his legs amputated. My nurse said this is why it is very important to take care of your body because this guy's was in bad shape. This man was leaving the unit for therapy and he had a great personality. I was impressed because he was such a happy man even though he had his legs amputated and he was blind. It made me realize that I need to see the best things in life and to not take so much time to dwell on the bad aspects of life.
  • CICU
  • Posted by Amanda Palmerat Thursday, February 18, 2010 2:00:39 PM CST
  • Well I was only in the Coronary Intensive Care Unit for one day because the other day I spent dominating in our Senior/Faculty game. Which we won by the way!
  • Anyways the CICU is very quiet. I had a nurse named Paulina who was very nice but talked very quiet. I also had another nurse named Judy. She was very inspiring. She told me the best thing about nursing was helping people, to make them realize that they are needed and loved. She used to work with cancer patients and loved helping them. Nothing was really going on the day, everyone was just coming back from surgery, but it was a very caring atmosphere.

8. Continued Blogs

  • Cath Lab
  • Posted by Amanda Palmerat Thursday, March 11, 2010 2:23:51 PM CST
  • Week Nine I was in the Cath Lab. I was able to go into the room while the doctor inserted a catheter. There were monitors around and we were able to see the catheter going through the artery and when the dye was injected you could see if something was wrong or not. There were two procedures like that. The rooms were pretty cold and on the second one I was able to watch the monitors and chart everything with the nurse. Dr. Bajaj was a very friendly doctor that was doing the procedure. Wednesday, I was in Topeka for the Boys basketball game. Lonnie, the coach, forgot the uniforms. . lol. .yes we had to wear Highland Parks jerseys.
  • Radiology
  • Posted by Amanda Palmerat Monday, March 8, 2010 2:33:22 PM CST
  • One word: boring. The first day that I went to radiology the lady at the front desk just told me to sit down. Everyone in there was sitting at a table talking while I sat in the corner. There weren't friendly at all, they didn't even look at you. After about an hour I went to CT where the people were nicer. I got to actually see some full body scans which were pretty interesting to look at. The next day in Radiology wasn't any better. I was back where I had started in the Diagnostic Lab. They didn't tell me when things were going on so I just had to go look at the different procedures myself. There was a spinal tap going on which was by far the most exciting thing in the whole place. I can honestly say that I don't want to go into Radiology. It would be so boring except for when you actually had patients. I also had a problem as who to ask to sign my paper. The lady at the front desk offered to sign it and then gives me above average on everything. Cool. Glad you people were so nice and informative.
  • MICU
  • Posted by Amanda Palmerat Thursday, February 25, 2010 1:45:01 PM CST
  • My seventh week of rotations I was in the MICU. The first day my nurse was Lindsay. She was young, very nice, and provided me with alot of information. One of her patients was elderly and had some heart problems. She came in for her heart because it was beating too slow, but then after they put her on medicine her heart was beating too fast. Her other patient had down syndrome and he had an overlarge heart and had trouble breathing. He had to be put on a venilator and i got to watch the nurse do a sonogram on his heart.
  • The next day I had a nurse named Melanie. One of her patients was getting transfered and she had a variety of health problems. The other patient was young and he had overdosed on medication and alcohol the night before. It was really sad seeing a person like this who was unconscious. His family was there and they seemed really upset. This made me thankful for my family. I know i get mad when my parents are strict with me, but in the long run they are just trying to protect me from those kinds of dangers.

9. Thank You Letters 10. Professional Thank You Letters 11. Mentor Forms 12. Hand washing Presentations

  • Throughout the semester, our class was divided into groups where we created a hand washing skit.
  • The purpose of this activity was to show children, especially young, the importance of hygiene.
  • We went to a few of the middle schools like Holy Savior and St. Margaret Mary.
  • Our group showed the children how to wash their hands and brush their teeth.
  • It was a fun activity and I feel the children really got something out of it.

13. Discovering Careers

  • One of the first projects we did was career interests.
  • We had to pick five careers we were interested in and summarize salary, benefits, and education requirements for them.
  • The five careers I chose were Dental Hygienist, Administrative Medical Assistant, Clinical Neuropsychologist, Anesthesiologist, and Surgical Technologist.

14. Careers in Science and Health Professions

  • This class was taken at Newman University and it was taught by Dr. Surendra Singh.
  • Dr. Singh brought in speakers from the various healthcare fields and they spoke to us about their professions.
  • This class was probably one of my favorites because it was really interesting to hear straight from a doctor or a DNA analyst what their career was really like.

15. A few of my favorite lectures. .

  • Dr. Mark Troilo: Dentist.
    • His lecture was really interesting to me because I considered the field of dentistry.
    • He gave all aspects of the profession and I respected the fact that he was honest enough to tell us the negative sides of the career.

16. Continued. . .

  • Dr. Shelly Steadman: Forensic DNA Analysis.
    • Her job was very impressive. All the work that she deals with is almost exactly like the CSI shows.
  • Dr. Dianna Crook: Family Physician
    • Her lecture was realistic and she had a good sense of humor. Shes very passionate about her job and has worked extremely hard to get where she is now.

17. Resume 18. Cover Letter 19. References 20. Reflection

  • St. Gianna Catholic Health Academy has given me a new outlook in the medical world. I learned how to perform CPR and have received a new vocabulary from medical terminology. I am grateful for all the things Ive learned and appreciate this opportunity. Thanks Mrs. Hang