barracuda backup service data backup and disaster recovery

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  • Barracuda Backup Service Data Backup and Disaster Recovery
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  • Challenges with Existing Backup Solutions Removable media is easily stolen, lost or damaged Time consuming and expensive to maintain Does not scale well to growing data storage requirements Lack of proper controls, exposes organization to legal risks
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  • Dangers of No Offsite Backups Most businesses that lose their data in a disaster are out of business within two years. Significant financial harm can arise from the loss of customer records, accounts receivable information and other types of critical business data. Risk of litigation for not maintaining proper controls when data loss happens.
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  • A Better Backup with Barracuda Automation leads to Easier & Safer Backups Local disk backup provides Fast Restores Offsite storage enables Disaster Recovery Better ROI than tape solutions means More Value Simple administration Reduces Operational Costs
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  • Introducing Barracuda Backup Automated & Efficient Data Backup Backup data from all operating systems Agents for Exchange, MS-SQL and System State Alert notifications for backup warnings and events Integrated Local and Offsite Data Backup Securely replicates backups offsite for disaster recovery Restore data from either onsite or offsite storage AES 256-bit encryption to protect data Powerful Administration Capabilities Centralized multi-location management of backups Flexible policy management for data retention
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  • Supports many Data Sources NAS Backup from all Operating Systems System State Native Agent to Backup Applications
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  • Data Deduplication Traditional Backup 12 Monthly 8 Weekly 10 Daily 7 Yearly Retention Powerful block-level inline data deduplication Dedicated hardware enables aggressive compression Protecting a typical 1 TB primary storage volume Barracuda Backup Service 1-2 TBs37 TBs
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  • Barracuda Backup Service Deployment
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  • Backup Subscription Pricing No tiered pricing model Gigabyte rate is $0.50 per month at all levels! $50 monthly per 100 gigabytes of storage
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  • Barracuda Backup Service vs. Tape 400 GB Barracuda Backup 3 Years Barracuda Backup Server$2,499 Offsite Storage Subscription$7,200 Total $9,699 400 GB Tape Backup 3 Years Tape Drive (LTO 920) & Controller$1,954 About 40 Tapes & Cleaning Cart.$1,840 Backup Software Small Business (Includes multiple devices, Exchange Server & MS-SQL Server agents) $6,886 Backup Software Maintenance (2 additional years after included year 1) $1,510 Total $12,190 Estimated $2,491 3 Year Savings
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  • Barracuda Backup Server Models
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  • Barracuda Backup Summary Barracuda Backup Server No software or operating system issues Full local backup for fast data recovery Automated / no need to change media Server Backup Agents Exchange, System State, MS-SQL Offsite Backup Service Automatic and secure backup to offsite storage for disaster recovery Optimized for storage and transfer efficiency with data de-duplication Centralized Management Scales easily and provides immediate accountability of backups Simple centralized management of backups in multiple locations
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  • Barracuda Networks

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