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  • 1. Sabrina Alovisi
  • 2. Sound At the beginning of the sequence they have used tense music, however they have put a few pauses of silence. This creates tension and makes the audience feel uncomfortable. Another sound technique used is sound effects. Sounds effects that have been used are; car sound, lighting and fire explosions (coming out of chimneys of buildings). The use of the sound effects of the cars shows that we are still on the same planet and that we have some connection to the future .
  • 3. Editing In this opening they have used cross cutting. This is when you see a close-up of the building and then an eye of a person with a reflection of the view to then go back to the close-up of the building. This allows the audience to see more settings and get a feel of what 2019 looks like and how its different to our current year. Also, an insert shot has been used. The insert shot is of the out side of the building, to going inside of the building. This shows what the building looks like on the inside and outside. Another edit technique used is short takes, this make the action more interesting to watch and speed up what's going on. Lastly they have also used superimpose, this allows the audience to understand what happening as they are reading the main background to understand the rest of the film. Insert shot
  • 4. Camerawork In this sequence they have used many camera shots and angles. A long shot has been used. This show what the year 2019 looks like and gives an overview of the main setting, that will be shown throughout the sequence. Also a low angle shot has been used. This is used to give the effect that the audience is looking up at the building. It has been used to make the audience feel small, and to make the viewer understand that the building that is shown is a massive structure Another shot used is a close-up. The close-up is of the eye. This makes the audience realise that this person is memorised with the building and is intrigued with the structure. They have also used a high angle shot this is at the very beginning when it feels like you are looking down on the area, it makes the audience feel powerful and feel part of what they are looking at. Lastly they have also used an establishing shot, this allows the audience to get there baring and understand what is happening in front of them. It also allows tem to see what has changed and what hasnt over they years.
  • 5. Mise en scene The opening of this sequence is set in 2019 in Los Angeles Props used are flying cars and building that have a different and unrealistic feel to show a big change over the years. Also the lighting in the room where the man is, is low key. This gives the man a mysterious and eerie feel. By using this lighting it makes the audience give a judgment in whether he is the antagonist or not. Another things, is that the title is in red. This could suggest violence and/or death. Costume wise the man that we have been introduced to briefly is wearing a suit. This could advocate that he is involved in authority or it could mean that he someone important. Another thing about lighting is that the part when you are looking over the town the lighting is chiaroscuro. This is because there is bright lights and shadows, this gives it an eerie and creepy vibe and also shows that it the evening.
  • 6. What we have learnt Watching the opening we have learnt that the film is set in 2019, in Los Angeles. We have also been introduced to a character, however we are not sure what his name is and what relevance he has to the film.
  • 7. Questions raised Who is that man (in the room)? What do the replicant look like? Why are the replicant banned? What relevance does the man (in the room) have in the film?