citrix xenapp and xendesktop monitoring solution overview

Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop Monitoring Solution Overview

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Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop MonitoringSolution Overview


• MonitorIT Overview

• Solution Demonstration

• Questions

• Contact Information

Powerful Solutions

Where MonitorIT Fits

Virtual Only Enterprise• Easy to use• Monitor virtual

environment only• Limited support for

supporting infrastructure

• Low cost

• Expensive• Services Intensive• Limited support for

virtualization• Difficult to use• Not realistic for

companies outside fortune 500.Infrastructure Visibility Gap

Comprehensive Virtual Monitoring

Fills the Gap• Cost Effective• Easy to Use• Enterprise Functionality• Complete support for

virtual environment and supporting infrastructure

The Sound of Pain

• “It’s taking too long for my application to start.”

• “There is a lag every time I type in a character or move my mouse.”

• “The application keeps getting stuck.”

• “There is a problem with one of my Servers or VMs; I’m not sure where it is and what it is.”

• “The end user has been working fine for the last week, and is suddenly experiencing performance issues. What’s changed?”

• “The network team is telling me latency is low and there is more than enough bandwidth, but I still have performance issues.”

Stop the Finger Pointing

• Determining Causality

• Remediate Quickly

• Provide Objective Evidence

• Automate Future Fix Actions

• …all at an extremely low cost point

What We Monitor – XenApp/XenDesktop


• Virtual Servers• Applications• Physical Servers• Network • Storage• Security Appliances


•XenDesktop (v5.5-7.0)

•Broker•App•VDI (Win XP-8)•XenApp (v4.5-6.5)

•WI/SF•Profile Server•Licensing Server•VDI Sessions

Dependent Infrastructure

• SQL• Active Directory• Remote Desktop

Services• IIS• NetScaler

Out of the Box

Integrates Into:• MIT Console• XenCenter• vCenter• Enterprise Framework• Monitoring Solutions

What You Get – XenApp/XenDesktop

XenDesktopSession Data

• Username• Broker• Registration State• Connectivity• Desktop Group• VDI Type• VDI Host• Catalog Name• Last Degradation

Reason• Assignment State


•Broker Performance•VDI:

• CPU• Memory• Network

•VDI Host:• CPU• Memory• Disk IOPS

•Disk Latency•Disk Throughput

XenDesktopEnd User Performance

• Applications• CPU• Memory• IOPS

• Session State• User Behavior• VDI Performance

• CPU• Memory• Disk IOPS• Latency• Throughput

• Network Utilization

Out of the Box

XenAppEnd User Performance

• ICA• XenApp Load• Published Desktop

• CPU• Memory• Disk IOPS

• Published Apps• CPU• Memory• Disk IOPS

• XenApp Server Performance

• CPU• Memory• Disk IOPS• Latency• Throughput• Network

Integrates Into:• MIT Console• XenCenter• vCenter• Enterprise Framework• Monitoring Solutions

What We Monitor

• MIT Management Console• XenCenter Plug-In• vCenter Plug-In• Enterprise Management Portals• Monitoring Solutions


SNMP - SYSLOG - API Integration - Preconfigured Monitoring Rules - Custom Monitoring Rules

Out of the Box Application Monitoring

Integration for:

• Packaged Software• Custom Software• Line of Business

Applications• Hardware/Device


API Integration - Preconfigured Monitoring Rules - Custom Monitoring Rules

Process – Services – Event Logs – Performance Counters – Log Files

Application Monitoring:

• Application Monitoring• CPU/Memory Usage• Performance Analysis• Failures• Error Events• Uptime and Availability• Remediation


SwitchesRoutersFirewallsNetScalerLoad BalancersVPN Concentrators

All SNMP/Syslog Enabled Device


AvailabilityLatencyBandwidthPackets/ secEvents/FaultsTrapsSyslogs

What we Monitor How we Monitor Performance Metrics

Alerting and Remediation

User Alert:• MonitorIT• Ticket System• Email• SMS

Remediation• Restart Windows Services• Restart Application Processes• Terminate Application Processes• Restart Servers/VMs• Build and Run any Executable


Solution Demonstration


We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have…

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