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E i d Eff ti E i d Eff ti Engaging and Effective Engaging and Effective Virtual Instructor Virtual Instructorled led Training Training Jennifer Tomarchio, CPLP National Advisor for Chapters Sunshine Area @JenTomarchio 1 @JenTomarchio

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Presented for the Tallahassee chapter of ASTD 11/15/2012


  • 1. EngagingandEffectiveE i d Eff tiVirtualInstructorVirtualInstructorledTraining JenniferTomarchio,CPLPNational Advisor for Chapters Sunshine [email protected] 1
  • 2. IcebreakerTreasureHunt A L:Typesomethinguniqueaboutyourselfinthechat yp g q y M Z:Findsomeonewithasimilarinterestandtypeit onthewhiteboardlikethis: Jessica and Richard ride motorcycles
  • 3. A L:TypesomethinguniqueaboutyourselfinthechatM Z:Findsomeonewithsimilarinterestandtypeitonthewhiteboard Page 3
  • 4. Introductions JenniferTomarchio,CPLP SynchronousLearningExpert Page 4
  • 5. What sInItForYOU?Whats In It For YOU? Overcome the challenges of Overcomethechallengesof virtualfacilitation. Apply techniques to increase Applytechniquestoincrease virtualfacilitationeffectiveness. Ad Adaptfacetofaceactivitiesto f f i ii thevirtualfacilitatorled environment. i Adoptbestpracticestoreduce technologyrisks. Page 5
  • 6. WhatIsYourExperience? pA.A I have attended VILT but not VILT, facilitatedB.B I have facilitated webinars / VILT but VILT, still a noviceC.C I am a VILT pro! ! Page 6
  • 7. What are the Challenges of VirtualFacilitation?F ilit ti ? Use the Chat box to type your UsetheChatboxtotypeyour answers
  • 8. WhichDotisintheCenter?
  • 9. WhichDotisintheCenter?Eliminatealldistractionssoyoucanseethings(learn)moreclearly!
  • 10. GroundRules MUTEyourphonewhennot Participate andpreparetobe speaking calledonbyname Closeemailandclearother Speakup,usethechator distractionsfromyourdesk distractions from your desk Raisehandwhenyouhave aquestionorcomment Useannotations U t ti Letusknowifyoustepaway appropriatelywhen instructedtodoso
  • 11. CommonErrors1 Lecturing
  • 12. CommonErrors2 Notallowingparticipantstochat
  • 13. CommonErrors 3GroundRules: UseMUTE toblockbackgroundnoiseasappropriate. Participate andpreparetobecalledonbyname. Silence/closeOutlook,phones,Communicator,etc.and clearotherdistractionsawayfromyourdesk. Designingboring,bulletpointslides withoutgraphics es g g bo g, bu et po t s des t out g ap cs SpeakuporusetheQ&ApanelorFeedback indicator k h & l db k d whenyouhaveanimmediatequestionorcomment. If Ifyouhavetostepaway,letfacilitatorknowwiththe h t t l t f ilit t k ith th Feedbackindicator. Use annotations appropriately when instructed to do Useannotations appropriatelywheninstructedtodo so.
  • 14. VirtualFacilitationTechniques q Howoftenshouldyouprovideparticipantinteraction y p p p opportunities?
  • 15. Virtual Facilitation Techniques1.Provideparticipant1 Provide participant interaction opportunitiesevery opportunities every 3minutes
  • 16. Thiagi Jolt g Listen to the directions and follow Listentothedirectionsandfollow precisely Page 16
  • 17. Thiagi Jolt g Page 17
  • 18. Thiagi Jolt g Page 18
  • 19. Thiagi Jolt g Page 19
  • 20. WhatDidYouLearn? Visuals trump all other senses Visualstrumpallothersenses Page 20
  • 21. Virtual Facilitation Techniques 2.Mixitup!Usethe p toolsindifferent y ways.
  • 22. Virtual Facilitation Techniques3.Create opportunitiesfor p participantsto p exchangeideasand p g opinionsusing whiteboards, breakoutrooms, , andvoice.
  • 23. Virtual Facilitation Techniques4.Designlearningexperienceswithreal4 D i l i i ih l issuesandproblems.
  • 24. PollWhatwastheaveragenumberoflearningWhat was the average number of learninghoursusedperemployeein2011?A.A 26B. 31C. 45D. 50 Page 24
  • 25. Virtual Facilitation Techniques5.Askforparticipantfeedbackregularly. p p g y
  • 26. FacetoFace VirtualProjector Desktopsharing,webtoursWhiteboard Annotationanddrawingtools i dd i lKeepinganeyeonyour p g y y Feedback/handupindicators,chat,audience questionmanagerAttendee feedback, feedback, Audio:phone/VOIP pdiscussion,questions Written:Q&A,chatShow of Handsfrom ShowofHands from Handupindicator,polls Hand up indicator pollsaudience Chat,Q&A,sharedwhiteboard, Chat, Q &A, shared whiteboard,Traineecontribution,T i t ib ti shareddesktops,sharedscreencollaboration controls Page 26
  • 27. FunReview(Fad lib) Fun Review (Fadlib)1. Avoid. Verb(endingin ing ) Verb (ending in ing)2. DontusePowerPointslideswithoutgraphics. adjective3. Createopportunitiesforparticipantstoexchange Noun(plural) andopinionsusing,,breakoutrooms,and Noun(plural) Noun(plural) voice.4. Askforparticipantfeedback. adverb
  • 28. FunReviewFun Review1. Avoidlecturing.1 Avoid lecturing2. Dontuseboring PowerPointslideswithoutgraphics.3. Createopportunitiesforparticipantstoexchangeideas and opinionsusingwhiteboards,polls,breakoutrooms,andvoice.4. Askforparticipantfeedbackoften.
  • 29. TechnologyTips Alwaysscheduleadryrun Uploadpresentations,polls,andothermaterialsahead oftime Arrive30minutespriortoyoursession Askparticipantstojoin15minutesearly Use a producertohandle Usea producer to handle technicalissues/fieldquestions Practice breakout rooms with real Practicebreakoutroomswithreal people Haveabackupplan(noInternet, LiveMeetingnotworking,etc.)
  • 30. Questions/OtherIdeasQuestions / Other Ideas Page 30
  • 31. JenniferTomarchio,CPLPJennifer Tomarchio, CPLP [email protected] Mobile:9544615724 @JenTomarchio Thank You!