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  • Presented By: Muhammad Irfan. University of Engineering & Technology Lahore Pakistan.
  • First Aid Awareness.
  • Outline: Introduction to 1st Aid, Emergencies Situations, Responses , 1st Aid Box & kits, My request & message.
  • What is 1st Aid_ First Aid is an immediate and temporary care given to a victim of an accident or sudden illness before the services of a physician is obtained.
  • Basic Aims of 1st Aid: P; To preserve life. P; To prevent worsening of condition. P; To promote recovery.
  • Emergency situation that need 1st aid: Car accidents, Bleeding wounds, Burns, Bites, Heart attacks, Fainting, Sudden collapse Electrical shocksetc.
  • A minute could make a difference. The moment when an accident happen is a deciding moment.. After this may OR Life/recovery Death
  • Responses, towards emergency situations:
  • Four Basic Rules For Treating An Emergency Situation. 1. Call for help immediately2. Bring help to the victim 4. Do no further harm3. Check the ABCs
  • Some 1st Aid Techniques Should be used in different emergency situations, Mean How to treat ?
  • 1) Bleeding control. Stop the flow of blood Wear gloves Cover the wound Apply pressure If a body part has been amputated, put it on ice Business & Legal Reports, Inc. 1110
  • 2) Electrical Shock Dont touch! Turn power off Remove person from live wire Check for breathing Business & Legal Reports, Inc. 1110
  • 3) No Breathing Business & Legal Reports, Inc. 1110 Lay the person on his or her back Give chest compressions Tilt head slightly Breathe into the persons mouth.
  • 4)Fainting: Check for breathing Call for ambulance. If conscious, lay the victim down with feet elevated.
  • 5)Heart Attack Call for ambulance Make victim comfortable Loosen tight clothing Check for medication Keep victim still Dont give stimulants
  • Snake Bite Technique
  • First Aid Box: A first aid kit is a collection of supplies and equipment for use in giving first aid.
  • First Aid Box contains Adhesive tape Antibiotic ointment Antiseptic solution Bandages, Cotton balls Gloves Scissors and tweezers Soap Eyewash Thermometer etc.
  • Different First Aid Boxes used in different situations:
  • First Aid Kits for Kids Travel/ car Box/Kits Marine First Aid Box/Kits Sports First Aid Box/Kits Job& Workplace First Aid Kits Pet First Aid Kits Mining first aid Box/Kits All Purpose First Aid Box/Kits
  • Importance of First Aid. First aid techniques are are life saving skills and is very important Because any time a situation may happen And it needs response, first aid. These skills will prepare you for the actions that are necessary for giving a chance of survival of someone important life.
  • My Request & My message:
  • We must have First aid box, and kits in our homes, cars ,etc Because an accident may happen anytime. Government should give first aid basic training we must learn the basic and elementary training about first aid. We must have to serve humanity & protect others life, to prove ourselves as a responsible citizen.
  • Always remember that
  • So Never Miss The first Step
  • Any question?