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Need help getting started with Twitter? This presentation will guide you with step by step instructions to set up your own account, download the Twitter app onto your phone or tablet and start tweeting. Also included are handy tips to getting started with Tweetdeck, Vine and Instagram.


  • 1. How to get Started with Twitter, Tweetdeck, Vine and Instagram @jennievickers

2. Welcome to Twitter School brought to you by JennieVickers @jennievickers [email protected] 3. Jennie Vickers Digital Native in Spirit & Early Adopter Milloldial (Like a Millennial) Studying Social Media for 8+ Years Expertise & interest in introducing Social Media conversations to Executives and Boards 4. Why you should care about social media #1 Platform supporting Customer Experience CX Matters 5. Why you should be on Twitter - the listening post 1. Helping - you manage your time - not wasting your time 2. Get breaking news fast 3. Follow the people you respect - latest ideas and views 4. Connect with your customers 5. Spot emerging trends 6. Fast way to share current photos 7. Follow the proceedings at conferences you cant attend. 8. 140 characters forces clarity. 6. Things to make you feel less nervous 1. No one notices or cares if you dont say anything 2. It is ok to watch and listen 7. Setting up your account @jennievickers 8. Home screen Sign in or create a new prole. @jennievickers 9. Type in your name @jennievickers 10. Choose a password @jennievickers 11. Type in your email address @jennievickers 12. Type in your email address @jennievickers 13. @jennievickers 14. Make sure you use a real name, as twitter will reject false names @jennievickers 15. Pick an original username Try using underscores and/or numbers if your name is taken. Twitter will make suggestions similar to the name you want if the name is unavailable. @jennievickers 16. The security seal ensures that you are a real person and not a machine creating a fake account @jennievickers 17. This is the screen you will see when you are all set up @jennievickers 18. Following people @jennievickers 19. @jennievickers 20. @jennievickers 21. Now you need to choose who you want to follow @jennievickers 22. You can search by name or by topic @jennievickers 23. When you click follow, people begin to show up in your timeline @jennievickers 24. Sometimes there are multiple accounts. This makes prole pictures important. @jennievickers 25. You can also search by specifying a hobby or interest. @jennievickers 26. You can see who else you know on twitter by searching your own email contacts @jennievickers 27. When you are done, this will be the screen. Make sure you conrm your email address before you can start using twitter to its full extent. @jennievickers 28. When you open up your email, you should receive a conrmation link. Click on the link to activate your twitter account. @jennievickers 29. Finding your way around @jennievickers 30. When you are done, this will be your home screen. @jennievickers 31. The top of the page displays your name, icon, the number of times youve tweeted, how many people you follow and how many people follow you. @jennievickers 32. The sidebar also displays recommendations of people you should follow. These will change each time you refresh your page and are chosen by the people you already follow and the topics in which you tweet about. @jennievickers 33. Trends are the top most popular things that people are tweeting about. You can tailor this to t your country, city or show worldwide. @jennievickers 34. The main section shows your feed, showing tweets from all the people you follow. @jennievickers 35. Now you need to upload a photo to reect your page. This could be a photo of you, your company logo or something that reects your business. The prole icon will be cropped to a square so try and keep your icon image based rather than word heavy. @jennievickers 36. You also need to add short bio or introduction to who you are or what your company is all about. There is a 160 word limit so keep it short and snappy. At this stage, even when you have uploaded your prole icon, it may still appear as a question mark. @jennievickers 37. The connect tab shows all of your interactions with people. On twitter you can tweet, mention, reply, re-tweet or favourite.All of this activity is shown under this tab. @jennievickers 38. The discover tab shows tweets from everyone that you follow as well as shows you their activity. You can also nd recommendations and nd friends under this tab. @jennievickers 39. The me tab shows your personal prole. It shows your twitter statistics and your own tweets as well as lets you ick between who you follow, who follows you, what tweets youve favourited and allows you also to edit your prole. @jennievickers 40. The edit prole tab allows you to alter any of the words on your main prole including your name and bio. @jennievickers 41. The mechanical wheel icons gives you a list of more technical options. Direct messages work the same as tweets but you can send these privately to your followers. @jennievickers 42. Changing your settings @jennievickers 43. The settings option allows you to make changes to your account as well as to your overall prole appearance. @jennievickers 44. @jennievickers 45. You can set up twitter to send tweets to your cellphone by putting in your number.This service is free and tweets appear as txts on your phone. @jennievickers 46. The design tab lets you change the appearance of your prole and add colours and themes.You can choose from a range of preset designs by clicking on the icons. @jennievickers 47. Once you select an option, the new design will automatically preview @jennievickers 48. You can also choose to upload your own background image.You can choose a single picture to tile, or a single image to stretch. You can also choose the colors of your background and the colour of links in your tweets and on your prole. @jennievickers 49. Tweeting @jennievickers 50. To tweet, you can click on the compose box on the home screen... @jennievickers 51. Or you can also choose to compose a tweet from any part of twitter by clicking on the top bar icon. @jennievickers 52. Tweets are restricted to 140 characters. Type in the box and click tweet @jennievickers 53. You can add photos to your tweets by clicking the camera icon at the bottom of the compose box. @jennievickers 54. Tweeted photos appear as links.You can also upload photos to any other image provider (instagram, twitpic, pinterest etc) and copy and paste the link into tweets. @jennievickers 55. Photos uploaded directly to twitter appear like this when clicked on @jennievickers 56. Interacting with others @jennievickers 57. Interactions show you all communication from other people in response to your tweets @jennievickers 58. If someone tweets your username with an @ in front, it will show up as a mention in your interactions. @jennievickers 59. Clicking view conversation at the bottom of these tweets allow you to see which tweet the person is replying to @jennievickers 60. Clicking reply allows you to add to the conversation. The username of the person who tweeted you will appear with an @ in front of their name, this shows that you are replying and that the reply will show in that persons mentions. @jennievickers 61. Type your reply as you would normally tweet.This reply will be made public to everyone that follows you. @jennievickers 62. You will be able to see the full conversation @jennievickers 63. The retweet button allows you to share somebody elses tweets with your followers. @jennievickers 64. Retweeted tweets show up in the feed with a little green arrow to show that the tweet does not belong to you, but to show you have shared it. @jennievickers 65. Hashtags in front of words work as a search tool.You can search twitter by hashtags to see how many people are talking about a certain topic and to nd people talking about similar things. Hashtags with multiple words act as trending topics Hashtags cannot have spaces between words @jennievickers 66. When you are ready to join the conversation 1. Drive trafc to your website or blog 2. Share your views and thoughts at conferences - take the discussion on. 3. Build your inuence and reputation. 4. Let people nd you who want to hear your views and ideas. @jennievickers 67. Why you should be on Twitter - the listening post 1. Helping - you manage your time - not wasting your time 2. Get breaking news fast 3. Follow the people you respect - latest ideas and views 4. Connect with your customers 5. Spot emerging trends 6. Fast way to share current photos 7. Follow the proceedings at conferences you cant attend. 8. 140 characters forces clarity. @jennievickers 68. Things to make you feel less nervous 1. No one notices or cares if you dont say anything 2. It is ok to watch and listen @jennievickers 69. Twitter on mobile Use twitter on the go with the iphone or smartphone app @jennievickers 70. The Twitter app You can download the twitter application for your smartphone or iphone in 2 ways: 1. Go to download and select the get free app option. 2. Go to the app store on your mobile and search twitter @jennievickers 71. The Twitter app via online By selecting the download option online, you will be asked to enter your email address. A link will then be sent to your email so that you can open the app from your mobile. @jennievickers 72. The Twitter app via mobile (iphone) Select the app store on your phone Search for twitter and select the app. There are numerous applications for twitter including tweetdeck and tweetcaster.The ofcial twitter app uses the bird icon and is free to download. @jennievickers 73. The Twitter app via mobile (iphone) Once installed (this may take a few moments), click on the twitter icon.You will be prompted to login with your twitter details. Twitter is displayed in a condensed format with your twitter newsfeed taking up the screen and smaller icons at the bottom. * Home -Your twitter feed displaying tweets from all the people you follow in real time. * Connect - All of your @replies and tweets to you from other people. * Discover - Search hashtags or twitter names to discover trends and people on twitter. * Me -Your personal prole, displaying all your personal tweets. @jennievickers 74. The Twitter app via mobile (iphone) In the top right hand corner there is also an icon of a pen and paper. Click this to compose a tweet at any time. @jennievickers 75. The Twitter app via mobile (android) The twitter app on android phones is similar to the iphone version, with the exception being that the icons are at the top of the screen instead of the bottom. The compose button (notepad with pen icon) is in the same place as the iphone version of the app (see the top right corner of your screen) @jennievickers 76. Twitter txt alerts (all mobiles) Another way to use twitter on mobile is to set up your mobile device to receive twitter txt alerts. You can set up this service online when you are logged into your twitter account. Select settings from the top bar and then select mobile from the side bar. @jennievickers 77. Personalising Twitter txt alerts To set up mobile alerts, enter your cellphone number and wait for the txt conrmation. You can then personalise your notications with the check boxes. To choose individuals for your mobile, go into their twitter prole and select mobile notications on their page. Sleep settings allow you to turn off updates during certain hours so that they dont wake you up if time differences clash. @jennievickers 78. Sending and receiving txt tweets You can update your twitter status at any time by sending your tweet to 8987. To turn a notication off, send off @username to 8987. To turn a notication on, send on @username to 8987. To retweet, send RT @username To turn all notications on or off, send OFF or ON To follow from mobile send Follow @username Note:You cannot tweet photos with txt twitter, if you want to do this, you need to download a twitter app (smartphones and iphones only) @jennievickers 79. Things you can do 1. Retweet 2. Comment on tweets (on iphone) 3. Favourite 4.Trend - follow a topic with # or start a trend 5. Reply to a tweet (not privately) 6. DM - private direct message 7. Post photos or video links @jennievickers 80. @jennievickers Tweetdeck 81. @jennievickers What is Tweetdeck? Tweetdeck is a desktop application that you can download in order to use twitter directly from your desktop. Tweetdeck is available on both PC and Mac. You must have an internet connection to use it. 82. @jennievickers Installing Tweetdeck? To install Tweetdeck, visit At the top of the screen, click download - you can choose to download the Mac version or the Windows version from underneath this button. You may be prompted to allow the download - make sure you have pop-ups allowed.The download should begin automatically. 83. @jennievickers Getting started For PC users - follow the onscreen prompts to install and open up the program. For Mac users - once installed, you may have to drag the icon into your applications folder to ensure download. Open up the app to get started. You will be greeted with a page asking you to sign in with your email & password linked to your account. 84. @jennievickers Multiple accounts on tweetdeck Once signed in, you will be given another screen asking you if you wish to add a twitter account. Tweetdeck is great to use as it allows you to have multiple twitter accounts and use them all at once.This means you can use your personal and work accounts at one time and share tweets over multiple accounts. Even if you just want to use one account, you still need to add this account. 85. @jennievickers Linking your account Once you have authorised tweetdeck to use your account, you will then be redirected back to Tweetdeck 86. @jennievickers Understanding Tweetdeck Tweetdeck works in a column format.There are 4 columns and then icons down the side.These columns update in real time, so may move up and down as new tweets appear. 87. @jennievickers The Timeline The rst column is the Timeline - this is a column of all the people you follow and shows all their tweets in real time. The timeline column is what you see as your twitter homepage when you are using or using twitter as a mobile app. 88. @jennievickers Interactions The second column is interactions - this shows all your @replies and anybodys tweets that mention you. It also shows you when someone has followed you, favourited or re-tweeted any of your tweets. 89. @jennievickers Messages The message column shows all your private messages and private conversations. Anything in this column cannot be seen by the public. 90. @jennievickers Activity The activity column lets you know what the people you follow are up to. You can see who people are following or how followers are interacting with each other. 91. @jennievickers The sidebar icons Down the side of the window are a bunch of little icons (note that dependent on your version of tweetdeck, these icons may appear at the top of your window instead of the side). These icons represent: - Compose (post a tweet) - Search (search twitter for a keyword or for a person) Shortcuts for the following - Timeline - Interactions - Messages - Activity - Add column (add more to tweetdeck) 92. @jennievickers Adding columns Tweetdeck allows you to customise your experience by adding your own columns instead of using the default. To add columns, click the + icon You will be given a bunch of different options, and to add columns simply click on the icon that you want to add and then select add column at the bottom. Even if you delete the core columns, you can always get these back by using the icons in your sidebar. 93. @jennievickers Adding columns At the very bottom of your sidebar are more icons. - Expand - changes the format of your page, can become confusing so dont recommend clicking. - Lists - you can create lists to group followers e.g. workmates, family, favourite celebrities - Settings - allows you to personalise your tweetdeck design and change your account settings. 94. Instagram @jennievickers 95. What is Instagram? Instagram is a photo sharing app specically for iphones. In recent years, instagram has begun to expand its audience to the smart phone network. It allows you to share photos from your iphone or ipad and add retro-styled lters in order to capture memories in a unique way. The app is inspired by polaroid cameras, and is from this inuence that the application uses its unique square format for all photos uploaded. @jennievickers 96. Creating an instagram account To create an instagram account, download and install the instagram app from the app store on your mobile or ipad & sign up. @jennievickers 97. Following people Once registered, you can choose to import contacts from your email or from your facebook friends. Instagram will also suggest people to follow by categories. Once you follow people, you will be able to see the photos that they post and see what your friends are up to, as well as share photos with your friends. You can like and comment on photos by clicking the little heart icon at the bottom of photos. @jennievickers 98. Instagramming photos To upload your own photo, you can either click on the camera icon to take a photo - or choose from the photo gallery on your phone. Once the photo is selected, you can lter the photo with the preset options to give it a retro feel. You can then add a description to your photo and add hashtags aka keywords using # and a descriptive word. Hashtags are how people nd your photos on instagram by searching for them. e.g. #fashion You can also choose to share on your other social media accounts. @jennievickers 99. Instagram online You cant upload photos from your computer to instagram, but you can still login and look at photos from the people you follow, and see how many likes you have on your own photos. The best website to do this (although you can use is Webstagram ( Webstagram allows you to search for and follow people from your home computer as well as check out whose following you. @jennievickers 100. @jennievickers 101. What is vine?? Vine is a video sharing site that allows you to upload short and snappy looping videos. The app only allows you 6 seconds of video time and can be used in line with twitter to get your message across in a limited amount of time. @jennievickers 102. Getting started To get started, download and install vine from the app store on your iphone or smartphone. Sign in with your twitter username, or alternatively you can link your account to solely an email address. @jennievickers 103. Making a video To lm a clip, simply press the big button. By holding it down and then stopping, you can create cuts in your video or create 2 or more different videos to cut them together. We recommend checking out for some great tips on how you can make your vines more unique and interesting. @jennievickers 104. #Hashtagging Once your video is done, add some hashtags so that people can nd you. You can use the explore tab to search vines with hashtags and see what is trending. @jennievickers 105. Sharing your vine You can also upload your video to twitter and/or facebook Make sure you follow your friends to see what videos theyre sharing too! @jennievickers 106. Export to PDFExport to PDF How can YOU use Vine? @jennievickers 107. Thanks & Goodbye JennieVickers @jennievickers [email protected]